Weight Loss Through Diet or Exercise?

Burning Belly Fat Exercise

There is always a question about weight loss through diet or exercise?

Which one is the right action to loss weight, diet or exercise and if it’s the combination of both diet and exercise.

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People believe when they want to lose weight they have to control their diet and the amount of the daily calories they receive and unfortunately they forget about exercising whereas weight loss can be easily done with proper diet and exercise.

Diet or Exercise?

This is more common in women whereas most of them know that physical activity is more important.

Although physical activities are very important in our life, but it’s not enough for weight loss and be the only way that we use to loss weight.

Most people think that exercising can be replaced by low calorie food because they have to go to the gym to burn more calories and so they think if they take less calorie it is equal with exercise.

It is because, it is easier to buy low calorie products.

Do you think they are right about weight loss?

They can not be right because you don’t go to gym just to burn the extra calories.

This is only one of the things that exercise does for you.

Nutritionists believe that you’re not suppose to stop eating high calorie foods but should do it and then burn the extra calories through exercising.

Maybe most people can not afford to join the gym.

Gym’s Memberships Are Expensive and Affects Weight Loss

For example one of them, the Extreme Fitness, charges more than $80 per month which is a little expensive.

They also lie to people to attack them.

For example the flyers that they send emphasize that you have to pay $5 per month whereas when you go there to register you will find out that just the first two months is $5 per month and then you have to pay $80 per month and on the other hand they charge your credit card for one year as soon as you sign the papers.

It is a kind of cheating.

I personally complained to BBB because their representative didn’t let me know about their rules and they refused to cancel my membership and refund my money.

Then they had to pay all the money back totally.

Anyway! So gyms are expensive and you have to spend some more time and sometimes drive to get there but do you really have to join a gym to have physical activity?

However, there are new gyms like Buzfits or EconoFitness that are only $10 per month and it’s very affordable for the majority of people who doesn’t want to participate in fitness classes.

There are a lot of other ways to burn the extra calories:
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Try not to use your car when you want to go to your local shop.
  • Try to walk more.
  • Increase the number of steps you do everyday
  • Try to use your bicycle more often.
  • Try to walk when you are talking with a phone.
  • Having a small portable stepping machine in the living room is a perfect idea. You can use it when you are watching TV. It becomes even more pleasant.
  • Buy a skipping rope and use it every now and then during the day in your office or at home.

So as you see you don’t have to join a gym to burn your extra calories.

Lose Weight 6 Easy Tips

1- Weight loss by burn more calories:

I don’t mean you should join a gym. No. You can easily burn more calories by using steps instead of elevator, walking more, using your bicycle more and … . You know how to do that if you want.

2- Drink more water and lose weight:

Water is a perfect thing to clean your body and help you kidneys to take more poison from your blood.

On the other hand it makes your stomach full and helps you get hungry later and that helps with weight loss.

3- Eat more breakfast and less lunch and dinner:

This will be a big help. Most people don’t eat breakfast but eat plenty of lunch and dinner. This makes you gain more weight. If you eat more breakfast you will not be dead hungry around noon and so you will eat less lunch. The foods we eat for lunch and dinner have more calories and so can gain us more weight. So if you eat less lunch and dinner, you can control your weight easier.

4- Avoid Ridiculous Diets:

To lose weight you don’t have to be on any special diet.

Low carbs diets can be harmful for your body. Your body needs carbohydrates.

For example your brain needs carbohydrates to work, When you do on low carbs diets you may hurt your brain normal function.

On the other hand, high protein diets for a long time can cause severe damages to your kidneys.

5. Eat as slow as you can helps with weight loss:

This not only helps you enjoy your food more but gives more time to your body to digest the food and also the brain will have enough time to know that the body has received enough food.

6- Think positive:

If you are fat and you have to lose weight, don’t let it becomes a big mental problem for you. Do not go in front of mirror from time to time and look at your body and feel sad. This doesn’t help.

Try to love yourself and your body. Be kind with yourself and your body but don’t forget that if you are fat, you should lose weight and burn more calories.

Lose Weight with The help of Exercises and Low Calorie Density Diet

We know that obese women on a low-fat diet lose weight. But do you know they will lose more weight if they ate more low-calorie-density diets like, fruits, veggies, and soups?

Consuming low calorie density diet helps people to eat satisfying portions of food. It is believed that low calorie density diet reduced the feeling of hunger pangs and deprivation while reducing calories.

