Protecting the Immune System Without Supplements and Pills

immune system booster

Increasing and protecting your immune system is very important if we want to stay healthy as much as we can.

Plants are the most powerful remedies forever and here in this article, I’m going to give you the forgotten power of plants.

This is for people who have:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Taking pills with little effect
  • Tired of the side effects of drugs
  • Don’t want to pay big pharma anymore
  • People who want to be prepared for a crisis such as Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Who wants to live a healthier life

Thousands of People Healed Naturally by Following this Advice and Increased Their Immune System Naturally

Coughs, Colds, Flu, and the Norovirus which are sweeping the country at the moment, are all common complaints of what we could call winter blues. Every year at around Christmas and the start of the cold weather, most people come down with one or other of these ailments.

There are just 3 teachings that will change your life forever and put you on the path to healing yourself.

Lesson 1: Watch The Video Here

Although they are not usually life-threatening they still make you feel ill and listless and also thoroughly miserable.

When you’re sick your life changes, you don’t have the same life anymore.

It is ironic that our health seems more valuable only after we lose it.

Without our health, we have nothing.

Imagine if you can heal a disease in which you’ve spent everything you have for a life-saving treatment! We all will! Everything else can be replaced except our life, so we all try to make sure our health is good.

We appreciate our health only once we are in a hospital bed, or sick at home that we appreciate it.

but then sometimes it will be too late.

Tomorrow your life might change completely. You don’t know when your years will get stolen from you. So, don’t take your health for granted.

Don’t wait for it to deteriorate to take care of it.

These following remedies helped many people to heal their diseases and people with very different diseases, that had nothing to do with Multiple Sclerosis got treated as well!

And it might well have something to do with you too!

If you have ever taken prescription pills, or if you’re taking some right now, you need to know one thing that I found out the hard way:

Lesson 2: There is a Devil in Your Medicine Cabinet Which Affects Your Immune System In a Negative Way

You might not realize it, but the only real footage of white blood cell chasing and catching Staphylococcus Aureus.

The only thing that secures your body is your inner system. many people think drugs help them to cure but it’s your immune system that makes your body heal.

When someone has HIV, their inner doctor becomes very, very weak to the point that every common cold is life-threatening.

No matter how many powerful pills a person takes, when their inner doctor becomes too weak, their fate is sealed.

You’ve heard that doctors saying that there is a chance of surviving is only 50% or 20%, but it’s your inner doctor that ultimately decides your fate.

Medicine is not math, that’s only because we all have a different inner doctor.

That’s also the reason we all get different chances! And one of the reasons we respond differently to the same medication.

Sooner or later, you will depend on your inner doctor too. But like many of us, you might be hurting your inner doctor right now without even realizing it.

Whenever you take a pill or another synthetic medicine, you help your body for the short term.

You treat your symptoms and you feel better for the moment. But there’s a HUGE price you pay each time. And it adds up.

Many pills are slowly killing the doctor inside you (your immune system).

With every pill that you take your Inner Doctor becomes weaker and whenever you take these pills, he does less and he becomes habitually lazy.

So, when you’ll really need him, you may find out he’s too out of shape to do anything.

It’s the same with every part of your body:
  • If you don’t use your muscles, they’ll atrophy.
  • If you don’t use your brain, you’ll think slower over time.
  • If you don’t walk, your leg bones will lose calcium and become brittle.

The same thing happens to your immune system. If your doctor is on pills, he is weak! And your body will slowly but surely decline.

Your immune system is also in charge of clearing away dead cells and repairing the damaged ones.

If your inner doctor becomes lazy your organs will deteriorate a lot faster.

You’ll age prematurely on the inside. Even worse, your weak cells soon will become cancer cells.

Learn more CLICK here or on the picture:

Norovirus which has been sweeping the country is a stomach bug that causes sudden vomiting and diarrhea, most people recover from this within one or two days, however, the very old and very young risk becoming dehydrated and may require hospital treatment.

There is no known treatment for this illness except to let it run its course.

The way to try and combat these illnesses and many others is to try and keep our immune system as healthy as possible.

The immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends people against germs and microorganisms every day. In most cases, the immune system does a great job of keeping people healthy and preventing infections. But sometimes problems with the immune system can lead to illness and infection.

One way to protect your small infant is by breastfeeding. Over the years this has become less and less as women have turned to the easier option of bottle feeding.

The antibodies in a mother’s breast milk provide an infant with temporary immunity to diseases that the mother has been exposed to. This can help protect the infant against infection during the early years of childhood.

Once the year’s pile on our immune system often needs some help, staying healthy and fit is, of course, the natural way, but often especially in the winter months, some help may be needed.

This may be in the form of supplements or tablets especially to boost the immune system.

Here are some of the products that can help protect your immune system and hopefully keep those nasty bugs at bay.

Glucose contains specific 1-3, 1-6 Beta-Glucans that prime the innate immune system, this is the part that reacts to disease-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms to keep us healthy. It is a favorite at Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea footballers are said to swear by it.

V beauty Body Care Green tea antioxidants which are only $4.99 for 60 tablets are designed to provide benefit from within by nourishing from the inside. There are six different food supplements in the range, three specifically for skincare, and three for body care.

V beauty Body care Green tea antioxidants contain a powerful mixture of antioxidants that help boost your immune system and neutralize free radicals in your body, these are available from your nearest Tesco stores.

Sambucol Original and Sambucol Original for Children syrups contain black elderberry, which has long been used as a natural remedy for common ailments such as coughs and colds.

Sambucol is a black elderberry extract that supports the immune system. It is also packed full of anthocyanins, the flavonoids present in dark berries that are among the most potent, naturally occurring antioxidants available. These high antioxidant levels also protect cells from damage from free radicals. These are available from Boots Chemists.

Immune-care Lactoferrin which is much dearer at $29.99 for 60 tablets, is a super supplement capable of preventing vicious viruses including HIV, CMV, herpes, hepatitis C and glandular fever. Lactoferrin stops viruses binding to the body’s healthy cells and so halts the viral infection before it can, literally, take hold.

Lactoferrin is absorbed into the bloodstream where it binds to and inactivates unwanted antigens (damaging cells) that commonly cause bacterial and viral infections.

There are many other pills and tonics on the market if you want to make a search and see what you find, they may not be 100% protection but they will help to make your life easier.

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