How to Stay Active During Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments do fight cancer but at the same time they can very well affect and alter your daily schedule. It’s advisable and helps to know about common side effects and deal with them effectively.

Things like trying effectively to fight fatigue, adopt ways that will help the patient maintain a healthy quality of life while undergoing cancer treatment.

There are several ways to remain active during cancer treatment.

Different set of activities may suit and be recommended for different patients but the key of the matter is to keep engaged and active during cancer treatment.

It has been observed that remaining active is any form takes the patient’s mind off the distress and when they interact with normal people, they tend to forget the worry and as a result respond to the treatment better and recover faster.

As a result they are people who move back to the old life (minus old habits if situation demands) with ease, healthy and confident.

Remaining Employed During Cancer Treatment:

It is possible to continue to work even when one is undergoing treatment. This actually depends upon some factors such as stage of cancer, kind of treatment, patient’s health, the type of work the patient was doing, no. of hours one needs to put in during the day etc.

If physical strength allows one can easily continue to work. If the patient feels he/she needs more rest one can minimize the number of hours and rest completely through the weekend.

Under such circumstances employers also co-operate and help the patient as much as possible. The treatments can be scheduled after work hours during weekends.

For people who have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing cancer treatment, it is advisable that they share it with their colleagues, in most cases it works as a great support.

If you come to know that one of your colleagues is undergoing cancer treatment, know that there is a way to deal with them. There are things you should and should not expect from them. There is a way to offer help and support.

Cancer treatment affects sex life, sexual desire and energy levels of people in different ways. Sometimes the treatment affects men and women differently.

For those who are able to enjoy sex life during cancer treatment should take birth control very seriously.

Women may experience irregular periods after the treatment but it doesn’t mean she cannot get pregnant. Once she completely recovers she can.

You should discuss this at length with your doctor who will be the right person to suggest measures and ways after examining you physically and going through your reports.

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