Research organizations have been doing various experiments and this study appears in the June issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.[note]Journal of Clinical Nutrition[/note]

If a person joins a weight loss program he/she are also taught new cooking techniques, including how to modify their favorite recipes to reduce their fat content.

Apart from this they also learn the new rules of grocery shopping, strategies to dine-out, and preparing low calorie density meal/snack ideas.

A good weight loss programs offers to teach behavior therapy related to maintaining a close watch on their diet.

Goals to Follow For Weight Loss are Things like:
  • Goal-setting
  • Building and becoming part of social-support networks
  • Identifying emotional eating
  • Managing stress
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • and most critical of all – handling setbacks.

Lest we forget a good weight loss program also includes exercising and learning to add low-density foods to the diets.

Coming to right eating habits to lose weight.

Our focus should on losing body fat, not water and muscle.

Eating the right portions helps to protect our body from losing muscle mass.

The slower we lose weight, the greater is the percentage of body fat loss. The faster we lose, the more muscle we lose in the process.

Let us keep in mind that we don’t have to starve to maintain our new weight. Eating helps us to maintain our metabolism at a higher rate.

Lean muscle mass takes more energy to maintain it and fat is much less active.

A lean, muscular body with less fat – the new shape that you have been able to get into needs more calories to maintain its weight compared to someone who loses weight rapidly.

Consuming enough calories while you lose weight gives you staying power. To feel hungry is okay but feeling starved is not okay when you are eating less or right with an objective of losing some weight.

Also, did you know that very low calorie diets are associated with an increase in “binge” eating? Also it’s more difficult to stay on a low calorie diet long enough to lose the weight you want.

When you eat enough, it gives you more energy to burn off the calories through physical activity.

Many people who are dieting feel tired all the time because they are not taking enough calories.

This results in the fact that they don’t have the energy to get through the day.

In this condition they are not able to do extra exercise to build lean body mass and burn fat.

Eating Less Doesn’t Help You To Loss Weight

If you don’t eat enough food, you won’t get the nutrition you need to stay healthy.

People want to lose weight because they want to get healthier, feel fitter and to look better. People who are not eating enough simply don’t look well because they aren’t as healthy as they have to be.

Good health reflects in people through their better-looking skin, hair and teeth.

Also their overall their higher energy level is much more attractive than people with wrong eating ideas and lessons.

This means that fast weight loss programs don’t really help you to accomplish the goal of looking or feeling good and fit.

Vegetarians Lose More Weight Than Meat-eaters

A new scientific review has come out stating that a vegetarian diet, regardless of portion size, leads to weight loss.

A vegetarian diet usually includes;
  • Many fruits (be careful with the amount of sugar)
  • Vegetables and whole grains
  • and does not include meat, chicken, or fish.

Vegetarians typically have fewer instances of conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease, and weigh up to 20 percent less than meat eaters. The weight loss effect of this type of diet is about a pound a week – even without exercise or portion control.

One of the interesting things that was found about vegetarians is that the rate of obesity is much lower than in meat eaters, from 0 to 6 percent. This is an important finding given that the general rate is much higher – 65 percent!

A vegan diet also can cause similar weight loss, and additionally seems to burn more calories after eating. Vegans eat no animal products whatsoever, including dairy and eggs.

However, you can’t just quit eating meat or animal products and expect to lose weight.

You have to be eating a largely plant-based diet with whole grains to see the effects.

Also, it’s important to consume enough protein when you’re on these diets, and take a multivitamin to replace the vitamins, including iron, that you’re not getting through meat.

Remember that, whatever your diet, you’ll be in better shape if you exercise and keep your portions under control. Don’t make the mistake of eating ice cream or cookies and say They’re vegetarian.

If you do decide to exclude meats and adopt this diet, don’t expect to lose weight automatically  it may take time for your body to readjust.

Ready-made Meals, the Foolproof Way to Weight Loss

Are you tired of weighing your food? Are you sick of counting calories? Do you have trouble limiting portions? Well there is one easy way to take care of all of these problems and be almost certain to lose weight, thanks to ready-made meals.

Though many of us still see ready-made meals as an avoidable evil, they have come a long way since the original TV dinners.

Many companies look to make meals which are often quite equilibrated, including vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.

Even Dr. Barry Sears, the name behind the Zone Diet, admits that for a quick meal you can easily find a ready-made dish that contains portions that resemble his food blocks system.

Taste and quality vary and it is always important to check the sodium content on these meals but they have the advantage of being pre-weighed.

