Foot Care – Oh Those Poor Tired Dawgs

Oh those tired dawgs, they take such a beating! And yet, we forget about their care.

Think about what these little puppies have to endure. Figure how many square inches are on the bottom of your feet, and then divide your weight into that figure, wow! That is a lot of pressure our feet have to withstand, and yet we forget to care for them. Our feet are the last things we think about until they are exposed, and then the thought runs through our minds that they need some attention!

To keep your feet healthy and looking better here are some great tips;

Sitting down in a chair where it is safe and comfortable do the following;

After bathing or showering dry your feet thoroughly, get between your toes with the corner of your towel!

Keep your nails clean, push back the cuticle with an orange stick gently, and cut your nails straight across, not too short.

Apply thick cream to your feet and message it into your skin

Always use clean dry socks or stockings before putting on your shoes.

This process only takes an extra 5 minutes of your time and it feels great! It also improves circulation and reduces swelling, and helps prevent infections.

Those of you, who work out in the elements, remember to put an extra pair of dry socks in your pocket. Half way through your shift, take off the wet socks and put on the clean dry socks. You will feel more comfortable; have less odor, and less likely to develop sores on your feet.

There are some foot problems that require professional help and or treatments, such as bunions, arthritis, and gout.

Sometimes these problems are genetic, and sometimes these conditions can be preventable with proper care. Wearing shoes which fit properly can help keep your feet looking and feeling great.

The shape of your shoes can make a difference as well.

Taking care of those dawgs keeps us feeling more comfortable, energetic and mobile!

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