Hair Loss and Baldness, Is there a Cure?

Your crowning glory is causing you concern, that once full head of hair is slowly but surely thinning out. Is there any remedy or cure to keep that last remaining hair in place?

Does the loss of your hair worry you? If you are male the importance of hair is not as acute as it used to be in days gone by. In fact many men have their hair shaved off for reasons of their own and they are perfectly happy to stay that way.

Many men will feel distressed at the problem and they may even visit the doctor in the hope he will have the answer or even a miracle cure. In the past fortunes have been spent in a bid to re-grow the lost hair, while others have made a fortune selling what they claimed to be magic formulas.

One of the main causes of baldness is genetic, if your parents suffer with baldness then there is a likelihood that you will follow suit although it is not always the case. The cure for your baldness is expensive and it is not a certainty that it will work, it is not known why but it works on some men and not others.

Minixidil with the brand name Regaine is sold over the counter, it is applied twice daily. It is claimed that two thirds of the men who use it will have some success with a regrowth of hair.

The hair regrowth could be as much as 20% to 25% of the remaining hair, also there is a higher strength preparation that gives even better results. The first signs of growth are at about two months and the peak at twelve months, it must be applied twice a day and if treatment is discontinued the newly grown hair may start to disappear and the balding process will begin again.

It can work out expensive as it is an ongoing purchase at the cost of around $25 a month in the UK. The drug is safe with just a minor side effect being irritation of the scalp occasionally. This article is just directed at males although females do suffer with hair loss as well.

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