You know exactly how much you are eating. If you count calories, you know exactly how many you are eating without the fuss of trying to figure out the calories in one portion of a larger homemade dish.

Limiting one’s consumption to just these meals can therefore be an excellent method for losing weight. It’s an easy way to learn portion control.

That is the basic method used in meal replacement bars and shakes as well as diet home delivery services. Why not make use of this method while eating real food at less cost?

Weight Loss Craze Can Cause Future Problems

There are so many conflicting reports on the health scene today that if you tried to follow them all you could either end up as a super woman or a complete screwball. Healthy eating is it as healthy as all these so called experts say, or are they sending us on a downward spiral?

Weight loss has become a serious craze urged on by wanting to look good or keeping your heart healthy, the thousands of different diet remedies and healthy eating habits could be causing more harm than good. The latest report is that the levels of blood folate in women is falling, this could lead to serious birth defects in babies. A defect of the brain and spine is the warning given.

The exact causes of the drop are not certain but the low carbohydrate diets that are so popular now could be a factor. High carbohydrate foods such as flour, cereal, and bread products are often fortified with folates but these are not acceptable to the diet conscious woman.

Foliate is a natural vitamin B but it is artificial produced in supplements and called folic acid, it is taken orally and particularly beneficial to a pregnant woman.

An 8 to 16 per cent drop in folate levels in childbearing women  has led to an increase in what is called neural tube defects such as spinal bifida, it is most pronounced in white women, although black women continue to get the least amount overall.

Today’s supposedly healthy population maybe the downfall of the future population, so think twice before you embark on diets that reduce all those healthy vitamins that should be in your body.

You and the Duvet A Successful Recipe for Sleep and Weight Loss

It turns out that beauty sleep might really exist, especially if your idea of beauty is slenderness. Though one would assume that sleeping more means less physical effort and therefore would lead to weight gain, scientific studies are linking hormone levels (which are affected by the amount of sleep we receive) and appetite control. This means that getting more sleep leads to less weight.

The main hormone involved is the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol levels rise when we lack sleep, resulting in an increase in appetite. Cortisol levels have even been shown to be higher in obese subjects. A second hormone, leptin, works in just the opposite way. The less leptin in your body, the more your body believes it is starving, driving you to eat. Studies of sleep deprivation have shown that lack of slumber lowers leptin levels.

Even in less scientific terms, these findings make sense. By remaining awake the body believes it needs more sustenance. Daytime is an active time when we eat and night time is the down time when we do not need to eat.

Night snackers and those who work the night shift and who already have a deranged biological clock are often overweight. Some laugh and say, well as long as you’re asleep, you can’t eat. Even the French have an expression qui dort dine (he who sleeps eats), insinuating that if you are hungry going to sleep will make you forget the pangs.

Scientists are continuing to study all the ins and outs of the sleep-weight relationship but there are already those cashing in on the concept as a plan for weight loss.

Dubbed the Duvet Diet (for the soft, warm comforter) information is popping up all over the place now to convince those looking to shed some pounds to get more z’s.

Women With Excess Body Fat at Risk For Inflammation

Think you’re safe from obesity-related conditions because your BMI is normal? You might want to look at your percentage of body fat. An Italian study was recently conducted in Rome, where it followed 60 Italian women aged 20 – 35.

Twenty of the women were overweight or obese according to their BMI, twenty were at a normal weight with body fat over 30 percent, and twenty were at a normal weight with a healthy amount of body fat (less than 30 percent, which is considered best for women).

When they took blood samples, the overweight group of women had the highest amount of inflammatory chemicals and LDL cholesterol, but surprisingly, the over-fat women also had high levels.

The fat in our body releases inflammatory chemicals, and excess amounts – such as in a person who is overfat can contribute to heart disease. Our body fat increases as we age, since muscle breaks down over the years and our metabolism slows down. Obtaining your body fat percentage and monitoring it may be key for a long, healthy life.

There are different ways to measure body fat, such as underwater weighing, skinfold calipers, or bioelectrical impedance, which is available for many bathroom scales. However, body fat measured by BIA can be affected by hydration level, caffeine, and many other factors. It’s best to measure at the same time each day to ensure consistent readings.

So if you’re at a normal body weight, you may still not be as healthy as you could. Make sure to get regular blood tests measuring your cholesterol and triglycerides, and exercise regularly  it’s one of the most effective known ways to lose body fat.

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