Why Do Cancer Cells Kill?

Cancer cells kill as white cells replace all the blood and arteries become clogged with pus. Thus cancer kills in a very mechanical way. Ovarian, colon cancer and most cancers related with GI tract kill by causing hindrance in a patient’s bowel movement.

Lung cancers cells kill by invading into an artery or the bronchus is obstructed. Breast cancer cells kill by metastases in the brain that causes a growing intracranial pressure. Plastic thyroid cancer cells kill by choking the patient slowly and no surgery in the world can cure it on a permanent basis.

By the time cancer is diagnosed it’s majority of the time, past the stage where it can be brought under control completely. Actually the time when cancer cells are detected, it is already grown a few centimeters in diameter and has developed blood supply.

The possibility is that it may also may have spread to other organs. Surgery is the first alternative that the doctor suggests. After surgery, the primary tumor can be removed but the secondary tumor starts growing at a faster pace and initiates their own vasculature.

Cancer is a process where outgrowth of cells is impossible to control. Apart from this
cancer has two important characters – Invasiveness & Metastasis.

Invasiveness refers to a situation when cancer cells while outgrowing can affect surrounding normal cells adversely and damaging them.

Metastasis refers to a situation when cancer cells have capacity to transfer themselves from original tissue to other parts of body and start outgrowing at that the new location invading and causing damage to this new part of the body also.

Fighting against cancer cells is a difficult task because it is very difficult for the immune system or drugs to differentiate between cancer affected cells and normal healthy cells. Under such circumstances imagine cancer cells metastasing in vital tissues like lung, kidney, brain and bonemarrow invading and destroying it without a sure shot defense mechanism to fight the battle!

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