Interesting Facts Related to Hair

Life of every strand of hair is approximately 7 years

Losing 100 hairs per day is normal.
If the hair were allowed to grow for a lifetime it would grow to a length of 107cm/42in before its time for it to fall out

There are approximately one Lac strands of hair in an average person’s head

Every month the hair grows about 2mm

Healthy hair is elastic and can be stretched to almost 25%. It is stronger than copper wire with the same thickness

During summers and while we sleep the hair growth is faster

Between the age of 16 and 24 -hair growths in an individual is fastest, and between

The age of 40 and 50 women are reported to lose about one fifth of their hair

Researches have also proved that hair becomes drier with age.

Bone marrow grows fastest. The second fastest growing tissue in a human body is the hair
Hair repeats its growth process for about 22-25 times in an average person lifetime

The combined strength of head full of human hair is capable of supporting a weight equivalent of that of 99 people

Hairs in women grow slower then men

Cutting hair does not influence its growth

By just looking at hair it is not possible to identify the gender of a person.

Hair is made from keratin. Same thing that is responsible for fingernails.

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