Keep Corns at Bay They Can Be Painful

Your feet are very important for obvious reasons so you should look after them or face a painful existence. Corns are not life threatening nor infectious but they can be very painful. They consist of layers of skin that hardens due to pressure or repeated rubbing from ill fitting shoes or socks.

Shoes with high heels are also culprits as the toes bear pressure from being pushed forward. To keep your feet well cared for you should wear well fitting shoes and socks, shoes with high heels are an essential fashion to a woman so foot care is required to keep corns at bay.

If you have a corn then use a pumice stone on the hard skin. (Diabetics should not use a pumice stone) Use a moisturizer to soften the skin and if needed buy the specially prepared pads from the chemist to ease the pressure.

You should be very careful if you use the liquid corn removers or medicated corn pads as they contain salicylic acid and could irritate the surrounding skin, it is also unadvisable to shave a corn as it could cause infection.

Feet should be protected from a young age so it is advisable to have your children’s feet measured when purchasing shoes to allow for growth. There is nothing to stop you taking your child to have their feet measured every six weeks or so to ensure their shoes still fit correctly, you do not have to purchase shoes to follow this practice.

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