To Sleep Better – Eat Light and Think Light

We know of so many people for whom going to sleep is not easy even though they have worked hard through the day- both physically and mentally and are also feeling tired. This is called insomnia and there are many reasons for insomnia.

When the mind is too awake and active, it’s not easy to go into a slumber. Or even if we do manage to sleep, we are restless and are not able to enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep.

Therefore when people with insomnia wake up they are not feeling afresh and rejuvenated, as they should after a good night’s sleep.

There are number of theories and opinions about how much sleep a person needs. This varies from person to person, lifestyle to lifestyle and health. Most of us would not disagree with the fact that the deeper and more peaceful the sleep we experience, the more rested and rejuvenated we feel the next morning.

There are some things that we can do to get deeper and more restful sleep. Things like slowing down activities a few hours before we go to sleep. Re-arrange our eating habits.

Practice left-nostril breathing and of course, meditation. If we inculcate these habits into our routine, it will certainly improve the quality of our sleep. Let us discus each of them separately and see if we can incorporate it in our lives.

Slowing down before going to bed. This includes no stressful thoughts during the evenings.

Clear your mind of clutter. What you did yesterday and what’s pending for tomorrow is of no practical use for today, more important NOW. Both the situations are out of your control for the moment.

Leave such thoughts behind. Keep that clutter aside and create peace. This process renews the energies within you.

Try this. If you feel there is something bothering your mind and you are not been able to resolve it, make a list of these things for the Divine and turn it over to a higher force of Almighty to help you resolve it and leave it at that.

Try to feel complete about the day. Think of all that you’ve accomplished and lessons learned. Also write down five things you have and are grateful for. This will help you prepare yourself to devote the next hours to peaceful, unpreoccupied sleep.

Eating 2 1/2 hours before you go to bed is considered ideal. People go to bed immediately after eating but this doesn’t help as all the energies are occupied in helping your food digest and none remains that can put you to sleep. No animal protein, fried or heavy foods.

Remember that dairy products at night make it difficult to get up on time the next day. A group of people who were used to taking yogurt in their evening meals, when they stopped it, the result was amazing.

Soups, salads, stemmed vegetables and other such easily digested dishes are the best for the evening meal.

Likewise learn more about left nostril breathing and meditation. Contact me if you are interested. I will send you the details without any cost. Or may be I will write another article concentrating on the remaining two facts which help you sleep better.

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