Tooth Abscess Is a Serious Problem

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A tooth abscess is extremely painful and pain killers are not very effective in dulling the pain. It is essential to see your doctor or the dental surgeon as before any treatment can be given a course of antibiotics is required by the patient.

There are some common facts that we should all know about tooth abscesses.
  • Things like what exactly are tooth abscesses
  • How do they occur
  • What are the symptoms
  • How is it diagnosed
  • How can tooth abscesses be treated
  • Is the treatment permanent
  • How should you take care of yourself when you’ve been diagnosed with Tooth Abscesses and most important of all
  • How to Save Ourselves From Tooth Abscesses.

What is The Cause of Tooth Abscess?

An abscess is caused by bacteria entering the center of a tooth that has decayed or broken; this causes an infection that swells the tissues which then causes a painful toothache.

tooth abscesses

The antibiotics are given to kill the infection, during this time take pain killers to help control the pain also rinsing the mouth with warm salt water will help to soothe it.

It may be possible to save the tooth by removing the nerve and tissue also the decayed part of tooth, the cavity that remains in the core is filled and repaired, and a crown may be placed over the tooth. Never neglect an abscess as the infection can spread through the body and even death can occur.

Due to being so busy at work my daughter put off going to the dentist even though she was in agony with her tooth, after a few days she found it difficult to swallow and could only open her mouth a fraction and she ended up only being able to swallow liquid through a straw.

She was put on a course of antibiotics and had to have wedges to hold her mouth open as it would have clamped shut.

It was very frightening plus extreme painful for over a week, the dentist was unable to do the surgery required so she ended up in hospital.

Please take notice your painful tooth could be more serious that what you think so visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Things to Know About Tooth Abscesses Before It’s Late

Tooth Abscesses happen to most of us at some point of time. It’s such a common thing that sometimes I wonder if people suffer more in the world of mosquito bites or tooth abscesses! The Tooth Abscesses suffering does not bring just casual discomfort; it brings immense pain and if not attended in time, some threatening consequences too.

Tooth Abscesses happen when root of the tooth are infected, around which pus gets formed. Sometimes only the root is infected and sometimes gums and root of tooth both are affected. Tooth Abscesses occurs as a result of tooth decay. When this decay reaches the nerves the process of tooth abscess starts. The decay is result of poor dental hygiene. Sometimes Tooth Abscesses happen due to injury to tooth also. There have also been instances when reason for Tooth Abscesses couldn’t be found out.

Symptoms of Tooth Abscesses are throbbing pain and sensitivity while chewing, swelling and redness in the gums, fever, toothache, bad taste in the mouth, formation of soft glands in the neck, discolored tooth etc. The dentist diagnoses Tooth Abscesses with the help of X ray or electric tester. Possible treatments for infection in the root include root canal therapy, draining of pus from gums after de-sensitizing the area temporarily, oral medication etc.

When Tooth Abscesses is diagnosed one should rinse mouth every hour with warm salt water. It relieves you of pain. Don’t chew from the side that hurts. Drink plenty of fluids. Keep your appointment with the doctor. The best is of course prevention. Take good dental care; teach your children the same. Make one visit to the dentist in a year.

Tooth Abscess Symptoms; Wrong Diagnosis Can Be Dangerous

We need to know that toothaches are not always related to tooth abscess.

(i) They can also be related to Pneumonia, jaw condition, blocked nose, acidic symptoms, loss of tooth, sinusitis etc.

(ii) That signs and symptoms of tooth abscess may vary from person to person on individual basis.

(iii) Swollen gums could be because of breathing problems, neck problems, wrong exercise, vomiting, spasm, and weakness.

(iv) The gist of the matter is visit a dentist. Don’t adopt or encourage self-medication for any tooth related problem.

It has been observed that people just assume their condition of dental discomfort as a probable tooth abscess symptom and start medication. Sometimes its self-medication and sometimes a friend who has suffered the exact symptom prescribes! But have you ever realized that though symptom of fever and toothache may be exact, but the underlying conditions for this fever or toothache may be absolutely different?

Don’t assume toothaches to be Tooth Abscess Symptoms. Your doctor is the only person who can provide adequate diagnosis of any symptoms and whether they are actually tooth abscess symptoms.

A narrowed down list of Tooth Abscess Symptoms may include¬† mild or severe toothaches, with fever, swelling or redness in the gums or cheeks on one side, mouth pain, facial pain, pain while chewing, loss of appetite etc. If you have one or combination of the above symptoms it could mean they are Tooth Abscess Symptoms but again don’t assume. Consult the doctor. Dentist is the best person to diagnose and treat the underlying condition beneath that pain.

If your mouth tastes bad and has bad odor it mans the tooth abscess has burst already. We are late? Make sure the infection doesn’t reach your jaw, otherwise may be it’s late!

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