How to Avoid Getting Pregnant? All Women Should Know It

I have been giving some thought to a problem that many women would like the answer to.

How to avoid getting pregnant? It is an age old worry but today the outlook is much brighter with so many options. You may be a career woman, or simply working to help pay the mortgage. Or maybe you have a boyfriend and a pregnancy would be a disaster.

What ever the reason here are a few options for you to think about.

  • Number one is the birth pill there are numerous different ones so if one doesn’t suit, (maybe you get side effects of some sort) you can easily try another.
  • There has been some publicity on birth pills that may worry you, but after the birth of my first baby in 1962 I started taking the birth pill. That was forty three years ago. I stopped only when I wanted to become pregnant and restarted with them three months after each child.
  • My family was planned so I never had a single problem while taking the pill.
    I stopped taking the pill at the age of thirty nine when I had a hysterectomy. I took them for fifteen years with no ill effects. Of course you do need your doctor’s advice before deciding on this option.
  • Number two, The diaphragm, you must always make sure this is fitted properly and likewise care must be taken on removal for obvious reasons.
  • Number three, an injection given by your doctor that lasts for three months or sometimes longer periods, always attend for the given appointment when the next one is due.
  • Number four, the condom is your partners responsibility and it is also used for what they call safe sex. It is essential if partners are changed often.
  • Number five, the withdrawal method, this is where the male withdraws quickly before ejaculation, It is not good method at all and the least likely to work.
  • Number six, the morning after pill. This is not a form of birth control but a safeguard in the form of tablet which is taken the following morning if sex has occurred without any form of birth control.
  • Number seven, the absolute positive birth control is of course to refrain from sex, but for many that’s not an option.

Never take a chance and remember it is just as easy to get pregnant the very first time you have sex so don’t believe anyone who says you won’t. Birth control has improved vastly down the ages from the huge families of ten or more children it is now easy to control the size of your family. It is advisable to visit your doctor or the family planning clinic and learn how to avoid becoming pregnant.

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