What’s Worse – Smoking Cigarette or Chewing Tobacco?

June 26th, 2007 by | Category: Dental Care

We have discussed enough about smoking and how it harms our body. Today we will discuss about the addition of tobacco chewing. Chew tobacco is a common habit amongst women and men alike in some countries. They consider it much safer than smoking and there’s no risk of lung cancer. But in reality this is not the case. It has been time and gain scientifically proved that chewing tobacco is not a safe or a better alternative to smoking, and that it is as harmful to health as smoking.

Whether it is smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco both of them are an addiction and very difficult to quit. Both these contain nicotine. By chewing tobacco an individual’s tobacco intake is more than when he is smoking cigarette. Even a person addicted to snuff is causing himself/herself more harm by way of tobacco intake than a person who is smoking cigarette.

Let’s know what is `chewing tobacco’ and cigarettes made of. Chew tobacco is made of leafy tobacco, added to it are sugar, artificial flavorings and aromas/scents. Just like cigarette tobacco, chew tobacco also contains many different types of chemicals that are highly toxic for the body therefore harmful. Chemicals and compounds like nicotine, formaldehyde, polonium 210 –a radioactive chemical that’s a one of the nuclear waste, and various types of carcinogens – cancer-causing chemicals. A type of carcinogen called nitrosamines, present in tobacco is also found the maximum permitted for food. But in tobacco it’s percentage of thousands of times higher.

Chewing tobacco can give oral cancer. The risk of oral cancer or cancer of the mouth increases by as much as five times for tobacco chewers. Researchers also think there are a possibility of an increased risk of cancer of the nose, trachea, esophagus and liver. Inflammation of the gums and receding gums can also result from tobacco chewing. Chewing tobacco can also do harm to teeth by way of dental decay, specifically the root part of the tooth. It increases fourfold; this may be because of the sugar content in chew tobacco. Treatment for such type of decay is difficult and money and time consuming.
Chewing tobacco can also give rise to heart disease. Nicotine increases the heart rate, takes up blood pressure, changes levels of fat in the blood and all this together may cause heart disease. How early or late depends upon individual’s body mechanics and immune system.

Tobacco may sometimes contain heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium that are likely to harm even the unborn child. That is if a pregnant woman is in the habit of chewing tobacco.

If you or someone you know is addicted to tobacco chewing and you notice, mouth ulcers, white patches in the mouth, plaque inside the mouth, if one experiences pain or stiffness while talking, chewing, swallowing and eating. It’s time to visit doctor before it’s too late. Actually from the day you take to chewing tobacco you are late!

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Comment by justin adams
2009-01-07 08:08:45

why is their not talk upon smokers? chewing is way better and is a brother hood!

Comment by Joe
2011-01-19 21:16:02

Well why dont we all just appreciate the tobacco industry that has helped make this country what it is. Before the political correctness tobacco created an industry full of commerce and profit. We need to support it, regardless. As an American, I am proud of my tobacco use. It creates jobs, and in the end, carrying on a long history and tradition of use. I smoke, dip, and chew. I have a girlfriend, and I do have the courtesies not to do any of them around her, but she knows I do all of them. She even plays with my dip cans and smells my new redman bags. She thinks its cute, and she is a lady at that. If a girl wont take you as you are, then to hell with them, and if any doctor says you have a problem, then with good cause quit, it is on your own convictions, but do not penelize anyone else of their heritage let alone their body.

Comment by will
2011-01-31 16:37:27

dip and chew are same thing dumb ass but i agree i’d rather chew than smoke i used to smoke for about and year and ive chewed about 2 yrs now and love it.

Comment by Conor
2011-02-20 20:31:23

Dip and chew are different actually, chew is like the bag of redman that you can buy and you actually chew on the leaves to get the flavor and most out of it. Dip is the cans you buy and put under your lip. So i think you should know what you are talking about before calling someone a dumbass

Comment by keith joiner
2011-09-04 17:40:38

this is true chew is alot more niccotine in it but you still take in about the same as dip because your not constantly sucking on it so you dont get as much niccotine but id say dip is safer than chew cause if you notice the chew spit is a lot thicker and contains more chemicals and snuff is the safest dip because long cut ussually has a lot of sugar in it

Comment by Mike
2012-01-04 21:13:51

Haha, I never comment on these things, but dude learn what you’re talking about before you call someone out. I understand if you’re new at this, but you have this thing called the ‘internet’ and it can come in quite handy in situations like this.




Comment by Zach
2012-04-13 08:41:57

Actually guys, I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and at the age of two and a half i moved to Louisiana. Now in Louisiana, when you used smokeless tobacco, we called it dipping. Now I have recently moved back to Cheyenne and when you use smokeless tobacco here, people call it chewing so i can see where there may be some confusion upon both sides of this argument.

