How Can You Control or Even Prevent Diabetes?

Diabetes can actually be prevented or at least controlled. Especially the Type 2 diabetes is something we can steer clear of or minimize by adopting a certain lifestyle by way of inculcating new eating and exercising habits. Most of us would probably need to re-arrange our lifestyles just a little. It’s that simple!

It is so often that we can catch ourselves thinking about things like what to wear for the upcoming party or which car to buy and so on and so forth. On the contrary we hardly give bother about making our next meal a healthy one. Most of us eat a minimum of three meals everyday and don’t make any effort to make even one of them health-some.

That is why I have said it right in the beginning that it is in our control to prevent type 2 diabetes by adopting a better lifestyle.

Food constitutes a major part of lifestyle. And why just diabetes, we can control a lot of other health related problems by sticking to a relatively simpler and organic routine.

Researchers have reported that a diet low in fat and calories and high in fiber, whole grains, fruits and veggies can help to prevent type 2 diabetes to a major extent.
Lets discuss the importance calorie consumption to prevent Type 2 diabetes. By reducing calories one goes on to lose weight. And losing weight helps to prevent diabetes. If you need to lose weight, just think about bringing your calorie intake down.

After calories lets come to fats intake. People who already have diabetes must limit saturated fat consumption to about 7 percent of total calories. According to researchers, people whose diets contain the lowest percentage of calories from fat have a lower risk of developing diabetes as compared to people who eat meals that have higher percentage of calories from fat.

After Calories and fat lets come to fibrous food. All of us should aim for 25 grams or more of fiber each day. Inculcate a habit of choosing foods where the main ingredients contain the words whole grain or whole wheat. 5 grams of fiber per serving should ideally serve the purpose.

The all important & often discussed fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – important requirements of our body. Since fruits and vegetables are also fat-free, it makes them generally lower in calories than other food options.
Thus by adopting good food habits, by way of excluding and including some foods we can actually prevent type 2 diabetes. And since what we eat is in our control, it is in our control to prevent health issues also.

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