Is It Cold or Flu? Learn to Tell the Difference

We are often not sure whether we have cold or flue. Most of us assume one for the other. While both these illnesses are related to our respiratory disorder, they are not the same. If we have flu, we experience body aches that are far more severe than what we go through in cold.

Flu also results in fever, dry cough and the person affected feels very exhausted all the time. These symptoms show within 4-6 hours of being affected with the virus. When we are suffering from cold most of the above symptoms do show but they are less severe. Both Flu and Cold are different infections caused by different viruses.

When you experience flu symptoms you should see the doctor as soon as possible. Preferably within 12 hours.

Symptoms of Cold:
Headaches or fever during cold are uncommon symptoms. But they may appear in some cases. There may be slight body ache. Patient may experience stuffy nose, sneezing and sore throat. They are very common.

Symptoms of Flu:
Fever, Severe body ache and headaches are common symptoms. Patient may feel very exhausted during flu. Symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing and sore throat and dry cough are present in flu also. Patient can experience discomfort in the chest also.

What should you know about flu:
How can you prevent or treat flu. Is flu vaccine advisable, how to save children from getting flu, what are antiviral and should its use be encouraged?

Should children be given antiviral? Are they different from vaccines?

These questions cannot have generalized answers. As each body and environment reacts differently to these treatments.

It’s wiser to consult a doctor instead of going for self-medication or going by advice from friends and family.

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