Recommended Healthy Lifestyle To Reduce Cancer Risk

The questions here may have crossed your mind many a times, is it possible to prevent cancer or reduce risk of getting cancer?

How can cancer be diagnosed in time so that survival and treatment will be less painful and expensive?

What about the risk factors for cancer of different types?

Does the fact that cancer runs in your family, worry you?

Are you constantly exposed to tobacco or environmental hazards like chemicals, poisonous gas or something?

Do you want to stay and lead a healthy life?

Find answers to these questions through this piece of information.

Through this article we will share what kind of healthy lifestyle and environment can help you prevent risk of developing cancer.

1- Smoking and Cancer: Inhaling tobacco directly by smoking or passive smoking drastically increases your risk of getting cancer.

No type of smoking – cigarettes, cigars, menthol cigarettes are safer or less harmful than the other.

A smoker is not only at a risk of being affected with cancer, he/she is also other type of heart diseases and is less likely to lead and long healthy life than non smokers.

People shift from high-tar, high-nicotine cigarettes to low-tar, low nicotine cigarettes thinking it’s safer and less harmful but it doesn’t hold true.

When smokers make a shift like this they start smoking more number of cigarettes and are no better than they were with their old brand.

Nicotine is drug and is an addiction like any other heroin. When taken in small amount it gives a pleasant kick to the smoker encouraging him to smoke more.

When smokers are trying to give up smoking they face withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms include nervousness, headaches, and trouble sleeping. Nicotine affects the brain chemistry and central nervous system. As a result it affects the mood of the smoker to some extent.

A smoke free – environment and lifestyle reduces cancer risk.

2- Sun Rays and Cancer: Sun is good for skin but only till a limit. Light early morning rays are good is a source of vitamin D.

Not harsh sunrays directly hitting your face or body. This kind of sun exposure causes cancer of the skin. Cancer is caused dude to unprotected ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure on the skin.

That is why applying sun protection cream is so highly and often recommended. Sunburn and tanning is short-term result of exposure to sun.

Long-term consequences of sun exposure are, skin ageing before time, wrinkles, loss of skin;s elasticity, dark patches on the face and exposed areas of body and cancer.

An environment and lifestyle that saves you from being exposed directly to hard sunrays is recommended to reduce cancer risk. Sun can also cause eye problems.

3- Food, Fitness and Cancer: Remaining active and eating well and healthy diet is the way to a life free of cancer and other health ailments.

One must try and maintain healthy weight throughout one’s life.

One should make an effort to balance physical activity and calorie intake.

  • Eating four or more servings of fruits and vegetables through the day
  • Eating wholegrain over packaged or processed food
  • Cutting down on processed or red meat
  • Coffee
  • Cholesterol rich diet and alcohol are some ways to achieve healthy life with reduced risk of cancer and other ailments.
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