Stomach Pain

If you are someone who experiences Stomach Pain frequently, and would like to know the exact reason behind it, this article should help.

If your stomach pain is becoming a routine, it is only reasonable to take it more seriously. If you find yourself in this situation constantly, it could be indicative of a larger problem that may be lying ahead or hiding behind.

If the problem turns out to be small, and can be treated with an antibiotic course, great. But first of all one should find out what exactly is wrong, and for this – it will be best to take an appointment with a doctor.

When someone refers to stomach pain it does sound like a common regular thing, but in reality it’s a vague and thinly spread phrase. Stomach is an area below chest and encompasses several organs in the abdominal cavity and the pain or discomfort could be in any organ.

Simpler day today stomach pain, burning sensation, cramps, or bloating could be due to overeating, acidity, PMS, or indigestion; slightly serious problems could be due to formation and accumulation of gases, or stomach infection; other more serious problems may lead to serious complications such as blockage in intestine, absence of sufficient blood supply, or worst still cancer.

There are many causes for stomach ache, let’s list some that we have not talked about in this article anywhere. Colic in children; inflammatory bowel syndrome; bowel obstruction; twisted bowel; kidney stone; gallstones; ulcer in the stomach; shingles disease; lacerated liver; abdominal aortic aneurysm ; abdominal hernia; endometriosis problem; sickle cell anaemia; cancer of stomach, pancreas, colon, liver or ovaries.

Stomach pain could be mild –once in a while or severe and frequent. Some of them go away on their own, but some may require medical treatment. There are several health problems where one of the symptoms is stomach pain.

Therefore it becomes all the more important to identify the actual reason behind the discomfort.

Doctor assesses whether the pain is acute, chronic or recurrent and based on that he decides on future tests and examinations.

Any infection or abnormality present in organs like, intestine, stomach, colon, gallbladder, liver and pancreas can result in giving cramps in the stomach.

There are many occasions when a patient complains of stomach pain but the reality is that the pain is instigated or happening outside the stomach area but patients commonly express it as stomach pain.

Swelling in kidney, lungs, or urinary tract can feel like stomach cramps; similarly, lower back pain that people so often complain about is usually due to inflammation caused in the pancreatic tissues in the abdominal cavity.

This is why so much emphasis is laid on diagnoses and identifying the exact situation, before prescribing a course of a treatment or drugs.

It is also true of stomach pain patients that each one of them is different and reacts differently to same medicine given under same situation because of their metabolism and sometimes even allergies to particular substance in the medicine, like sulfur.

For diagnosing factors leading to this discomfort, he/she will examine the patient and check the extent or intensity of pain whether it is bearable, or not, the exact location; time period that the pain symptoms last, along with frequency of it.

If the case seems complex the doctor may also suggest more advanced and detailed diagnostic measures to evaluate the case further and check the status of organs in the abdominal cavity. In rare instances, even after performing such examinations the exact cause of abdominal pain doesn’t get recognized.

Patients suffering from the condition of stomach ache should under no condition allow the problem to spread and nurture or worst still get into self medication.

Especially more so if the kind of stomach pain which seems to be becoming worse with time or continues to affect the patient for an extended period lasting two days non stop etc.

Therefore, if you or someone you know with stomach pain gets it with other things such as high fever, blood stains in vomit or stool, patient’s inability to hold food inside the body, if he is facing difficulty in breathing and experiences pain during urination.

Such accompaniments signify towards some health issues that be lying ahead. Doctors evaluate the physical symptoms and perform tests to get to the root of the problem and will accordingly prescribe the best treatment; treatments that are permanent; have least side effects, least invasive in nature and painful, and oral medication as far as possible. However, in some cases surgeries are also suggested.

For stomach pain that is due to infection antibiotics and antiviral drugs are prescribed; but if stomach pain is caused due to inflammation, anti-inflammatory courses will be prescribed by the physician.

If indigestion or allergies are causing stomach pain, prevention is the best cure and the patient will be asked to change or alter his/her diet or/and eating patterns; avoiding allergic, gassy, and spicy food.

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