Simple Facts of Happy and Healthy Life

With the warmer weather heading our way and hopefully the sunshine, everyone wants to develop that tanned and healthy look, especially the younger person.

At the first hint of sunshine, the sunbeds and deckchairs come for an airing and many people spend hours bathing in the heat and the sun’s rays.

You look bronzed and healthy and feel wonderful, but do you realize that the sun’s UV rays are the cause of many skin cancers.

It is ironic really that the things we most enjoy can do us the most harm. The sun can cause skin cancer. Smoking can lead to lung cancer and breathing difficulties.

Chocolate causes us to put on weight along with all the goodies we enjoy and so can cause health problems. Drinking alcohol to excess can lead to alcoholism.

Of course, you know all this but why should you worry?

You could be crossing the road tomorrow and have a fatal accident, or you could develop a life-threatening illness that is happening to people every day. But on the other hand, you could be one of those people who live to a ripe old age.

Your life is a maze of uncertainty but if we were to dwell on that fact we would never go anywhere or do anything.

The simple facts of life are this, don’t do anything to excess. If you don’t want to develop skin cancer limit your sunbathing time to short periods, gradual is better than excess.

You can see the harm it does to your skin when your week’s holiday turns into a race against time to get a quick tan to impress people when you go home.

A short while after your return your skin starts to itch and peel off, your top layer of skin has been damaged beyond repair, but how deep have those UV rays gone.

We all know the damage smoking does so I won’t dwell on that, but chocolate and alcohol in moderation will not do you any harm.

They are all different types of addiction but some you can control and others need extreme willpower to cut down or completely stop.

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