Comment by ddc
2012-11-15 15:29:48


Comment by blah
2012-04-17 10:49:41

your a dumbass cause they are not the same. theres chew and then snuff. headass

Comment by ripstarx
2012-05-31 23:38:19

your a second grade moron

Comment by Nathan
2011-02-28 10:02:16

wow ur a retard

Comment by Ed
2011-03-24 16:57:06

Did you really just give the poorest excuse I have ever heard for using Tabacco. One, you are ignorint if you think we built America on tobacco, maybe you should go back to school. Second, Its the chemicals put into the tobacco that are harmful, and no matter what way you look at it, each form will eventually kill you. Third, I am not as ignorint as you and am fairly educated on our history and on the fact that I had smoked for 10 years, quit, then used dip for a year, then quit that bc I educated myself on the FACTS. I dont care if people choose to smoke or dip, whatever makes you happy, but dont make excuses for why you do it because it is not sociably acceptable like it was 20 years ago when society was ignorint to the fact it was harmful. They tried to get kids to smoke because they believed it stimulated the mind and it would make them do better in school. And they were as proud as you, that should say a lot. Also to get back on what AMERICA was built on, it was built on ideas. It was the first and only country in history to build an entire nation on ideas. Tobacco was the main export of the Virginia Company of BRITAIN, not America. It was the main crop in the 1600′s when planters first came over from britian. The carribian was the richest teritory of that time by growing sugar and cotton and having slaves. thats where that all came from. America got rich from FREE labor, not a product. Its easy to make money when you dont pay anyone to do your work for ya. Oh and Im white by the way just in case you thought I was saying that because Im black before you say something even more ignorint.

Comment by lol ignorint
2011-04-04 16:36:32

“One, you are ignorint if you think we built America on tobacco”

I think you’re also ignorint if you can’t spell ignorant, right ?

Comment by ZachB
2011-04-21 13:18:44

I agree with your history, but the fact that your spelling is
poor has completely reduced my opinion of your reply. Please try to improve your spelling before you insult someone else.

Comment by lol ignorint
2011-04-04 16:37:47

“Im black before you say something even more ignorint.”

Comment by gaylord
2011-04-14 12:16:08


Comment by jay d donovan
2011-08-27 16:15:52

bid deal it makes u an item? that’s gotten old peace!! my brother

Comment by ripstarx
2012-05-31 23:39:46

oh boy im scared

Comment by penolopy
2011-04-14 12:17:15

wait, your black

Comment by schwartz11
2011-06-02 19:03:22

i love how race is still a huge ass issue in america. that’s why there are so many fights in schools today. I go to a collage prep school and there have already been 10 fights between “gangs” our school has. Also virginia was technically selling to Great Brittan but that easily reached the whole world because of the low trade laws and costs that Brittan had at that period of time. Once we broke away from them, then we used the ships we had and eventually followed routes of other ships to india where the naturally grown spices in the americas were sold.

Comment by fox
2011-08-16 11:51:17

This is America which last time I looked u can do Wat u want if ur of age… they are both bad for you the only reason I say chew is better is because u don’t harm others like u do when u smoke around them .. chew all the way

Comment by Mike
2012-01-04 21:19:02

Wow haha, your “college prep” school must be really good if you have gangs and you’ve had over 10 fights in one year; you sure know how to pick em kid…

Comment by jank
2011-06-10 21:13:57

actually tobacco did build the country by James town selling it to England and making money for America

Comment by taylor
2012-01-26 15:39:43

okay thank God I’m not the only person that knows this.

Comment by tjamomo
2011-09-22 01:21:00

Here is what to do if you don’t know history of the country your living in. Before I get into that, it is pretty bad that most people who come here from different countries to live, know a lot more about our country than these kids growing up these days. Documentaries are interesting and a good way to pass the time if you like to expand your knowledge of things on your own. How can you expect to criticize people when your uneducated and are not taking the proper steps to educate yourself before posting on a forum of this nature.

When we broke off from Britain, there was this man, he acquired magical seeds from Spain. Spain had the lock down on tobacco at the time. No one really knows how he acquired them, but he brought them to the united states on one of the first pilgrim boats to get away from the prosecution of our friends across the ocean and to practice free religion. Anyhow long story short, he planted them, hoping they would grow, and they did, and that’s how tobacco made it to the united states, without it, well we wouldn’t have had anything to trade with anyone that was of worth so we most likely would have lost the wars and wouldn’t be what we are today.

Without tobacco to start the boom, the expansions wouldn’t have happened, and people wouldn’t have started many other things because the amount of money tobacco brought in, was way more than slaves, cotton, tea, crack, cocaine whatever you want to say we were making around than…Tobacco was the start of America. Deal with it. Netflix it if you don’t believe me ;)

Not condoning tobacco use, just saying. Knowledge is power. Cause it lets you put people in there place when there dead ass wrong!

Comment by taylor
2012-01-26 15:40:51

Tobacco was discovered in the Americas, not brought over from Europe.

Comment by yeah
2012-03-25 20:03:11

I agree, otherwise how would the Native Americans have been smoking tobacco for hundreds of years before ole chris colombus decided to ruin the party? It’s been here long before “johnny tobaccoseed” ran off the mayflower planting a bunch of tobacco seeds.

Comment by Fusion
2011-10-04 22:17:40

That’s a load of horse shit. First Americans had ,basically, contracted workers called indentured servents. After, the southern states of the colonies recieved the first shipment of black ” slaves”. These first slaves were treated almost identically to the contracted workers. Finally after years of this practice , the southern states decided it would be a better idea to use slaves as most people see slaves nowadays. Tobacco was Americas main industry for a good while. Large plantations were built and generally, especially in the north, weren’t worked by slaves. The tobacco plantations served as social status, the most wealthy farmers would be the most important. Without the discovery of the tobacco industry America, as far as the british colonists go, would not have been successful and may not have survived. quit trying to one- up people and go learn. This thread is about personal choice and freedom, The so-called “ideas” you say America was built on. When someone askes the question, which is worse shew or cigarettes, butt out unless you have something helpful to say. im tired of jackasses coming out of no where, getting all pissy and saying stuff like: “Its bad for you dont do it” or “YOUR FUCKIN STUPID FOR SMOKING ~ Troll” or best of all, getting defensive and trying to make people feel stupid when the fact is, your all bark no bite ( and no sense)

Comment by thinkaboutit
2012-02-20 14:12:36

I fully agree with you on the fact that his premise for smoking or chewing is completely flawed but i have to say that we also became rich because we took land, money (gold) and every natural resource from the Native Americans. free land 3.79 million square miles would make any new country rich.

