Tea without Milk! Is our Daily Cuppa Under Threat?

Now the Brits daily cuppa is under fire with tea without milk OUTRAGEOUS It’s like telling the people in the US to eat their pancakes without maple syrup.

Have we reached a stage where we have to dissect everything we eat and drink just to stay in the land of the living! Oh dear, what are we coming to?

Before long our meal on the town will begin by being presented with a menu that not only gives us the choices but with a list at the side of each choice telling us how many calories and vitamins we will be absorbing, what proteins and health benefits we will receive with each meal. Is this what we want?

Every single thing we eat or drink dissected to see if it is good for us. Is it going too far?

Scientists and heart specialists at the University of Berlins Charity Hospital have been studying the benefits of tea.

We know all about herbal teas and green tea and the fact that they are supposed to be good for us but now they are looking at our daily cuppa.

Pigments found in tea are known to protect the heart by improving the ability to expand and relax the arteries, but the proteins in milk known as caseins are found to interact with the pigments and in effect wipe out any of the health benefits.

Water is the world’s most common drink and tea comes second, so comparing the health benefits of black tea with green tea which is consumed without milk may shed some light on why some tea-drinking nations show more heart benefits than others.

It is suggested that tea MAY have some properties that fight tumors.

The research was done on three separate occasions using a group of sixteen healthy women; they were each given half a liter of fresh-brewed black tea or black tea with milk or boiled water.

Then using an ultrasound they measured the artery expansion and relaxation in the forearm before and after.

They found that the tea helped to increase the blood flow but adding milk wiped out the biological effect.

Tests on rats also gave the same results.

Will these results change the Brits tea-drinking habits and wean them on to drinking tea without milk! I don’t think so unless they are absolute health freaks.

I for one would prefer to stop drinking tea rather than drink it without milk, and to my mind money spent on more worthwhile projects would be of more benefit to mankind.

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