Its Hot, Its Spicy, Can It Prevent or Cure Cancer?

Searching for that elusive cure for the dreaded cancer is forever ongoing. Scientists everywhere are dreaming of being the one man who will find the actual and positive cure for every type of cancer in existence. When this will come about no one knows but it will happen. That man may not yet be born but time will tell.

In that meantime The University of Nottingham has come up with an alternative that they think has certain properties that could control or even prevent cancer. I know this is a serious subject but this is hot stuff, and I mean that literally. Spicy food should now be on your daily menu. That is spicy food with a kick! Chillies hold the answer. Capsaicin is the hot stuff in chillies that burns our mouths, but the experts say it could kill tumors, plus there are no side effects.

Now if like me you hate chillies what can we do because we need a diet that is rich with capsaicin. They also say it can cure other illnesses so our taste buds need to get used to the hot stuff. During research the scientist found that by targeting the energy cells of the cancer the capsaicin could kill or prevent onset of it. You may decide that all these so called findings are a waste of time, but I think that if there is slightest chance that capsaicin does work you have nothing to lose by trying it and possibly everything to gain.

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