Comment by BigBrett
2012-10-22 13:12:46

He is right … Americas first profit was tobacco and that’s how the money was made back in the 1600s

Comment by Corey
2013-05-10 12:22:43

dude calm down, its his choice what he wants to do. it shouldent matter if he likes to pack a dip and fill his lip, its your loss for not trying it. i was like you one time. then i tried it. go buy a can of skoal citrus blend it tastes like juicy fruit, or go get skoal apple blend, tastes like a green jollyrancher.

Comment by reality
2011-09-05 11:06:06

Wow, what a moron. To think your girlfriend thinks it’s cute…she obviously does not care about you one bit. Ir she’s a complete idiot too! I guess thus is just natures way of keeping the population down.

Comment by me
2012-03-25 16:55:10

Actualy jack ass my girlfriend also thinks its cute. So you do not know shit

Comment by kyle 420
2012-12-10 10:21:46

i agree with yall 100 percent

Comment by GREASYGUY
2011-06-13 20:08:03

TOBACCO…Your half a man if you chew it.Your a whole man if you swallow it.

Comment by copenhagenMAN
2011-10-18 17:31:12


Comment by josh
2012-01-11 12:19:58

i dont know how the man thing comes into play with chewing tobacco, but if ur swallowing it….your probably a dumbass

Comment by me
2012-03-25 17:06:15

I swallow it. Probably because wile in class you cant spit lol

Comment by dale jr. jr.
2012-02-22 08:31:18

im a dale jr loving, marbrol red smoking, dirt road riding, deer shooting, tire roarin, jimmy johnson hatin son of a bitch!!!!!!!!! wfp
im a dipper and a smoker and a beer drinker and the women love me the way i look at you got one life so live it up

Comment by Ashley
2012-04-04 00:36:56

I’m a female, I smoked for 3 years and just got turned on to chew, I feel healthier, I don’t wake up hackin a lung, and all the dudes dig it :P

Comment by Caitlin
2012-04-22 18:22:59

Hell yeah

Comment by Frank
2012-12-06 13:39:33

Chaw is the brotherhood! Dip big brother!

Comment by teresa
2009-10-14 19:47:51

RESPONSE FOR COMMENT # 1 JUSTIN: smokers have been bashed over generations! Be a man! grow a pair!! and take it on the chin! Like a “BROTHERHOOD” should! by the way most women think that “CHEWING” is really disgusting! it’s rude, crude, and NOT SEXY! not to mention not healthy! just as well as smoking!

it’s about time that people are educated with the facts on chewing!

THANKS for the article! I am using it on a medical report!

Comment by dylan
2010-01-23 19:52:16

its all about dippin

Comment by shelby
2010-03-01 22:59:16

hell ya bro i need a dip.

Comment by kiersten
2010-03-02 13:59:08

yea. i me to im a gurl and im so into all tht stuff like i wish i had some right now hahaha :)

Comment by Brandon
2011-04-24 17:34:45

I have got myself a dip in right now brother!

Comment by rupe
2011-07-10 22:41:15

its all about the grizzly

Comment by Dustin
2011-08-23 19:17:25


Comment by jake
2010-10-03 19:25:44

wanna toss one

Comment by bob
2011-04-25 13:11:42

i have a can of dip in my pocket, but im in class so i cant use it D:

Comment by Shawn
2011-06-20 22:50:20

That’s why you keep a backup can of pouches. :)

Comment by JG
2009-12-07 15:23:32

Chalk one up for Teresa,
Justin chewing AND smoking are both terrible and you must not have any idea what a brother hood is because rotting away you teeth with your “brothers” is just stupid and the ladies think its pretty disgusting as well. Good luck getting a date with no teeth, bad breath and oral cancer!

Comment by shelby
2010-03-01 23:00:26

ok lol smoking is nasty as hell and makes u all stinky and smell like an ashtray are u kidding i do not care what u say chewing is alot better

Comment by Kalynn,(:
2010-04-08 13:17:42

you’re so uneducated it’s not even funny.

Comment by BF
2010-04-29 14:18:56

Neither are good. But if I had to choose one I would pick chewing. It doesnt affect the lungs. therefore a chewer will still be able to be athletic. why do you think all of the athletes chew?

Comment by scarface
2011-01-19 10:25:44

ya u can be an athlet with no jaw plus of u swallow the juice of the chew alot ull mess up ur stomach

Comment by im the greatest
2011-02-26 15:21:18

swallowing spit keeps u from getting worms…HAHA!

Comment by Dane
2010-05-16 20:36:52

ya i chew and i do not like it it is a extremely nasty habbit but i am having a hard time quiting i hate this shit but i wont stop :/

Comment by drek
2010-06-10 10:41:47

idk my girl thinks it’s hot, most people smoke so when i pack a fat lip and start spittin in front of them it makes even the smokers look pussy. however, i would say that over time even if you are using flavored chew it increases your bad breath. it seems to suck all saliva to where the chew is at leaving your through dry which causes the smell to rise.

