How to Burn Belly Fat: Free Supplement for Americans

Belly fat issues because of the new life styles, nowadays most people are kind of overweight and they are trying a way to burn belly fat in an easy way without any diet or exercises.

The most effective way of losing weight is always a combination of diet and exercise.

However, there are some supplements that you can use in order to speed up with the belly fat burning or losing weight.

How to Burn Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the most stubborn part of the body that can’t be burn very easily.

The fats are not accumulating under the stomach skin and muscles, but the fats are building up all around the internal organs such as the intestines too.

If you decide to lose weight especially your belly fat, you have to stop buying and eating junk foods and snakes.

Reduce the amount of sugar, salt, carbs and fat in your diet.

Make sure you have a good amount of protein in your daily diet, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

Never skip a meal!

If you skip a meal, your system becomes alert and takes any food and collects it for the future and thinks you are going to skip again and that will become store at your body as fat.

Sleep enough, to keep metabolism regularly.

Don’t check your weight daily!

You should go on the scale every two weeks and not more to lower your stress about your weight loss.

By doing the tips given above, you will see the different in yourself withing few days.

Best Diets to Burn Belly Fat

  • Low carbs diet
  • Fat free diet
  • Limit the amount of sugar in your diet
  • High fiber diet
  • Fast fat burning diet
  • Drink lots of water
Low Carbs diet

You should try to avoid or minimize the taking of carbs such as: Bread, Pasta, Rice, Potato and Patisseries.

The low carbs diet is a type of diet that you have just one cup of carbs and the rest of your plate should be protein and salad.

It would be better to use whole grain or multi grain breads, brown rice and brown flour.

Using potato is a good source of protein, but if you fry it, it’s losing it’s nutritional values.

Baked or mashed potatoes are healthier and you can have one cup per day.

White bread is not good for you, try to avoid buying any white bread or flour.

Fat Free Diet

Low fat diet is when you don’t eat saturate and that reduces the amount of calories you get in your daily diet.

It’s usually recommended for people who have high cholesterol, hearth disease and obesity.

Having less or no fat in your diet is reducing the amount of your daily calories limits.

Sugar Free Diet

Try to reduce sweets such as sugar from your diet.

By just cutting sugar from your diet you can see the result within just a few days.

When you use more than recommended level of sugar, your pancreas (which controls the amount of glucose in your blood by releasing insulin), will store it for the future needs and that’s how it’s affecting your health.

It can cause the fatty liver disease which is causing metabolism disease.

Natural sweets are the best recommendation for people who are trying to lose weight and those are as follow…

  • Raisins
  • Dates
  • Dry fruits
  • Honey
  • Real Maple syrup

Using the products mentioned above are a healthier sweetener

However, you should not use more then the average level.

For example, with one cup of tea you can have a maximum of 3 raisins, or half of a dates.

Don’t think because it is a natural source of sweets, it is safe to use as much as you want.

If you use more than the daily usage of the amount of sweets, it will be harmful for your body as well.

Sugar can Cause Obesity, Belly Fat, Brain Damage, and Cancer

Cutting sugar consumption is the best favor that you do for your body.

By doing that, your metabolic will get back to normal, you don’t gain more weight and prevents you from obesity.

Sugar can affect Dopamine in your brain, which is responsible for emotions, treatments after any trauma such as: hearth attack, sugar attack, kidney attack or other serious problems.

One of the example of malfunction dopamine is Parkinson disease.

However, sugar can make dopamine to be addicted to sweet and as a result you can gain weight and accumulate belly fat as well.

High Fiber Diet

We all have to include fiber in our daily diets in order to be stay healthy.

Fiber can help reducing cholesterol and lowering blood sugar.

Daily usage of 35 grams of fiber can help you to lose your stubborn belly fat.

Try to search for high fiber foods recipes and make your meal in a healthy way and delicious the way you like.

  • Peas
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Brocoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumber
  • Berries
  • Avocado
  • Pear
  • Whole wheat bread and pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Chia seads
  • Flax seeds
  • Carrots

There are so many ways of adding those above products in your daily diets and lose weight especially your belly fat.

Fast Fat Burning Diet

There are many different types of fast fat burning diets that are available online that you can download and follow.

However, they are not all safe and even some of them are harmful for your body.

They might cause some serious health issues that can’t be treated easily after the fact.

Best way of using fast burning fat diets is to consult with a nutritionist and he/she will give you a diet based on your health values.

Each individuals body fat burning system is different and this is a nutritionist’s job to find out the best diet and supplements to use and follow in order to lose weight in the safe way.

