Why Choose Vaginal Birth Over C Section?

It is important to understand that C Section is not just another delivery option. And should not be treated like one. It is an unnatural option, and should be chosen over natural or vaginal birth only when there are complication like a breach case or problems with umbilical cord et al.

People are opting for C Section these days because it is more convenient, can be planned well and is free of labor pains. None of which are good or valid reasons for a C-Section as a chosen mode of giving birth.

It is absolutely true that in some circumstances a cesarean section can save your life, or the life of your baby, but to choose to have a C-section rather than vaginal birth increases the chances of some serious complications. Including death of mother or child.

Under what circumstances should C Section be chosen over vaginal birth? C Section is recommended if (i) the umbilical cord slips through mother’s cervix before the baby.

This situation may endanger baby’s oxygen supply, so here C-section may have a crucial role to play in saving life of a child and reducing complications for the mother (ii) If mother’s placenta grows in a way that it blocks baby’s exit through the cervix (iii) C-Section is recommended when there is an outbreak of genital herpes (iv) When the baby is positioned sideways. It’s also called the breach case.

We will discuss why vaginal birth is better than C Section under normal circumstances. If we go for C Section over vaginal delivery the risk of maternal death increases three to five folds.

Researchers also studied that the consequences of C Section included the risk of the mother requiring a hysterectomy after a Cesarean and that it was almost 3 times higher than vaginal birth.

Babies, which are born by C-section, don’t receive the natural stimulation that comes from the process of moving down the birth canal. This is the reason C Section born babies are often given oxygen or a rub down to help them start breathe. Also they do not receive mother’s natural hormones released during vaginal birth, which help the infant during their first moments of life.

Looking at the above facts, which are based on facts, mothers should opt and try for a normal delivery to C-Section. Especially going for C-Section as a convenience is not recommended at all.

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