Things You Should Not Do After Meals Must Read for All

Things you should not do after meals and we read enough about what to eat, calorie and sugar free diet etc.

Hygiene, organic, fat-less and what not there is another side to eating. What not to do after eating. It’s important to know things we should do and things that we shouldn’t. I will list them point wise with a little explanation.

1- Do Not Smoke Immediately After Meals: Smoking immediately after meals is very harmful. Research and experiments claim that smoking one cigarette immediately after meals can cause harm equal to smoking ten cigarettes normally through the day. One’s chances of getting cancer increase drastically if such a condition prevails.

2- Do Not eat Fruits Immediately After Meals: Fruits immediately after meals can fill your stomach with gas that can cause stomach ache besides coming in the way of digestion process that is already on. Its advised that fruits be eaten an hour or two after having meals. Improper digestion is the root cause for most illness in human beings.

3- Do Not Drink Tea Immediately After Meals: Tea immediately after meals also comes in the way of digestion process. Tea-leaves contain acid and this acid hardens the protein content in the food. Hard protein becomes harder to digest.

4- Do Not Loosen/Untie Your Skirt’s/Trousers Belt Immediately After Meals: This may be a surprise for some but it’s true.

This is very common thing but this sudden movement after the belt is unfastened or loosened can have an adverse effect as there is a chance that intestine’s get twisted which may again come in the way of digestion.

5- Do Not Bathe Immediately After Meals: Immediately after meals the blood concentrates on digestion process.

If we bathe after meals the blood will start moving towards hands legs etc and thus the reduced flow of blood around digestive track will result in poor digestion.

6- Do Not Walk Immediately After Meals: Don’t walk. Rather rest. That hardly means go to sleep immediately after meals.

It’s again a big No-No. Walking will disrupt the process of absorption of nutrition from the food we eat.

7- Similarly sleeping or hitting the bed immediately after having a meal will result in Gastric and infection in the intestine.

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