Wrong Type of Foods For Kids

Our body is the smartest ‘machine’ ever created. And how we fail to take even basic care of it. Especially when it comes to children we need to be extra careful but many of us aren’t.

We ourselves are responsible when it comes to creating an environment for disease in our own bodies and of our children. Eating and encouraging fast food or a diet that consists primarily of highly processed foods, not going for enough fruits and vegetables and having soft drinks. This is how we set the stage for disease to grow in our bodies and our children’s as well.

By giving fatty diet to our children we also provide and help in creating an environment for heart disease by the age of three! Is this not a crime against our own children? What right do we have to set our children up for heart disease, Type II diabetes, and even cancer? Just because they are my children, I can do anything with them? Can we afford any such logic? Does it work?

I don’t think parents belonging to this generation should think like the earlier folks, that some unlucky ones are diseased but majority of us can get away unscratched. If eating fatty and wrong type of food has not harmed me, how can it harm my children is an outrageous logic.

We take our bodies for granted. Just give a minute and think about this – Thousands of processes that are simultaneously happening in our body. We breathe without even thinking about it.

It’s almost happening automatically. With every breath, oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxide is exhaled. Our heart beats constantly without seeking any help from us and supplies oxygen-filled blood to every part of our body. We eat foods, and while the food is digested, our body takes what it needs from the food and turns it into new cells to replace the old cells, which our body gives out in the form of excreta.

Now add this fact Can cancer cells not develop more easily, if we feed our body with useless processed food? What else can be expected if our systems, which process food, are in constant contact with insidious ingredients found in Coca Cola?

How callous are the parents who are ‘rewarding’ their children with the same very foods that are killing them? These are the types of foods that are also creating the epidemic of childhood obesity. Not only obesity we also give our children the environment for diabetes long before they are adults.

I want to ask parents what do they think is a better deal – We provide them with high quality foods, or just give them whatever we think they will eat because we have exposed their taste buds to poisonous food.

And since when did pus become a health food and something that our children cannot live without? Are the parents aware that there is pus in the milk that the dairy industry insists that you should feed your children every day with? The government is ok with that.

Strangely they have declared the number of pus cells that can be in a glass of milk. Take another example, how many of us were aware that the antibiotics given to the cows to stop infections were ending up in the hamburgers? Of course those are not the antibiotics that they are stopping. It is the ones that promote growth. Whether they are your children or mine, antibiotic is not okay.

Children will naturally gravitate to fruits and organic, right foods until we parents corrupt their taste buds and ruin them with processed foods. It’s not late. Let us get them back on a healthy routine. Our children have a right to be healthy! Let us not take that away from them. Who said its our right?

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