Tooth Abscess Effective Home Remedies

tooth abscesses

If you are here because you or someone you know is suffering from mouth or tooth abscess.

Then I’m here to help you with few effective tooth abscess effective home remedies that works.

tooth abscesses

Tooth abscess is a sign of infection mostly because of the following reasons;

  • Cavity
  • Gum disease
  • Mouth injury

A cavity in your tooth and the trap of bacteria in your gum which can cause an infection.

An abscess is very painful and tooth ache is one of the most painful condition.

However, let me tell you that this problem was a perfectly avoidable situation if you have taken better oral care.

We actually put ourselves into this situation (including myself!) and then regret when it’s too late.

Tooth abscess can happen to people at any age as long as their teeth are intact.

People with dentures can rest in peace!

Tooth Abscess Home Remedies

Doctor may not be able to give you an immediate appointment.

Until then, here are some home remedies if the toothache is unbearable.

1 . Potassium Carbonate

Mix 1/4-teaspoon of potassium carbonate (white salt) in 1/2 glass of water and use this solution as a mouthwash.

Using it three to four times should reduce the pain in a few hours.

This alkaline solution usually destroys the bacteria.

Many people who suffered toothache due to mouth abscess in the past have unanimously used this remedy to get rid of pain until the doctor’s help arrives.

2. Clove

For some people clove power stuffed in the cavity has also helped.

Also, you can grind the clove and mix it with water until it becomes like a paste and just put it on the tooth with abscess for 20 minutes.

Then wash it with salt water.

3. Garlic as a Tooth Abscess Home Remedy Treatment

Garlic been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic since the past and still use for many home remedy treatments such as tooth abscess.

You can just take a fresh garlic and make a paste out of it.

Then put small amount of the garlic paste on the abscess.

Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse your mouth with salt water.

4. Power of Water in Tooth Abscess Home Remedy

Tooth abscess has another home remedy.

If you have tooth ache or swelling in the gums immediately take an action to drinking two- three glasses of water.

Then continue drinking a glass or two of water every 20-30 minutes.

The pain will start to reduce after a while (The process works because your body absorbs the water through the colon) and will perhaps completely subside.

5. Peroxide and Cloves Oil

Another home remedy is that you mix oil of cloves and peroxide to cure your tooth abscess.

You can mix the same amount of cloves oil and peroxide and with a use of Qtip or cotton swab put some on the tooth abscess and leave it for 15 minutes.

The best home remedy for tooth abscess is prevention.

Things you Should Avoid When Tooth Abscess is Present

The main cause of tooth abscess is inappropriate dental hygiene.

People who don’t take proper dental care or don’t visit the dentist for check ups regularly might end up suffer from mouth abscess.

Bad oral hygiene leads to cavities and cavities if left unattended to give rise to a further complication called tooth abscess.

The infection begins at tooth level cavity and if not attended within proper time, can spread to mouth, face, throat or jaw.

As an exception you can also get mouth infection or abscess after injuring a tooth by accident.

You should avoid doing the following when you have a tooth abscess:

  • Never try to empty the abscess
  • Do not squeeze the abscess to drain the infection
  • Avoid using hot compress
  • No oral sex

Some people trying to empty the abscess with some home remedy ways but it is extremely dangerous.

Try to avoid touching the swollen tooth because the infection might get into your blood and causes bigger health issues.

Never try to squeeze the abscess in order to drain the infection.

Sometimes the abscess will open by itself and the infection will come out naturally but until then you should never do it by yourself.

Hot compress will make the abscess worse and causing more pain.

So, it is better to not put any hot compress when you are suffering from tooth abscess.

No oral sex should be done while you have a tooth abscess.

You can transfer the infection into the genital and you and your partner might get genital infections.

Also, you can get more diseases because there is a skin opening and you can catch any diseases easily.

Understand the Importance of Oral Hygiene

Don’t be in a hurry to brush and floss.

Avoid postpone your semi-annual visit to the dentist.

Flossing is very important in tooth health and hygiene.

Usage of mouthwash is another way of keeping you away from tooth ache and abscess.

Never put any dirty objects in your mouth, because it will cause mouth sore and abscess in many cases.

Wash your hands before eating.

Change your tooth brush every month.

Use electronic tooth brush if you can afford it financially.

If you run out of tooth paste, the alternative is a usage of salt for dental hygiene.

And for an unforeseen situation dental insurance proves to be God sent.

Having a nice teeth makes your smile more beautiful.

Try to keep your beautiful smile by taking care of your teeth.

Vitamin D and calcium are the recommendation for having strong teeth.

Teeth whitening might affect your teeth quality and strength and causes calcification.

That might cause future gum disease.

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  1. Sorry, but to some extent I do have to agree with the comment above. I have been seeing my dentist to resolve this issue since July, its now November and I also have pneumonia as well as the absess. I was pleased to see there was advice to be had but to put it bluntly, with the righteous preaching tone its a bit over the top and ‘its left a bad taste in my mouth’ What a shame.

  2. For your information not ALL ASSESSES ARE AVOIDABLE WHEN YOUR TOOTH HAS BROKEN OFF AT THE ROOT BC YOU HAVE DENTAL ISSUES YOU ARE WORKING ON W/YOUR DENTIST & IT WAS A WEEKEND WHEN IT HAPPENED . DON’T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE OTHERS! ALSO, DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN NOT AFFORD MDENTAL OR LIVE 4 HRS FROM THE NEAREST DENTIST?? You should have been more considerate when writing that last page . I & I am sure many others where hurt & dicussted by how iinconsiderate you where & I am know leaving you website!!

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