Putting Children on a Diet – Not Done!

Through this article I will share the most important fact with you about putting your children on diet.

Let me tell you that it’s not right to put your child on a diet. If your child is obese, the solution does not lie in restricting his/her calories.

During this time kids are rapidly growing and developing their skeletal structure. And by opting to watch and limit their calories intake may affect children overall health adversely.

The result of this exercise may be that they do not develop their full bone and muscle mass.

I have come across several parents who are so worried about their children obesity that they are even considering commercial weight loss programs for them.

What they have to understand is that these commercial weight loss programs are designed for adults with fully developed bone mass.

What Is The Solution For Overweight Children?

Parents of children who are overweight or obese do have a reason to worry.

Sometimes parents worries are natural, because as parents and adults they themselves face so much in terms of obesity and health related issues that they want to do everything to steer their children clear of it.

But putting them through an exercise regime at the gym is not a solution.

Here are some tips that may help and you can work on;

The healthiest way to do it is by inculcating discipline in children right from the time they are kids.

Children need to have healthy meals and snacks.

Make sure your kitchen always has low calorie, quick, nutrient dense snacks.

Carrot sticks, crackers, fruit, and dry cereal are a few of the easy-to-make, low cost snacks for young children.

Teach your kids to make healthy choices when they are eating in school or restaurant;

Teach them the importance to choosing fruit or salad instead of finger fries, sandwiches Instead of some deep-fried or battered meals or snacks.

If they want sauce, mayo, or dressing, let it be served on the side and teach them to add a modest portion.

Encourage outdoor activities for children. Encourage your child to become more active.

Walk together.

Family visit to gardens is a also a workable way.

Cleaning the yard together makes a good family activity too serving many purposes.

Likewise teach them to help you with household tasks.

The objective is to reduce the time spent in sedentary activities like sitting idle, watching TV or sitting on front of the computer and playing games.

Coming back to the main point do not put your child on a diet or restrict the calorie intake.

Instead teach them to make healthy choices. Encourage them to be outdoor.

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