Comment by drek
2010-06-10 10:44:54

idk my girl thinks it’s hot, most people smoke so when i pack a fat lip and start spittin in front of them it makes even the smokers look pussy. however, i would say that over time even if you are using flavored chew it increases your bad breath. it seems to suck all saliva to where the chew is at leaving your throat dry which causes the smell to rise.

Comment by schwartz11
2011-06-02 19:05:21

yea i accually know more chicks that smoke and dip than i do guys do. almost half the girls i know are drunk outa their minds on friday and saturdays. Most of the guys i know row crew with me so if we smoke were literally fucked haha.

Comment by bobbyjones
2009-12-10 00:30:14

i rather chaw bacca, than drinking alcahol besides chaw bacca ya dont kill nobody or get an dui from drinking and driving.

Comment by zack
2010-02-09 09:21:16

well im going to party tonight, get drunk, then get into a fight :)

Comment by Dustin
2011-08-23 19:19:22

Men dont use smileys. Go spit your orange flavored skoal.

Comment by Nick
2012-01-22 18:27:54

the color of the can is orange but the flavor would be Peach

Comment by scott
2012-04-15 20:48:19

^^dumbass lol

Comment by robbie
2010-02-18 00:09:46

okay who ever said chew gives you bad breath is just a retard. you know that they have flavoured chew that leaves the taste and smell in your mouth for a while and if you really love your chew strait is the way to go and a little swish of water will make it all better afterwards. and smoking gives your every kind of disease you can think of including mouth cancer so smoking is bar none worse than chew. this was For the brother hood!

Comment by mitch
2010-06-01 00:03:35

Are you fucken retarded? you think chew doesn’t give you mouth cancer!? also she didn’t mean u get bad breath, im pretty sure she is saying in the long run you’re gonna have a nasty fucken mouth that nobody wants to go near.

Comment by adam
2011-01-18 23:05:42

he didnt fucking say that chew doesnt give mouth cancer, he just said smoking does.

Comment by josh
2012-01-11 12:26:31

wtf? half the food u eat today causes cancer

Comment by Melissa
2011-01-28 22:19:04

one is no better and both make your mouth stink

Comment by robbie
2010-02-18 00:10:46

o ya and they make fake teeth now days so who cares AHAHAHA

Comment by HALOSER
2010-10-25 08:28:00

have fun forking out a fortune for a whole mouth worth HAHAHA

Comment by schwartz11
2011-06-02 19:09:12

i think he’ll do it one tooth at a time while they fall out :D

Comment by kiersten
2010-03-02 14:01:08

hahah yea i love both of them im going to a party and they all have chew and crap its gunna be hella fun i love all u guys from tha hood im wit ya all :)

Comment by kiersten
2010-03-02 14:02:33

im wit all u guys from tha hood holla at ur gurl kiersten at myspace.com kierstenmarie iight love all u guys from tha hood and im up for anythiing hahha if u kno what i mean :)

Comment by john
2010-03-09 20:33:17

im packin right now and couldnt be happier

Comment by jimmy
2010-09-23 10:58:28

true that

Comment by adam
2011-01-18 23:06:28


Comment by Brandon
2011-04-24 17:41:05

same here

Comment by nippple
2010-03-19 03:20:59

Well i am a smoker turned chewer.
and smoking is by far worse for you, makes u not hungry, therefore lose body weight the unhealthy way.
cant run or do anything.
and chewing i can run a mile and not get winded, i gained 25 lbs of muscle.
and my stamina in bed has gone way up ^^
go chew all the way, ITS NOT JUST FOR .REDNECKS ANYMORE! do it. NEOWW
plus u can pop a dip in and play video games and its the shit…..spit away kids ;)

Comment by mitch
2010-06-01 00:05:19

i think its stupid tho, it maybe fun now. Just wait till you have some type of oral cancer.

Comment by Grant
2010-07-31 14:27:09

yeah cause smoking is so much better, i mean when i have oral cancer, you’d have lung and oral cancer. neither are better, its personal preference.

Comment by scott
2012-04-15 20:51:24

woo hoo!! :)

Comment by melissa
2010-10-31 22:14:53


Comment by HoobahstAnk
2010-04-26 08:08:00

spit black for life<3

Comment by John Madderson
2010-05-07 17:45:49

Fuck this shit! I love how people think that chew gives you bad breath!! Its called wintergreen artards! And all you have to do to prevent oral problems just wash it out with a little mouth wash and brush your teeth. Chew is wayyyy better =)

Comment by Mitch
2010-07-16 12:29:40

damn right :)

Comment by Steven-O
2010-05-24 22:13:53

Smokin with a FAT dip in hahahaha….But my opinion is chew because you can take small pinches in school.

Comment by Mitch
2010-07-16 12:28:18

you guys are stupid smoking is way worse because most people who smmoke after 20 years get lung cancer and they die. oral cancer doesnt make u die u just get a bad lip lol. like john said just wash it all out :)

Comment by schwartz11
2011-06-02 19:10:59

yea but smoking is more of an instant effect. you can get oral cancer 15 years after quiting dip

Comment by Special K
2010-07-20 08:11:53

this is like asking what’s better : windows or mac…of course it’s a mac…macs can’t get viruses…smoking and hewing shouldn’t even be in the same category unless your talking about addictions. Smoking kills,this is a proven fact…chewing “isnt a safe alternative to smoking” – when this is all you can warn people about in a tobacco product I say thanks may I have another. And to you hoes who says it’s unattractive blah blah blah, ur just jealous that a guy chewing tobacco still won’t waste his time on a girl like urself haha look in the mirror, the fat lip isn’t the problem

Comment by grizmac
2011-04-29 11:39:09

I just gotta say, looking at my tin right now, theres a warning that says “This product can cause gum disease and tooth loss.” So, they don’t just say it isn’t a safe alternative to smoking– though a lot of my tins say that. I’ve collected caps of tins that have different warnings haha it’s like baseball card

Comment by Perry
2010-08-19 17:06:48

Smoking is alot worse than dipping and also smoking has gotten crazy expensive.

