Milk It All You Can!

There’s been a lot of back and forth arguing over milk and its benefits for a number of years. How good is milk for us and why does it inspire negative allegations?

Proponents of the advantages of soya and oat are ranged against this natural food, saying it causes allergies, cancers, and heart disease. On the other hand milk lovers claim the exact opposite advocating milk wholeheartedly.

The calcium content in milk is its biggest selling point as calcium is very essential for the function of cells and bone growth and teeth especially for children. Adult intake of milk may drop by a half but is nevertheless still important as it slows bone loss. In fact, you can continue to drink the same amount of milk as a precaution against diseases such as osteoporosis and low bone mass. (I must add here that the safest level of calcium intake hasn’t been set as yet so be moderate in your consumption.)

Milk also contains proteins and vitamins that are vital for children’s growth, such as casein, whey, vitamin A, and riboflavin. To match the calcium content of milk you would have to eat ten times the quantity of green vegetables, such as spinach, and bread not something a parent can insist on with children! The body also absorbs the calcium in milk more easily, which is a big plus.

Critics claim that the calcium content in milk is not enough for bones to stay healthy. This is true since a combination of vitamins, proteins, and exercise is essential to keep your bones in mint condition.

Some people and children develop lactose intolerance because the enzyme in their bodies that is needed to digest milk is not being produced. By the time you’re in your teens the intolerance would have been established and you can avoid milk. Then there is the question of allergies. Infants may become allergic to milk but they soon get over it, and substituting soya milk or other alternatives may not be the answer as they themselves can cause allergies.

A few studies have shown that the fear that milk causes cancer and heart disease is unfounded. This could be related to the fat content in milk so it’s best to drink skimmed or toned milk.

The verdict is still out on the benefits or otherwise of milk but you can decide for yourself what is good for you. If the taste of milk offends you and you prefer soya and other organic milk then there’s no harm done in switching to these alternatives.

If you’re in the pro-milk faction, however, then Drink milk it’s cheaper by the quart! And you can absorb it in so many ways as milkshakes, in dairy products, with cereals (which give you more calcium). Be creative with milk, especially for children. Encourage them to drink more. Nutritionally you can’t go wrong.

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