HPV (cause of cervical cancer) Vaccine Causes Controversy

HPV – Human Papillomavirus is a viral infection, which spreads through skin-to-skin sexual contact. It’s an infection, which cannot be cured, only treated. You can save yourself from AIDS with the help of condoms but HPV infection is worse. You cannot save yourself in anyway except not indulging in sex.

The infected people you are physically involved with may be unaware of it themselves and may not show the signs of infection for a long time.Sometimes the signs are not visible at all. Of course like aids you don’t die of it but the life turns bad. Warts inside the vagina or around genitals is far from easy on the ears, forget bearing it all.

This HPV virus is known to cause cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, and genital warts in women. With the help of HPV test it can be found out and confirmed whether a woman has cervical or any other cancer. No test has yet been validated that can test men for cervical cancer.

Unlike AIDS that can be avoided by mere use of condoms, to avoid HPV virus infection is not so simple. Its ideal to stay away from sexual relations altogether because the person you are physically involved with may not himself/herself be aware of the infection as the signs may not be visible. And may not be visible for a long time.

Using condom works towards limited protection. Therefore you cannot assume use of condoms makes sex safe. It may certainly keep you off AIDS but not HPV infection. As a result of HPV infections, warts start to grow in the genitals or inside the vagina. They can never be cured fully. They can only be treated and treatment depends on many other aspects. Sometimes as a result of treatments these warts become dormant and never return and sometimes they do resurface.

Whether or not you should get HPV Vaccine has been a topic of discussion that’s generating mixed and extreme responses from people from various walks of life. Not only general people but also religious bodies and family advocacy groups are also taking it up aggressively. HPV vaccination will prevent women, especially young women from getting HPV infected.

It will act as a shield against the virus infection. But some groups are against this. They feel that HPV vaccine will encourage promiscuity in young generation. Some guardians or parents feel strongly against immunizing their young pre-teen children against STD. They feel that by doing this they are indirectly conveying the message to their children that it’s okay by them if they indulge in sexual activities.

Some people also feel that HPV is not as dangerous as its made out to be. They are wrong. Because HPV is a potential threat. Some parents feel that this vaccine may affect their child’s psychology adversely. The protection may give them a feeling that the parents don’t trust them or are not confident about their social behaviors.

Therefore the controversy has surfaced. People have extreme views. While some think it’s a great protection there are others who are very upset about being so pro-active.

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