Why Narcissist Playing Mind Games and How To Handle It.


The narcissist mind games are the most frustrating part of being in a relationship with a narcissist and this article, I will tell you how to handle it.

When you are playing games talking about playing cards or board games or any other amusing games that you will enjoy with others or young children and for sure you like to do that all day long.

Narcissists also like to play psychological mind games with you and they enjoy it and the target is that he/she must be in control.

They must remain dominant and must remind you that you just don’t have what it takes to be as they are and so they’re constantly setting you up for poor reaction.

Doing so that they can come back and tell you how you were just during inadequate individual.

Psychological Narcissistic  Mind Games

The narcissist is a psychological problem that comes from a trauma in the past which never been resolved and they are carrying their anger and transforming it into such a mind game.

The mind game is one of the narcissistic favorite game and he/she just try to be real patient and gentle in your response and you let it go well.

Therefore, if they just keep it up and continuing with the agitation and irritability then more things come along.

You can’t stand it and you say “shut up I hate it when you talk to me this way”.

Then he/she responds to you; am I supposed to get along with somebody that has such a bad temper like you!

Your angry response to the narcissist brings another question about do you have a game plan in the way that you want to respond to the narcissist when they play that gotcha game?

However, when that anger Builds on inside of you, you can just get that other person to start acting right then you quit feeling angry and that’s not a very good game plan.

because they are players and it’s all about them. So if you think that you’re going to be able to speak result in high coordination think twice because it’s likely not going to happen!

So, what you should do is just, ignore his/her mind game so his/her crazy temper will go away when he knows you know his game.

Living With Narcissist

One of the biggest problems that people talk about when they discuss with their therapist is about living with a narcissist.

Feel frustrated you know what it’s like to have that kind of frustration on the inside of you when you live with a narcissist and dealing with narcissistic abuse.

First wanted to get an idea of what we’re talking about when we use the term anger.

with exactly what it is like to play psychological mind games with you they must be in control.

Your emotion must remain dominant, they must remind you that you just don’t have what it takes to be as enlightened as well and so they’re constantly setting you up for poor reaction so that they can come back and tell you how you reacted just during inadequate individual.

Manipulation and Mind Games

That one of the favorite games to play is how you doing things, wrong and you don’t know what you’re talking about agitation in the ear more things come along, then finally you say and do.

He/she finds fault in it and again you try to keep your composure still comes your way and finally you say; shut up!

Then at that point he/she says; now how am I supposed to get along with somebody that has such a bad temper as you do!

In the narcissist mind that’s the game that he can play.

One of the problems that people will talk about when they coming and it’s like no matter what I do always agitated and criticizing those kinds of things but the other person has permission to have any kind of emotion like that.

So these people that come out in the form of resentment and bitterness and utility in desperation.

Sometimes people say well; I don’t know if I get angry and I just feel frustrated trying to have that kind of frustration on the inside of you when you live with a narcissist.

Your angry response to the narcissist is;

1- Do you have a game plan that you want to respond to the narcissist when they play that gotcha game.

-Often most people have the notion that says well if I can just get that other person to start acting right, then I’ll quit feeling angry.

However, that’s not a very good game plan because one of the narcissists is they don’t take input well they say that they’re players and it’s all about them.

So if you think that you’re going to be able to speak with them in a way that’s going to result in high coordination, and you should think again because it’s so what’s going on inside of that person who’s feeling angry in that kind of moment.

2- When that anger bills on the inside of you what are you going to do now?

If you look carefully, you’ll see that anger is tapped into your sense of self-preservation and trying to preserve show me respect in your anger in other words your anger can be your way of saying I have certain beliefs and I don’t want to back down on.

So that becomes my foundation for defining anger.

What is Anger and How to Control it?

Anger is the emotion of self-preservation in which wishing to preserve addictions, that when we put it in a context like that anger actually can have a reasonable function.

Most people think of angry being awful nasty emotional but it is Pace it has a positive function if it’s managed properly.

That’s the key that you want to try to figure out how to do manage your anger properly as opposed to letting the anger.

When you feel angry you have five different you can be suppressed and just contain the anger and just say hardly anything about it.

Here you say, now I’m dealing with a narcissist that can seem like a good strategy.

1- Their suppression of anger tends to be for different reasons.

They may hold their anger in because they’re waiting for a time to bring it up. They’re using it in a power-play and they’re just waiting for a time that you two can play that game together.

However, the person on the receiving end of the anger of the narcissist is usually suppressing because of fear with real self be known and so they hold in and they try to put a smile on their face.

He/She thinks I did that best try to be at least somewhat Cooperative or trying not to let it get to them too much and creates someone comes along and says:

Are you doing okay and relationships surprising the anger and just letting it turn into a sour disposition.

2- The second option you have when you feel angry is to be openly aggressive.

When people tend to think of the emotion of anger it’s the open aggression that they tend to think of most but if the other person’s expense and when you come across in an overly aggressive way than it can yield characteristics like:

  • Blaming
  • Shaming
  • Harshness
  • Abruptness
  • Criticism
  • Open argumentativeness.

things like that now obviously no inhibitions about telling you how sorry excuse of a human being you are.

Sometimes you can get caught up in that Fray You can just exchange insult for insult and in doing so you and you lose.

So Aggressive Anger is an Option in trying to Not Respond to the Narcissist

but it’s not a very good option.

3- The third option you have when you feel angry is to go the passive-aggressive round if aggressive anger means that you’re standing for your word.

Addiction to someone else’s expense quiet behind the scenes with the silent treatment in withdrawal in do that to you all day long and it is very much driven by their sense of contempt passive-aggressiveness.

It is probably driven by maybe yelling doesn’t work but maybe if you can avoid them just not cooperate with them they’ll tell him something that it doesn’t work.

Say whatever you want if they don’t like their tough luck is not that it means that you’re standing for you, I’ll also showing respect and regard for the other person involved.

When it’s a narcissist that you’re feeling angry and you don’t really feel much respect but sometimes you just need to go ahead and be dignified and pain in the way that you manage your anger so that you don’t get caught up in their pathology.

In reality, you can be firm and you can follow through on your decision live according to your convictions, and if the narcissist has done like it;

Stand up for yourself anyway, and when they tell you how awful of a decision you are making you can say;

I understand that’s how you feel but I’m going to go ahead and live life in the way that I think it would be not with a narcissist.

Then, when you’re doing the assertiveness at least you’re recognizing that you’re living your truth and that’s part of the way shows that your anger can mobilize something right and helping you and shows that you have to kind of individualized.

5- Fifth and final option you have with your anger is to be smart enough to know one there’s only so much as you can and then at some point you just have to decide if you want to stay and flustered and in perpetuity, or just move on to what I call higher priorities patience and goodness.

Have Self Respect and Move on When You’re Trapped In Narcissistic Mind Game

You always have an option with respect and that is an element of self-preservation that you can and should tap into not because you’re trying to change the narcissist but because you’re trying to stand firmly for yourself.

You do have legitimate needs you do have convictions that need to be and all that and then live according to the consequences or live according to the repercussions of what those decisions will be.

In the end, you are responsible for your own life and my opinion is that you should move on and close this chapter of your life with all the lessons you’ve learned from dealing with narcissistic mind games and open a new chapter in your life and start over again.

We live only once and it’s not worth it to waste on some psychos who are having a devil mind games.

Tomorrow is always the beginning of a new day. Just move on and start over again.

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