Comment by Ashton
2011-04-04 21:46:05

unless ur in canada cans cost $20 dollars and cigs cost $8 on average

Comment by Dustin
2011-08-23 19:21:58

Canadian money isnt real money, its like monopoly money or something.

Comment by Chris
2010-08-29 18:08:28

Dude it’s obvious dip isn’t close to as bad as smoking. Dude yeah it has more tobbaco but the tobbaco isn’t the shit giving you the cancer. It’s the chemicals and cigs have more chemicals and your smoking it which is getting all over your body. Dip however is less chemicals and just awesome. If your ever drunk pack a lip dude. It’s amazing

Comment by K. A. Fratta
2010-10-01 23:38:53

I agree completely, but can we please get someone with a grammer skill greater than that of a 2nd grader to write the next article?

Comment by Jessie
2010-10-15 10:46:51

Some of the things dicussed are true. Some of you confuse what the others are trying to say. Chew and Smoke is both bad. I have done my fair share of both. From research and personal experience and in my opinion smoking is worse. But it might depend on the people who chew. Some swallow it and chew a lot more than others-just like smokers. But if you take a person who chews and and person who smokes and both chew/smoke a can/pack a day for 10 years, the person who chews will most likely be healthier. I have went back and forth from both of them, for long periods. When I chew, they only thing I notice is dry mouth/throat and coughing/ snorting mucus outta my throat. However I have never swallowed it-only when my supervisor was around and I didn’t want him to know. When smoking, I have less energy and my lungs burn when I run. Plus my throat has a greater mucus build up. Smoking a cigarrette first thing in the morning presents this light-headed tiredness feeling.

Anyway don’t get me wrong. I like both of them. But I feel better and have more energy when I chew. Depending on what you chew, it can be cheaper. Also, on a positive note, your family dosent have to be put in an eviroment of smoke, if you chew. Your not harming anyones health but yourself.

Comment by Corbin
2011-01-22 02:26:50

Like most people said chewing is the far better choice. Grizzly wintergreen all the way!!!!!!

Comment by Dylan
2013-02-21 21:03:32

Well obviously everyone on here does chew. I look at it either two ways you want to walk around with an oxygen tank or no bottom jaw. Which ever you prefer. I’m a smoker and I think that there both bad. For everyone that says one is worst then the other I believe your just trying to find a reason to why what your doing isn’t bad or as bad. Tobacco is tobacco simple as that. Whether you smoke,chew or snort it. I understand that one maybe be better then the other but does that give a person a reason to smoke heroin just because they don’t shoot it up? Think about it. And for all the people that say you can just use mouthwash after. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard, the problem is it’s sinking into your gum and your bloodstream. When you figure out a way to rinse that out then comment……

Comment by boobs
2011-02-07 07:48:58

hah wow

Comment by mike
2011-02-16 23:48:27

listen ppl “brotherHood” all the way i mean im in the army alot of ppl smoke.. but more ppl dip. its just counterproductive to the military lifestyle to smoke. i smoked for 3 years up to the day i left for training. b4 i smoked no problem running nothing. when i got to fort benning all hell broke loose on my chest. after a mile my lungs burn like hell and i could not breathhhh. im dipping now. and honestly running is no problem. my girl or any of her friends for that matter dont give a damn that i do it. and i refuse to do it around my girl anyway. for me being in the infantry. something like my good ole friend “nic” is needed to relieve the daily stress. dont even get me started about 14 months in iraq. u practically need it to keep u sane. so no matter what u do i say eff alll u people hating on it. its our choice right? dont start a conversation on somthing u have never experieneced for yourself. and by the way im more of a grizz man myself but i like me a skoal berry or apple once a week. and let me tell you when flavour is prized in iraq bc all you drink is water. flavoured skoal was like christmass in hell. hooahh ppl.

Comment by grizmac
2011-04-29 11:55:28

Hell yeah!! You’re chewing habits are are pretty much the same as mine, griz and flavored skoal every once in a while. I just enlisted and ALL the recruiters I’ve met chew. So do most the guys who I’ve met already in. You can definitely keep more active with chew!

Comment by Paul
2011-02-24 04:11:02

I put a dip in after I read this article. Stokers is the shit. Idc how cheap it is.

Comment by Jason
2011-04-17 16:39:20

hell yeah stokers mint is fuckinn bomb

Comment by shatoria
2011-02-28 18:46:15

I think both are bad. Too be honest I think chew is worse cuz I would def not want too kiss a mouth that just had chew in it. Yeah you can wash it out but you still put it in your mouth! But for all you ppl if you want too chew or smoke that’s on you. That’s your choose if you want too have any type of cancer whether it be oral, lung and anyother. Yeah we can say chew is better but look at the facts……. scientists have proven that chew is worse.

Comment by copenhagen
2011-03-14 13:56:28

might as well not even do it if you don’t do cope. just man up.

Comment by Copeman
2012-01-05 21:18:13

Hell yea man cope straight all the way best shit In the world! I used to smoke by the way and chewing is soooo much better.

