Honey Full of Good Health Unless Produced by Force-Fed Bees

Honey is full of beneficial properties. In spite of so much being written on about honey there seems to exist a lot of confusion when it comes to this natural sweetener. Lets get a few facts in order first. That honey provides natural support for a range of body structures and functions. One thing is absolutely certain, that honey contains a number of good health-promoting antioxidants.

Vitamins, which are found in honey, include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-12, and biotin. Honey also contains minerals and amino acids, plus a number of live enzymes that help promote good health. Honey also helps when someone is suffering with insomnia and also with occasional.

As we are discussing health benefits of honey we also need to get a few things right. It has come to light that up to two-thirds of the annual honey production in the United States is made by force-feeding bees with high-fructose corn syrup or other sugars.

Can you beat it? We are in the times when even the poor bees are force-fed! This is done naturally because they want the bees to produce honey round the clock, round the year. It’s their full time job after all! Light talks apart this honey is NOT pure. It is a honey and HFCS mix.

Another important fact to note is that most honey that is bottled and sold is processed and pasteurized, which means that the beneficial enzymes have been damaged or killed in its entirety.

The best way to choose pure honey is to find a local guy who deals with pure honey. Make sure that this beekeeper does not supplement the bees’ diet with HFCS. Enquiring him/her directly is the best.

It is believe by some experts and researchers that, like most refined foods, processed, refined and pasteurized honey can be a cause of disease and damage your health. Which is not he case with raw honey. Unprocessed pure honey can be used as a sweetener in moderation.

An important fact for diabetic patients – even raw honey is a form of sugar, and it is capable of causing the insulin levels to go up.

This will not create a problem if you are healthy and eat it in moderate, small amounts, but you should not consume raw honey or for that matter any form of sweetener if you suffer from signs of elevated insulin levels.

Such as overweight, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes.

So let’s look for local genuine sources and beekeepers that can provide us with pure honey and more important let us save the bees. Because of various reasons bees population is shrinking.

Polluted environment and other factors are playing hazardous role in it. If honeybees were to disappear, it could eliminate much of our food supply. Bees are a necessary part of the equation for pollination of food plants. See how fragile and interdependent our bio-system actually is?

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