Barring Bad Breath

Bad breath occurs because of the state of your oral hygiene and also your gastrointestinal health. Bacteria in your mouth and in your digestive tract cause those foul odors.

It’s called halitosis and it could be the bane of your life. It cramps your style socially and in business-like situations. So it’s not enough that you brush and floss regularly you also have to eat right.

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Is Over-The-Counter Mouth Abscess Treatment Effective?

The question about: is over the counter mouth abscess treatment effective?

Let me answer this question for you first. In one word the answer is NO.

Mouth abscess, most of the times are a more serious infection than you think. The tissues infected are at the root of your tooth or between gums and root of your tooth, it demands immediate attention of a dentist.

If this pain or infection is taken lightly it may spread till jawbone.

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Tooth Abscess Is a Serious Problem

A tooth abscess is extremely painful and pain killers are not very effective in dulling the pain. It is essential to see your doctor or the dental surgeon as before any treatment can be given a course of antibiotics is required by the patient.

There are some common facts that we should all know about tooth abscesses.
  • Things like what exactly are tooth abscesses
  • How do they occur
  • What are the symptoms
  • How is it diagnosed
  • How can tooth abscesses be treated
  • Is the treatment permanent
  • How should you take care of yourself when you’ve been diagnosed with Tooth Abscesses and most important of all
  • How to Save Ourselves From Tooth Abscesses.

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What Causes Receding Gums Problem & How Can It Be Treated?

Receding gums are a normal part of the aging process. Receding gums problem occurs when the gums and bone in the mouth move away from the tooth. In some people it is noticed earlier than others. Receding gums may be a result of age, genetics, harsh brushing or some kind of gum disease or infection.

Misaligned teeth may also cause receding gums. They cause trouble to the bone and gums. Next, the gum recession exposes the roots, which in turn causes the teeth to become sensitive while eating hot, cold and sweet foods. Apart from this, excessive pressure may cause the gums to recede.

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Oral Hygiene Before, During and After Chemotherapy

While discussing the after effects or side effects of chemotherapy during cancer, hair loss and nausea are what comes to our minds most often. But there is more to it and therefore it is worth knowing that other than the above two there are many other side effects to chemotherapy. Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Before, During and After Chemotherapy”

Can Gum Disease Be Related to Pancreatic Cancer?

Inflamed gums, cavities, tooth loss and other dental problems in adults may be indicative of serious health problems. Problems as severe as cancer, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, heart disease to the extent that the risk of having a Continue reading “Can Gum Disease Be Related to Pancreatic Cancer?”