Exercises that Burns Belly Fats

Burning Belly Fat Exercise

There are many exercises that you can follow to lose your belly fat.

You can hire a personal trainer to help you out with your belly fat and exercises that helps you with that part of your body.

Running, walking and sit-ups are the best exercises that you can do in daily basis.

It doesn’t just works for burning belly fat, it works for your entire body and you can lose weight and be healthy and in shape as well.

Best Fat Burning Supplement Should Contain The Following

Green tea and caffeine are the main ingredients of any fat burning supplements.

However, any other antioxidant such as white tea, green coffee bean are a great way to help yourself to lose weight .

There are some safflower oils as well that can be use in the fat burning supplements.

Apple cider vinegar  is another way to lose weight.

The best way is to put in a cup: a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and the rest fill it up with boiling water.


They’re are a few detox ingredients that may help boost up your ways of loosing belly fat.

Your detox should contain fruits and vegetables mixed in water.

For example, you can out in your water; grapefruit, lime and mint. If you like you can put some ice cubes in there to keep it cold.

Some people do not like the taste of detox and therefore, the best solutions is to keep the water cold.


In this situation, there are two types of healthy smoothies.

There’s the green smoothie, which contains spinach or kale.

And there’s the regular smoothie with fruits.

For the green smoothies you can blend any kind of fruit that you like and add spinach or kale into it.

If you want a regular fruit smoothie, try to use fresh fruits mixed with frozen fruits. It’ll be easier then just adding ice cups.

These smoothies can also replace your breakfast.


Cinnamon and honey are the best hot detox that you can drink in daily basis and you can see the significant changes in yourself by drinking this formula.

Another good hot detox drink is the following:

  • One tea spoon of cinnamon powder of one 5 cm of cinnamon stick.
  • A tea spoon of honey
  • Half a tea spoon of ginger
  • Lemon juice or one lemon
  • Green tea

You make the green tea with one liter of water.

Add the honey, ginger(fresh or powder), cinnamon stick or powder to the green tea.

Then add one or two table spoons of lemon, based on your taste.

Mix them all and put it in a thermos and drink it all day long everyday.

That ingredient will break down all the fat cells around your intestines and you will lose your belly fat within a short period of time.

However, you should consult with your doctor if you have high blood pressure since ginger is increasing your blood pressure, but you can use this detox without the ginger and it will still works.

Free Belly Fat Burning Supplements For American

There are many companies that are willing to give away free fat burning supplements for trial and you can get.

Always try the free samples of fat burning supplements since some of them are containing some hormonal medications and they might change your hormones.

Read the side effects of the fat burning supplements before you try it.

We’re recommending you to consult your doctor before using it in order to minimize the risks of taking  them.

Usually after that you order the free sample , the company will send you the actual package if you don’t send them your feedback and they will charge you with the full price.

If you are not happy with the sample trial sample, try to call the company and tell them the side effects and cancel your future order as well.

The customers’ feedback is very important for the companies and try to give your true experience and feedback after you finish the trial.

Where To get Free Fat Burning Supplements?

The internet is the best place when you are looking for free fat burning sample supplements.

Always try to read all the rates and feedback of the products before you order your free sample.

Try to try few fat burning brands and compare them all before you make your decision to go for the best out of all.

TV advertising is another way of getting your free fat burning supplements.

Some of those products are specifically made for burning belly fat.

On the TV advertising about fat burning supplements, they are showing the before and after results of using the products with real people.

If it’s a local company you might get the flyers in your mail and you can send your request by mail as well.

Is Free Fat Burning Supplement Safe?

There are always a risk and side effects on any medication.

Even though you use natural fat burning supplements there is always a risk of side effects or allergies.

That’s why, the pharmaceutical companies are giving away free samples to check the other side effects if there is any.

However, you should make sure to read the ingredient before you order your free sample and make sure that you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients.

Furthermore, by using the free fat burning supplement you can see the results and can buy the product in full price and make sure it works for you.

The best advice is that you consult with your doctor to make sure you are using the right supplement to lose weight with.

Doctor should know about your health history and can tell you if you are safe to use this products or not.

Also, you should make sure that you don’t gain the weight after you finish the fat burning treatment.

In Conclusion

The belly fat is the most stubborn fat and hard to lose the fat around your belly.

Best advice for you to lose weight is the natural way of losing belly fat which is the healthy diet, drink good amount of water and regular exercises.

Just change your daily habits and cook differently, schedule your exercise times like all other important to do’s.

Never forget to drink your water and detoxes.

By just doing those above suggestions you can lose your belly fat quickly.

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