Men, Beware of Cancer!

Most men are not very careful about their health, and often ignore symptoms that they should actually be paying attention to.

You must listen to what your body is trying to tell you and take yourself off for a medical checkup. There are some symptoms that are typical of cancer and it’s best to be prepared.

You must perform a self-examination of the testicles and scrotum every month and check for lumps. If there are lumps then, whatever the size, they can be an indication of testicular cancer.

After the age of 50 you should also be aware of the signs of prostate cancer. If you have pain or difficulty when you are urinating, or have a frequent urge to urinate, or even a feeble flow of urine, or see blood in the urine then you should consult a doctor to rule out prostate cancer.

If you have unrelenting pain in the pelvis that does not disappear with common medication then it could be a sign of either prostate or testicular cancer. So get it checked.

You may not be monitoring your bowel habits regularly but if you do notice some changes such as extreme diarrhea or constipation, blood in the stools or excessive gas then it could be a sign of colon cancer.

Report these changes to your physician. For men it is extremely important that, if they notice any kind of wound or sore or lesion or other abnormality on the penis, they consult a doctor at once.

Penile cancer is rare but it can happen so don’t delay with medication or treatment.

Be knowledgeable about the symptoms of lung cancer especially if you are a smoker. Shortness of breath, recurring bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia, wheezing and hoarseness, and an unrelenting cough that sometimes spits up blood are all symptoms to watch out for.

Also, don’t take any unexplained weight loss lightly. If you are not doing anything to remove those extra pounds but are still losing them anyway then you should consult a doctor, as this is not a good sign.

In addition, if you suffer from extreme fatigue and are unable to account for it then it would be a good idea to be evaluated by the doctor.

And it’s uncommon but it does happen men can get breast cancer.

So if you notice changes in your chest area such as unexplained lumps, discharge from the nipples, and redness around the chest area you need to get checked at once.

There are some common sense precautions you can take to prevent cancer. Exercise regularly as this can reduce the risk of various types of cancer. Eat a good healthy diet that is low in fat and rich in vegetables and fruits.

If you are a smoker reduce and ultimately stop smoking or you will be at risk for lung cancer and bladder cancer. Be safe in your sexual health practice safe sex by using a condom at all times and limiting the number of partners. What you can contract with unsafe sex is HPV, which can lead to anal and penile cancer.

Be smart about going out in the sun and sunbathing. Wear sunscreen with a good PF factor and avoid tanning salons. Too much tanning can lead to skin cancer.

Do a testicular self-exam once a month, which will help detect lumps earlier. Also, have your prostate checked regularly and prevent the anxiety of developing prostate cancer.

Some cancers are hereditary so look up your family history and find out what cancers were prevalent in your close relatives. Then consult a doctor to find out what your risks are. Here, genetic testing and counseling will help.

Be aware of the dangers to your health. The sooner you take your health seriously the better your chances of beating any kind of disease like cancer.

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