Comment by copenatty
2011-03-16 21:27:03

Dip all the way!!! I smoked for 6 months then tried dip and have been doing it for 3 years

When somebody says its nasty I say “I would rather lose my lip than my lung”

Comment by scott
2012-04-15 20:58:29

i just told my buddy that today lol

Comment by TPalmer
2011-03-21 06:05:20

I have a question, im looking for the facts, i have been smoking about a pack a day for about 4 years now, and im tired of smelling like shit and having a high risk at ending my life and not being athletic, every once in a while ill throw in a grizzly straight, now i have been thinking of trying my best to quit and resorting to just dip whats a smarter move? can anyone help me out?

Comment by grizmac
2011-04-29 11:49:26

I switched from smoking to chewing. Chew smell used to make me gag(I threw up from one of my first dips.) After a while, chewing can just become your new addiction. I loved it, cuz I used to run, then started smoking and stopped. After chewing for just a short while I could tell the difference in breathing while active. It might take a while to get back into being active, but it helps. You’re still getting a ton nicotine from chew(more than from cigs) so you’ll be able to switch pretty easy.
A tin will probably last you longer than a pack does now at first, but it may start to be more common for you and you’ll be buying tins all the time. Just by a log if you start chewing a lot, you can find them really cheap.
When I first started chewing, I probably could have completely quit nicotine. At first it just kind of set off my cravings. Chewing is hella cool though, so I kept going.
Either way, in words of short term(probably long term too) chewing is the way to go!

Comment by Derbsky
2011-03-29 23:27:35

I wanna throw in a major fattie! Haha I really don’t giv a rats ass…

Comment by scott
2012-04-15 21:00:48

heard that lol

Comment by CopeSnuff!
2011-04-12 23:03:46

Cope Snuff all the way! That’s the real mans dip! Throwin in a fat one right now!!

Comment by Marine0311
2011-04-16 18:06:37

lol my girlfriend told me to read lol all i got to said is “I DONT GIVEE A FUUUCKK”

Comment by grizmac
2011-04-29 11:41:19

That’s awesome she had you read this. The article’s against chew but the comments just wanna make you throw a dip in.

Comment by haha
2011-05-11 20:05:47

This is really funny. I love how the article is completely against chewing. I was packing my can of copenhagen as I read it and then read the comments and couldn’t stop laughing. its great.

Comment by jo
2012-06-09 20:04:07

Right on copenhagen all the way

Comment by Anthony
2011-05-24 22:40:03

I smoked for ten years then started to chew, after two years of chewing my gums were ripping apart and the doctors said i had sighns of oral cancer i rather die then have my jaw ripped off!! chewinggggggggggg hundred times worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucked up my whole mouth

Comment by P MACK
2011-06-09 21:22:26

Smoking/dipping/chewing (aside from the history of our great country founded by great individuals, it was not tobacco or anything else that inspired or developed this country) is not cute, cool or hip. not only the level that people accept the “coolness” of the product but the fact that it will kill you whether you smoke or dip for 10 years or the rest of your life. In the long run it will harm your body and your senses drastically, it doesn’t just cause cancer but it can for smoking make your eye sight bad, mess up your physical build, and harm your lungs and heart. and for dipping it could cause pancreatic cancer or even worse having your jaw or tongue cut out. I mean is your life worth for a $5 can of tobacco or pack of cigarettes. it’s not that hard to quit, it’s just really easy to start back up. I can say that it’s not hard because I started when I was 9 and didn’t quit until I was 17 and was a pretty heavy user of smoking and chewing tobacco. through all the difficult times in my life after I quit I stayed quit, I wanted to but ya know what I don’t have to, you can do whatever you put your mind to and stay away from things that will kill you or mess up your life. Ask your self next time you pack your cigarettes or dip…”What am I doing”?

Comment by Dustin
2011-08-23 19:27:23

Native Americans have smoked and spit tobacco. They all lived like a hundred years… Even had the endurance to hunt and scalp the white immigrants coming into their territories. Its fucking legit. But smoking sucks cock.

Comment by Howard
2011-07-11 23:06:38

I am a highschool student and i tried dip first at 15, i am currently 17 and have not seen any side effects. My teeth are not brown, my bottom jaw is still there (contrary to the popular belief of neigh-sayers) I have all of my teeth, my breath does not stink, and nicotine has not affected my blood pressure or any cardiovascular detriments. I am also in sports, and have not seen any decline in my productivity due to dipping. In fact, i am on the varsity wrestling team that placed 7th in the entire state of New york (many on the team dip). I am starting linebacker for my Varsity Football team and received numerous awards for my performance. I am an honor roll student, and if anything, dip has increased my productivity in school. I do not dip in school however, so that means dip cant be as addictive as the media, and many on this site claim it to be. Sometimes I go without dip for as much as 2 weeks, but i don’t have problems acting normal during those “dry” periods. My father dips, and has since he played Collegiate and eventually Minor league baseball. And yet the doctors say he is built like a horse, he is almost 50 and his doctors say he has the health of a man reaching his early 30′s. He has had no health problems as a result of chewing tobacco and he has dipped for more than 20 years. My love life is as perfect as can be. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I have been dating for over a year, she knows I pack a few lips from time to time and accepts that. And when i dip, i dip like a man, sometimes taking a quarter of a tin at one time. So if chewing tobacco really “ruins your life” then i must be one hell of an exception. So i say, do what you please. If you want to pack a bomb, go right ahead.

