Understanding The Formula of Happiness

Through this article I am going to prove that money and happiness are two different things. First and foremost being happy is really a choice you and I make. Happiness is free. We can feel happiness, right now, if we choose to.

Money CANNOT buy happiness. It’s been said before. We’ve heard it before. Now scientists from all over the world have proved that money cannot buy happiness. The misconception that the more money you have, the happier you can be is simply not true.

It is possible and true that depending on how we choose to use money, it can create powerful and positive changes in our family. By having money we are able to function more easily in this world. It can buy us food, clothes, and comfort. But please do keep in mind that because attachment to money is based on fear, money creates insecurity.

The unending obsession to have more money and thereby feel more secure is a mirage. Security can never come from money and money alone. All of us reading this know families or people who are stinking rich but are also the most insecure.

By saying this am I trying to say that you must give up the desire to earn money? Not really. Money is not good or bad by itself. It is what we choose to do with money that we have earned or have, that determines if it will have a good and positive effect on society, the world, and most important of all – ourselves.

So money is not essential for happiness. Raising a nation’s income, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), does not raise the population’s overall level of happiness.

Researchers have proved it. A survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal and other studies have reported that, in many countries, though economic output has risen steeply over the past decades, there has been no rise in life satisfaction and there has been a substantial increase in depression and distrust. GDP per capita in the United States has increased more than three times, but it has hardly had any impact on life satisfaction.

Similarly in Japan and other Western Europe the GDP per capita has increased like anything, and in spite of it the measures of national happiness in these countries have been flat. May be that a rising economy produces rising aspirations.

On the contrary there are many families in many cities and villages in the world where people do not own shoes, or their kids don’t go to the best private schools, of they don’t wear designer outfits or are into the corporate world but these families are extremely happy, positive and friendly.

Happiness has more to do with being positive, unselfish. Happiness is about sharing generously of yourself, your mind, emotion and spirit, and also with those who come in contact with you. By exploring the deeper resources within us by praying to God from our heart we can get closer to happiness. Through sincere prayer and meditation we will be able to achieve the highest satisfaction in life. This is your discovery of eternal happiness with God. Happiness is also about setting goals wisely and developing happy-thought strategies. It is important that we keep company of people who are encouraging and positive in attitude.

Pursuing truth and leading a virtuous life will bring us happiness. Getting on with the duties and chores of daily life at work and home often brings happiness in our daily life. So let’s be optimistic, positive and try to share our positive energies and thought with people around us. Sharing it will bring it back manifolds.

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