Muscle and Bone Building Myths Unfolded

Muscle & bone building or strength-training programs as they are often referred to, have some misconceptions attached to them.

Some people connect muscle building with bodybuilding while a big chunk of women feel its not for them, it’s for the men folks. None of which holds any ground.

So through this article I will try and unfold some myths related to muscle and bone building programs with some scientifically proved logic and reasoning.

The most popular myth, which exists, is that older people should steer cleat of bone and muscle building programs as it might injure them. These programs are good for the young active lot. It’s a complete myth and actually just the opposite is true.

People over 50 need it more than the young. These muscle and bone building exercises help to deal with the decline in muscle strength that generally comes with aging, because our activity levels go reasonable down.

Muscle & bone building or strength-training programs are not about bulging muscles. Strength training builds muscle, as well as helps reduce body fat and increase bone.

The myth that muscle building is for men only has no ground under its feet whatsoever. If the program is followed properly, women can benefit from strength training more the men. The reason for this is that women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, which muscle and bone training can beat or at least reduce its intensity.

Men and women can follow the same program and schedule of exercises depending upon the design for their body size & level of strength and not gender. Women can do everything that men can, like lifting barbells etc. What she can or should do depends entirely upon her level of ability. It’s a myth that men and women have a separate strength training programs.

These are not at all time consuming exercises and if you think so or have been given to understand it that way, please get it out of your mind. Strength training can be one of the fastest workouts.

It can be less time-consuming than running or walking. Three sessions of 20-minute each every week is sufficient for a normal, healthy person. But yes aerobic exercising like walking or warming up for these exercises is required. You can’t just start strength training right away.

You do need to do some little warm up like stretching or walking around the place or treadmill kind of a think before starting your daily routine of muscle and bone building session.

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