Skin Cancer Facts Are Children Also At Risk?

Skin cancer is on the rise and is beginning to develop in younger people also, which children also at risk.

After reading through this article you will realize how skin cancer can affect us all, directly or indirectly.
Majority of skin cancer cases are a result of sun exposure:

The Ultra Violet rays of the sun are responsible for non-melanoma skin cancers. Therefore unprotected and direct exposure to these rays can be a cause of it.

One can come in contact with direct sun rays from everywhere and anywhere- From being outdoors or tanning booths to the rays hitting you through your car or home windows! It has been studied and confirmed that every hour one person dies of skin cancer. And its shocking to know that majority of these deaths could have been avoided by simply avoiding direct sun exposure.

Skin cancer cases account for more than half of all cancer cases combined. Meaning all types of cancers put together affecting human beings can be divided into two parts. Half of these cases are skin cancer cases and the remaining half comprises all other types put together.

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer type among men & women. According to American Cancer Society men are more prone to being diagnosed with cancer than women. They are twice more likely to be affected with cancer actually.

It is more common than Lung and prostrate cancer, which we assume must be the most common type of cancer among men. But according to statistics and studies skin cancer is more common than the two.

Also another shocking fact worth noting is that the risk factor is comparatively low for African Americans, Asians, and Latinos – skin cancer can be deadly for these people.

Let us not ignore children also from this ugly, deadly risk and discuss the possibilities and circumstances under which they increase their chances of being affected with skin cancers in near or distant future.

How to Protect Children Against Skin Cancer?

We should make all efforts to protect all children against direct Ultra Violet (UV) rays exposure.

Exposure now may not seem to have an effect on skin but it can harm in the long run during adulthood of such children.

Blistering sunburn during childhood increases the risk of melanoma as the child grows up. Melanoma is the most common, deadliest and dangerous type of skin cancer.

Every fifth American in his/her lifetime is likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer. The risk factor is comparatively higher for Caucasians. Every third Caucasian will be diagnosed with it. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1.5 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year alone.

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