Comment by Alexander Duke
2011-08-19 13:57:22

This is bullshit. I am a proud chewer of Levi Garret and Redman. I CHEW 3 TIMES DAILY AT A MINIMUM! I have all of my teeth, all of which are white (I won Best Smile my freshman year) and I have been chewing since 4th grade. My breath is always fresh, I have never experiences sores in or around my mouth. My dentist says my gums are near perfect and the girls at my school love the fact that I chew. They think it’s sexy as hell. The only problem I have ever experienced was slight stomach pains when I first started (I swallowed a little bit) and that’s it. The chew I get is lathered with molasses so it is very sweet and doesnt smell. I also spit into a MUDJUG so people don’t have to see my spit swishin around in a bottle. Screw y’all people with your pussy beliefs.

Comment by mitchell
2011-09-14 06:17:36

to be honest i dont give a shit what people think about dippin. You dont like it then look at somethin else. as far as my gurl i dont do it around her because it bothers her and i respect her enough not to. but some good ol copenhagen is where its at, by god

Comment by dakota
2011-10-03 14:21:13

Its a fucking paid articile from the cig componeys to down dip. Everyone in my family has dipped all their lives and nothing is wrong with them. Hell my great grandma is 96 and dips and she can probbaly say she has better teethe then most of you idiots who belive this nonsense

Comment by chase
2011-10-09 20:58:32

haha. how does that dude go 2 weeks without a chew???? but this thing is all dumb. alot of things can kill you or hurt you but we all still do them. haha fuck the bullshit throw another one in!

Comment by bill
2011-10-11 19:30:21

America was founded on tabaco it was a main export u guys need to stop bitching at each other who cares if it kills you your going to die eventually I am only 17 years old and dip helps me work faster it gets me motivated so shut up for the pellets who want to talk trash and go smoke a ciggarete or throw in a chaw or a dip and lets all get along

Comment by frank
2011-10-14 13:41:05

in all reality, who gives a shit. if you like tobacco, do it. if you dont, dont. end of story

Comment by Jr crisp
2011-10-15 09:39:38

Dipping is way safer then smoking look at the amount of people that die of smoking and the amount that die of dipping and I beleave smoking kills way more

Comment by james
2011-10-26 05:32:09

Now I dip and many people dont like it so i decided to do a report for my school about how dip is better than smokin and i got some facts for all yall smokers. On average smokin kills 419,000 people a year while as dip only kills 6,000. Smokin takes about 8 years off your life in a total while as dippin only takes 15 days. Smokin kills on average 40,000 people from second hand smoke. Dip has no immediate harmful second hand use because if your dumb enough to drink the spit you are almost garented to throw up. Thats just a little slice of some of the stuff I found so yall can take it for what its worth. Keep that can packed yall DIP ALL THE WAY

Comment by Chris
2011-10-27 18:04:59

Technically, under the system of mercantilism britain was actually making the money.

Comment by rizzle
2011-11-17 11:02:03

i started dipping at 17 i work full time so i dont have time to chew anymore so i smoke on my breaks i wish i had a way to chew ):

Comment by Shyann
2011-11-24 22:19:49

BOTH DISGUSTING however, Chewing is better fr everyone else. At least they don’t take in smoke. Cancer is harsh on my moms side of the family, no one we can remember has been spared from it, and I really down want lung cancer…

Comment by Jesse h
2011-11-25 05:47:10

Ain’t that the truth

Comment by Jesse h
2011-11-25 06:02:25

Same here lol

Comment by brandon
2011-12-06 19:05:08

just dip while you are working

Comment by Ha
2011-12-07 18:03:42

Seriously dude, our employment rate is way up since 2000 or so, but how can one man be ignorant? Its the truth, it does give people jobs, who picks it or designs the can or anything else? Congratulations I am proud that you know the history, its a nice-to-know thing, not a need-to-know thing.

Comment by Ha
2011-12-07 18:05:12

Thank You. Exactly

Comment by Megan
2011-12-11 17:01:38

I chew as well. Granted, it’s the Snus, but I’ve been chewing nearly a year, & my mind is blown by the stupid comments people make about how nasty they think it is while they are puffing away on a cigarette. DUH! What’s nasty is potentially getting cancer from someone elses habit! At least my kids aren’t exposed to the smoke and won’t die from my habit! By the way, America WAS built on cotton AND tobacco. Maybe American history wasn’t some ignorant (or should I say ignorint) fools strongest subject. If ya don’t like me chewing, just be glad I’m not blowing smoke in your face from a few feet away!!!

Comment by Michael
2011-12-12 00:25:40

What a bunch o’ slack-jaw faggots. This shit’ll make you into a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me!

Comment by The Chive
2011-12-18 22:04:05

Damn, most of you people are idiots. I’ve never done any drugs before and I never will. To the people who thinks that drugs are good, just google it and you can see the results. Not very pleasant. Doing drugs increases your chances of getting cancer, diseases and many more sicknesses. Unless you have a death wish, I suggest that you try to stop doing drugs. Also, some people are saying that buying drugs helps the economy. It does, but so does everything else you buy. Even if America was built on tabacco, it doesn’t have to anymore. I don’t care if you guys do drug, I just hope that you know what your getting into. Just one smoke or dip and you’ll be addicted. Oh, and just my opinion but I don’t think that people who do tobacco are cool or attractive. I judge people by their personality and their choices in life. Good luck to anyone whose trying to quit! God help you guys :D

Comment by Ian
2012-06-28 07:04:15

I do have a death wish literally and friguritvely!!

