In What Ways Does Smoking Harm Women?

pregnant woman smoking

There’s been always a question about in what ways does smoking harm women?

Main and simple answer to this question is that women body should be free of any toxic in order to give birth to a healthy child.

We have all been reading about how smoking can harm the smoker as well as people who are constantly around him/her.

Much has been written about lung cancer, sagging of skin, osteoporosis etc that are mainly caused as a result of smoking. We have also read how dreadful smoking can prove to be for women who are or wanting to be pregnant.

In this article we will discuss some more health related problems that smoking can cause.

woman smoking

Women who are working harder, undergoing more stress, and as a result smoking harder leads to the killer-heart disease.

The combination of women smokes and oral contraceptive users are at a risk of being affected with cardiovascular diseases like;

  • blood clots
  • heart attacks
  • and strokes

In many cases smoking raises the risk of heart disease and stroke are also in highly inter-related.

Among middle-aged women smokers the threat for heart disease is triple than that of middle-aged non-smoking women.

Smoking is also seen to directly affect women’s reproductive organs and reproductive health in general.

Smoking Has Been Linked to Many Types of Cancers

1- smoking harm women and can cause cancer of the uterus, cervix, and vulva and also breast cancer.

2- It is estimated that around 19 per cent of cervical cancer and similarly around 40% of vulvar cancer are a result of smoking.

3- Women smokers who are suffering from HPV or human papilloma virus infection are more likely to be affected by invasive cancer of cervix than woman who do not smoke.

4- For women smoking can also cause harm to the ovaries and can result in a drop in estrogen.

5- It has also been reported by leading research institutes that smokers are likely to hit an early menopause than the non-smoking counterparts, which again results in an earlier estrogen drop.

6- Smoking also imbalance the functioning of the glands that regulate calcium levels in our bodies.

7- Women who smoke are more at a risk of developing lung cancer as compared to their male counterpart smokers.

8- It has also been reported that women need fewer cigarettes to develop lung cancer as compared to men.

9- Also when it comes to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, women who are smoking at present or have smoked at some point of time in their lives are more vulnerable to effects of tobacco on lung growth and function.

The Smoking Can Cause Aging and Less Attractive

Women beauty is very important and smoking will take this away from them.

smoking harm women to age much faster than their natural regular process of aging comparing the others.

The wrinkles around the eyes and lips are the first and more common signs of aging in the smoker women.

Also, many men don’t find it attractive because they always smell cigarette.

Children of Smoker Mothers

Smoking for pregnant women is very dangerous for both the mother and the child.

pregnant woman and smoking

Normally babies of smoker mothers are weight less than average babies.

Baby can born very early and per-mature.

Children who are born from the smoker mothers are at much higher risk of SIDS which is an unknown reason for babies death.

Women are not just responsible for their health, actually they are responsible for their babies life as well.

There are many permanent damages on children who were born by the smoker mothers.

They are innocence and it’s not fair to change their child’s life because of their stubbornness to not quit smoking during pregnancy or while they are nursing.

Yes, smoking harm women because they can’t have healthy and happy infant.

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Mind Power Wins

When you think of hypnosis it automatically brings to mind the stage hypnotist making you do things you would never dream of doing and making you look a fool.

Imagine being a woman who smokes and it’s pregnant at the same time and she can’t quit smoking without drugs.

Here is an alternative way of quit smoking for both men and women.

Hypnosis is a strange and compelling phenomenon but contrary to what people think a hypnotic trance is not a state of sleep and you do have free will.

quit smoking hypnosissmoking harm women and the safe way of quit smoking is what called hyper attentive and attuned to suggestion.

Hypnosis is a trance like state where the subject is open to suggestion, relaxation and the imagination is heightened.

It is not like sleeping as the subject is alert but in a type daydream, you could compare it to being lost in a book that really holds your interest.

You are so lost in the book that everything around you is blocked out and even when someone calls your name you don’t always hear it unless they are persistent. It is the same with a film you get lost in the film as if you were actually taking part.

Your imagination is so strong that you believe the person really has been killed, or the same as a sad ending when you cry, you are with them and living what they are feeling.

Also, It is a type of auto suggestion that can stay in your mind. If the book or film you have been watching was compelling it will stay in your mind long after it has finished, this is how hypnosis works.

If you decide to try hypnosis to help you to stop smoking, the hypnotist will suggest to you that you dislike smoking and that the cigarette leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.

He will make different suggestions to convince you that you want to stop smoking.

Furthermore, you have gone to the hypnotist because you do want to stop smoking so with this already in your mind you are more receptive to his suggestions and you have every chance of stopping.

However, we all know that smoking harm women, so it’s the best idea to quit with the hypnotist which is not harmful especially while she is pregnant.

Will power will still be needed but with mind power included you will have more chance to overrule the urge to smoke.

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