Tinnitus A Problem in the Ear

Tinnitus is something that Many people suffer from at sometime during their life. Tinnitus is a ringing sound that comes on suddenly within the ear.

Tinnitus can last for just a few seconds or minutes but some people suffer it continually. There are different reasons for tinnitus to occur, one of them is earwax, a build up of wax in the ear can cause tinnitus also it can make hearing more difficult.

A visit to the doctors to have your ears syringed can usually take care of this cause, it is not unpleasant just warm water flushed through your ear to clear it out. It is surprising how your hearing seems to improve after this simple treatment.

Tinnitus’s other causes are exposure to loud noise, head injury and stress, also some medications such as aspirin can be the cause.

Prolonged periods of tinnitus can cause people to become depressed and anxious, counselling or anti depressants can help with this problem. Even receiving reassurance that it is not a serious problem can sometimes make the problem of tinnitus disappear.

Tinnitus’s other causes could be over active thyroid gland or anaemia, or Meniere’s disease.

There has been no reliable treatments or cures found in conventional medicine for tinnitus so complementary therapies are popular. A therapy that promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being may help in relieving tinnitus or the stress it causes.

Yoga, meditation, hypnosis and acupuncture are some of the possibilities that may help.

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