How Are Vegetarians at a Risk Of Getting Cancer?

Vegetarians are also at a risk of getting cancer in many ways because of the way they eat and what they eat. The risk certainly is lower among vegetarians than those whose diet is meat based though. Through this article I will share some facts and reasons why vegetarians are at a risk of being affected with cancer.

Sugar fuels cancer! Vegetarians tend to eat a lot of sugar. It’s a part of their breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner without their realizing it. They take it so much for granted and so casually as an everyday thing that they forget to take notice that sugar kills.

Vegetarians include sugar in some form as a part of their breakfast with cereals, a bite of donuts, pancakes, tarts and so on and so forth so even if they shun meat they are not reducing the risk of being affected with cancer as long as their sugar intake is not under control.

Instead of chicken rolls a vegetarian will opt for potato chips, may be puffs stuffed with cheese and cooked in hydrogenated oil. Diet soda with aspartame is a common thing too.

Aspartame has been seen to cause tumor in animals as per experiments done on them. A vegetarian diet may also include artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives that ultimately weaken our immune system and eventually cancer-fighting mechanism of one’s body deteriorates.

One’s chances of being hit by cancer are sometimes related to what was one’s diet as a child. During childhood the immune system is built. If as a child we have had a lot of easy to cook fast to serve¬† cheapish meals then we are certainly not built well to avoid cancer at a later stage.

Even if one is following or sticking to vegetarianism since childhood one still cannot escape cancer because as a vegetarian one has not had a healthy and nutritive diet. We should therefore make sure that from the beginning we are sticking to the right and healthy diet.

Stir fried, deep fried, overly cooked and re-heated meals should not form a part of our diet. Heating the food in heavy temperature produces carcinogens, and destroys enzymes.

Enzymes help the digestive system to help us digest our food and when that gets destroyed our systems have to work overtime and that means the system will breakdown faster. And eating cooked and fried food is an everyday thing for most vegetarians. Likewise excessive use of spices should also be avoided.

These are some of the reasons why a vegetarian also needs to follow a certain diet regime. Too much salt, white flour and sugar should be a strict no-no. Someone in my family feeds their child with a lot of chocolates because they have heard that sugar is good for the brain.

What they forgot to hear is that cocoa in chocolates is bad for teeth. Be well informed about what you are eating and feeding the family. It will help you have a stronger immune system and will keep you healthy and free of all the diseases in future.

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