Your Pet can be the Cause of Serious Injury

Usually when someone is bitten by an animal it is more than likely to be their own pet.

Dogs are usually the culprits but quite often a cat can give a nasty bite.

Cat bites are not serious in the harmful way but they are more likely to cause infection so it is always wise to wash the wound well with soap and warm water and then use an antiseptic ointment on it.

The ointment should be applied at least twice a day, if redness appears around the wound it could mean that the infection has not been cleared by the antiseptic ointment so it is advisable to see a doctor as a tetanus injection or antibiotics may be needed. This also applies to a dog bite, although as dogs are stronger the bite could prove more serious and quite often stitches may be needed as well.

If you are on holiday in a foreign country it is never wise to approach any animal especially dogs, as most animals are not vaccinated and could be the cause of rabies. Rabies is extremely dangerous and does cause death. It is possible if it treated straight away with a series of injections the patient can recover, but if the rabies infection is not treated within a week then it is certain that death will occur.

It is never wise to try and separate dogs when they are fighting you could get a serious injury, and you should never leave a child alone with any animal; the calmest and most friendly animal can suddenly attack the child. Perhaps inadvertently the child has trodden on his foot or playfully pulled his tail, the animal may take this as an attack and he will fight back and the child could have injuries as a result.

Dog attacks should always be reported to the authorities.

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