How Did HIV Originate?

It has been suggested that HIV is said to have originated from a particular species of chimpanzee. This was stated at the most recent presentation at the 6th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Chicago in January 1999.

At the conference it was suggested that HIV had entered the human population through blood contact that occurred during hunting and field dressing of the animals. Findings at this conference provide the strongest evidence to date that HIV-1 originated in non human primates.

It is known that the virus has existed in the United States, Haiti and Africa since at least 1977-1978.

In 1979 doctors in Los Angeles and New York reported rare kinds of pneumonia, cancer and other illnesses, these rare conditions were not usually found in people with a healthy immune system.

It was in 1982 that the centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially named the condition AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) In 1984 the virus responsible for the weakening of the immune system was identified as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency.

Can I catch AIDS from casual contact?

Many people are scared to come in contact with someone that has AIDS but it is not a contagious disease that you can catch by just casual contact.

It is not transmitted by normal day to day contact in the home nor at the workplace or schools and social occasions.

* You can not catch AIDS by :
* Shaking hands.
* Hugging.
* Using a toilet.
* Sneezing and coughing.
* Using the same cup or drinking glass.
* A casual kiss.
* A drinking fountain.
* A doorknob.
* From food.

You should realize that HIV does not live long outside the body, it is a fragile virus. It is not airborne or a food borne virus.

The only way to get infected with HIV is through the blood or it is sexually transmitted, these are the only ways that HIV can get into your body.

To remain safe always use protection when having sex, one night of passion could lead to a lifetime of hell.

Always remember that even if you have been with your partner for a few years HIV can take up to ten or more years to reveal its true nature, and if your partner has had other partners or short time relationships you could still be at risk if your partner has not had a blood test to establish his or her health risks.

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2 thoughts on “How Did HIV Originate?”

  1. well I think this article is good for letting people know that just because someone has hiv and if u touch them you not gonna get infected

  2. That is just one theory. I am sure there are others. I know most people will believe almost anything they watch on TV. It sounds plausible on the surface. Hunters gatherers a particular species of chimpanzee. Did anyone do a study on deaths from HIV in the hunters and gatherers? It seems far fetched to me but its easy to believe when you close your mind.

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