You Can Burn Calories Dancing and Cooking

I have found some very interesting facts related to burning calories.

We have a tendency to keep a track of amount of calories things we eat have but we don’t always know number of calories various exercises or activities can burn or example some of us know how many calories does a bottle of soda have but we don’t always have a clue how many calories can we burn by bicycling for an hour.

They are two sides of the same coin. So let’s find out some facts about various activities and the calorie burn count.

It is considered a far healthier weight loss program where instead of putting too many restrictions on the food we eat, the emphasis is laid on burning calories. It hardly goes to say that over saturated fats intake does not harm if you can burn the calories with exercises.

Fat is bad in any form in excess. And so are exercises. It should also be noted that there is a limit to number of calories you should burn in a day. Irregular exercise regime can put your health at risk. If you burn too many calories for a few days and then go flat it’s a bad idea. A balanced and healthy diet and steadily burning calories with the right type of exercises is the way to succeed long term.

  • Ballroom dancing for an hour can burn 240 calories!
  • Bicycling can burn 400! But do remember excess of bicycling or improper bicycling or wrong bicycle can have the opposite effect!
  • Canoeing and cooking burn 180 calories if done for an hour at stretch.
  • Gardening surprisingly tops the chart with 480 calories.
  • Gold Burns 345 calories.
  • Jumping rope, which is not very common, burns 570 calories nevertheless.
  • Playing ping-pong that sounds smaller activity actually burns 280 calories and that’s not less!
  • Swimming burns 525 calories. Racquetball burns 615 calories.
  • Tennis single and double burns 435 and 270 calories respectively.
  • Brisk walking burns 360 calories.
  • Playing piano burns 165 calories.

So that is that. After checking out the above statistics and deciding on what combination suits you.

Figure out a diet with the help of doctor. Also tell your doctor the kind of exercises you are going to do. If some of those are not right for your body due to a previous medical history or past ailments, doctors can suggest alternatives or alert you likewise. So go for it. Burn those calories. Burn the fatigue before it sets.

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