Which Option Should One Choose While Treating Cancer

Treating cancer involves removing and/or destroying cancer cells from the body. This can be achieved by several methods – Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, going under surgeon’s knife, hormone therapy and biological therapy.

Which type of treatment to take or choose depends upon number of factors, like the type of cancer, stage of cancer and age of the patient have an important role to play.

Hormone Therapy is applied in combination with Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. And it’s generally applied when a person is affected with breast or prostrate cancer.

To reduce the amount of estrogen or testosterone in the body one either goes for removal of the affected parts by way of surgery or takes chemo.

Under biological therapy proteins are used to trigger body’s immune systems. This helps to produce more WBC and these cells help kill cancer cells.

Again this therapy works with all three types of major treatments namely, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Surgery.

Surgery is a very common and successful way to treat certain types of cancer. When cancer is located in one position of body and if it’s possible to just remove that part and area around it without effecting any vital parts of the body then in this situation surgery comes in very useful and survival ratio of such people is more than those whose cancer has spread in the body and surgery is not possible.

When such a situation arises where it is not possible to cut out the part of body that is affected, by way of surgery, then chemotherapy or radiotherapy are resorted to.

Chemotherapy is where with the help of medicines cancer cells are attacked. Again chemo and radiotherapy can be used with each other as combination therapy. Chemotherapy is a word that fills one up with fear because of the severe side effects.

Radiotherapy as the name suggests is where radiation is used. Radiation in the form of X-ray, electrons or gamma rays that help kill and destroy cancer cells.

Radiation therapy also helps the cells from multiplying further. Radiotherapy is used in combination with surgery. If cancer is in one place then with the help of radiations first cancer cells are attacked and once things are under control with the help of surgery the affected body part can be removed.

Other than the above when you see your cancer specialist he may have more types of treatments to suggest which can be used independently or in combination with any of the above treatment.

If somehow after consultation with your doctor you are not satisfied, you should either ask questions or see another doctor and take 2nd opinion. If not approached with cautiousness it can cost one his/her life. So listen to your doctor, follow his advice but if you are not convinced, tell him so or go for 2nd opinion.

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