How Cycling Aggravates Back Pain

Actually it’s an incomplete headline. Not only does cycling aggravate back pain, it also sometimes is the sole cause for it! For people who think cycling is the best form of exercise, it helps all body parts to get their share of exercise and movement, helps breathing etc are thinking right but partly so.

Cycling does all the above but when its done correctly. In correct rhythm, in correct posture and for a short time. Honestly, how many of us really know the difference between the right ways of cycling from the wrong?

How much ever you may want to deny it or want to go on following what you were also ways told in school by your Physical Training Instructor or folks at home, you have to accept that things have gone through a sea change. There has been a continuous research happening in the field of exercise. Therefore what was considered right till yesterday may not hold the grounds today. Cycling is just one such form of physical exercise. Or shall we call it exertion?

Pedaling is a very strenuous job that stresses your calves. Stressed and therefore tight calves, lead to flattened feet with major stress on the knees, heel cord and planter fascia. Quadriceps bears major stress brunt when you are cycling.

These days there are stylish cycles available in the shops. On these cycles, while cycling you tilt in the front and bend your back. They cause the worst kind of damage that cycling can. You need to realize that the bent over cycling position causes tightness in the quadriceps and hip flexors.

Pelvis shifts out of the optimal position and tilts forward. This is the starting point for muscle imbalance and lower back pain. There is strain on abdomen also.

Plus pedaling by tilting forward affects your hamstrings. As a result they are overworked and get tightened. Your shoulders and middle of the back are worst hit. Every aspect of this kind of bent over cycling damages various parts of our body quite badly. If you have already developed a back pain as a result of cycling for long and continuously and you still insist on cycling your neck will start getting affected. The strain will reach there.

If you are fit and cycling always be careful about your posture while cycling. You should also make sure that you don’t over cycle. Treat it like any other form of exercise and understand that excess of it is bad like any other exercise. If you have back pain avoid cycling altogether. If you develop it as a result of cycling stop cycling and see a doctor.

Once you are fit again and ready to cycle don’t over do it. Check out the latest designs in cycle before buying one and see which one suits your body and fitness better rather than going for style.

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