Comment by blueballs
2011-12-28 14:12:40


Comment by Ryan Hogge
2012-01-18 22:02:35

First of all, the person who wrote this article needs to learn how to write an article properly. Second of all the title of the article is “What’s Worse – Smoking Cigarette or Chewing Tobacco?” thus making this article fruitless because it never answers the question. Third of all I am presuming it is obvious to the readers of this article know most of the facts that this article has stated. The answer to “What this article useful?” is simply no. You can be knowledge of these things, but when you lack the intellect to connect the title of the article to the article itself it makes the writer look utterly ignorant.

Comment by Ryan Hogge
2012-01-18 22:06:53

First of all, the person who wrote this article needs to learn how to write an article properly. Second of all the title of the article is “What’s Worse – Smoking Cigarette or Chewing Tobacco?” thus making this article fruitless because it never answers the question. Third of all I am presuming that the readers who searched for this answer and read this article know most of the facts that this article has stated. The answer to “Was this article useful?” is simply no. You can be knowledge of these things, but when the writer lacks the intellect to connect the title of the article to the article itself it makes the writer look utterly ignorant.

Comment by me
2012-03-25 17:04:27

So…” You can be knowledge”? Is that what your saying???

Comment by me
2012-03-25 17:02:18

I chew all day every day! I live in a farmer community were chewing is all anyone does. I love my chaw! P.s. love the brotherhood idea.

Comment by Studabacker
2012-03-26 15:09:52

Ok chewing is bad for you but it is a personal choice just like drinking, drinking soda, eating fast food ect. Why argue when you know 95% (including myself) have a dip in while reading this article. All you neigh-sayors are doing is provoking the situation. We are going to stand up for what we believe and so are you. So be it, who cares. In all reality I live in a town of 8,000 people and 70% of my friends chew and people I know. I literally have never heard of anyone from here getting oral cancer in fact, I have never heard of anyone I personally know getting oral cancer. On the other side many people in this town have died from lung cancer from smoking. So throw a dip in your lip and enjoy. COPENHAGEN LONGCUT: MADE FOR MALES: USED BY MEN!

Comment by Jen
2012-03-29 06:43:40

I just think its funny how everyone talks about the cancer thing, do u know what your odds of getting cancer without smoking or chewing are anyways? Its one in 4… If chewing and smoking increase that by 4 times, probably any product does… They just haven’t done enough research on each individual product to label them that way yet and they must do it for something like tobacco…I honestly don’t think that its as bad as I thought it was… I have never smoked or chewed, im a girl and my new boyfriend dips, I guess u call it, and I wanted to try it to see what the fuss was about, and I don’t do any drugs or drink really much or anything else and it helped calm my nerves and think clearly and im going through a really bad divorce and I think im gonna say screw the risks and just start chewing cherry skoal it tastes like liccorice, we can’t live our lives scared all the time.

Comment by Gute Filme
2012-04-02 08:18:20

Wonderful beat ! I wish to apprentice at the same time as you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a weblog site? The account helped me a applicable deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vibrant transparent idea

Comment by Gute Filme
2012-04-02 09:01:02

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Comment by BestEver
2012-06-12 10:22:54

I have a lip in right now. Yolo

Comment by Boomer
2012-06-30 20:08:30

Uh, I didn’t even continue to read this past the second paragraph. I don’t read articles that have multiple typos and grammatical errors in the first two freaking paragraphs! If whoever wrote this can’t seem to write properly, I don’t trust they can properly research an issue either. It’s ridiculous bullsh*t like this article that has people running around blabbering unintelligent, inaccurate nonsense to each other and has misinformation spreading like wildfire. God, seeing crap like this is SO frustrating! F*ck!

PS- Hey, guys! When you’re typing, and you press the space bar and the word you just typed has a red underline… IT MEANS IT IS MISSPELLED OR MISPUNCTUATED! Christ! This is supposed to be an informative article! What a bunch of f*cking RETARDS.

Comment by Omoore
2012-08-13 19:28:42

Cherry and apple skoal so juicy

Comment by DEMNAR
2012-09-08 22:52:14

who givs a sht ow pepel spel u can sill red it

Comment by DEMNAR
2012-09-08 22:53:47

Chew is GOD

Comment by don't clik here
2012-09-11 02:54:03

Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

Comment by jake
2012-09-25 00:56:05

Look, tobacco is bad but I find by switching from smoking to dipping is less expensive and is better for your bodys health. I can run almost twice as fart being a dipper rather than a smoker. I just feel all around better. I would like to see how others feel. Please comment back.

Comment by Cody Wood
2013-02-27 21:43:27

Ok now I read this whole article three times over and this is a load of crap about doing dip over smoking. I’m not saying that its safe or anything like that cause its not but chew is safer than smoking for the person doing it first off cigarettes have over 4000 harmful chemicals tar being one of those smokeless tobacco has none of these chemicals second smokeless tobacco has the same amount of nicotine in them as cigarettes but the nicotine stays in the blood longer than if they had been smoking cigarettes meaning they use tobacco less over time third of all you have a better chance of developing oral cancer from smoking cigarettes now I’m not going to sit and give you every single fact to learn more then you can got to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTOooWc0dsI it is a well researched video or read For Smokers Only How Smokeless Tobacco can Save Your life

Comment by claybone
2013-06-06 18:22:59

okay yeah america was founded on it alcohol and many other things i dip and smoke im currently trying to quit smoking for my kids but dipping is my baby yalls posts are freaking hilarious i mean who would have thought that it would have been taken this far

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