How To Avoid Getting Drunk

Partying mostly means having to drink and while you may or may not intend it you can wind up getting drunk.

This backfires on you more ways than one. You may talk unwisely under the influence and if it’s an office party that is surely something you don’t want to do. And when drunk your behavior also undergoes a change and you act in a way you normally wouldn’t when you are sober.

So how do you avoid getting drunk and having a hangover while at the same time ensuring you have a good time at a party?

Never drink on an empty stomach. Always combine eating with drinking. Eat snacks/finger foods or appetizers along with your drink. If you can eat a light meal before you actually start to drink so much the better. Bread or foods high in protein help line your stomach.

So match it drink for drink so that your stomach is full with both food and liquor. This will decrease the amount of alcohol absorbed.

Don’t eat salt snacks as this will increase your thirst and you are likely to drink more for that reason. Raw eggs before you start out, if you can stomach it, also help with reducing the effects of alcohol.

Also, match each glass of your drink with one of water. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you pass out more water than you take in and that could be dangerous as dehydration is a factor. So keep drinking water.

Researchers have found that drinking milk or yogurt can help coat the stomach so the effect of alcohol is lessened; so a glass of milk or a bowl of cornflakes is a good idea before you intend to drink at a party.

You should also think before drinking. You know your tolerance limit for alcohol so you should try and stick to it. If you set yourself this firm target it would be easier for you to waive away those extra drinks. Also, drink only if it’s a celebration¬† or a social occasion.

Drinking to de-stress or out of anger will only exacerbate the situation and you could end up with a massive hangover.

When drinking, pace yourself so that you have one drink in an hour and you’ve supplemented that with water and food as well. Sip, don’t swallow.

This is a good guide to keep you from going over your limit and drinking to excess. Also, don’t mix your drinks. Stick to the one you started with and continue with that. It’s difficult enough for your body to process one kind of drink, why force it to contend with two or more?

Consider the effects of over-drinking a hangover, headaches, exhaustion, dehydration, and body pains. So on the principle that prevention is better than pain, do follow these tips and watch your drinking!

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