Ibuprofen and Alcohol – Can You Take Ibuprofen with Alcohol?

The question of, can we take Ibuprofen with Alcohol which the answer is: Dangerous combination! Irrespective of whether the painkiller is taken after a few beers, or before a couple of glasses of wine or hard liquor, it’s not recommended either way. These days it is clearly mentioned on such ‘over the counter’ available drugs that they should be avoided in combination with alcohol but people ignore it and still choose to go ahead with it.

Because the last time they took both one after the other, things went on smoothly.

However we warn such people that even though everything may have seemed normal on the outside, please be sure that your internal organs may not have been spared and that if you continue to do this, your system will give up and react before you even know it.

People who are trying Ibuprofen with alcohol for the first time too are at great risk because they do not know how their body will react to it.

People taking this drug to recover from some kind of injury caused during sports or accident, or even to get relief from arthritic pain, should avoid drinking all the more during the time they are on medicinal course.

Combined after-effects of the drug and beer, wine or other such beverages will intensify the side effects all the more; and likely to become very serious that may lead to many other health problems.

What a drink or two will do is it will suppress your central nervous system; where as dose of Ibuprofen may not act as depressant for your system but it is likely to make you feel drowsier and sleepy.

Which means ibuprofen and alcohol will make a person all the more unaware of the happenings around him. At such times if he chooses to drive he is inviting trouble that can leave its mark for a lifetime, if life remains before he reaches his destination, that is! Same goes for operating machinery, if he is working in some factory etc.

The ability to react quickly, attention span may have reduced greatly when he is drunk and has had a dose of this painkiller before or after drinks.

Ibuprofen belongs to the anti-inflammatory drug family and damages the lining of stomach if taken on an empty stomach.

Often when people drink excessively and wake up with a headache next morning, the first thing they look for is a painkiller. And many a times end up taking the most common over the counter ibuprofen tablet.

What they don’t understand is that this drug taken on an empty stomach and that too with whatever little alcohol residue in it can prove to be double dangerous.

Please avoid this combination of Ibuprofen with alcohol altogether.

Coming to women especially the ones prone to ulcers, if they are having beyond two or three drinks, having an ibuprofen will lead to stomach irritation that can sometimes lead to bleeding too.

Heavy drinkers have headaches that are far more discomforting and they come throbbing in the morning.

What the regulars tend to do is they shift to doses with heavier strength say four thousand milligrams or so. If they continue to do this for an extended period of time, this combination will start causing damage to their liver in a way that it can never be restored to its normal functioning.

Liver, that remove toxins from your bloodstream loses its ability to do so effectively, and in such cases we know who is to be blamed for it.

Side Effects of Ibuprofen with Alcohol

Side effects of this combination can show on the stomach, kidneys, and liver, if taken in high doses, or over an extended period of time.

The drug affects the stomach lining if taken on an empty stomach; and when it is combined with alcohol, the case worsens.

If allowed to continue, stomach linings can become weak; they can bleed, the person may become prone to ulcers and overall he is coming closer to the risk zone of gastritis, which causes inflammation of the stomach lining.

Everyone knows that alcohol affects the liver. And when the person takes Ibuprofen along with it, he is actually putting his liver through an exercise that it can’t bear. Liver finds it difficult to process alcohol and ibuprofen and finds this an overburden which will affect liver’s ability to function properly.

And last side effect of the combination being that it harms kidneys. Alcohol dehydrates body. And water starved kidney loses its ability to handle ibuprofen over alcohol.

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