What Can Paracetamol Overdose Do To You?

August 24th, 2007 by | Category: Medicine

Let’s get to the most important point first. If a paracetamol overdose is suspected, hospital treatment should be sought without delay. Ideally within 12 hours of having taken the overdose. Treatment must always be supervised in a hospital.

The recommended dose of paracetamol for a single adult is two standard 500 mg tablets. Researches have reported that the threshold for liver damage to start from a single paracetamol overdose is 15 gms (30 tablets).

An important point my however noted that as per the standard hospital guidelines, they allow an extra cover or safety margin and consider that liver damage could start to occur at a single overdose of 24 standard tablets or 150 mg/kg body weight, (whichever is the smaller). The overdose border or threshold may be lowered in a person on prescription medicines, or someone who is an alcoholic or is undernourished to some extent.

Symptoms: Overdose Of Paracetamol often shows no symptoms within the first 24 hours after the overdose. In some cases although there may be mild nausea and vomiting. If the overdose is large then liver function may start deteriorating leading to either of these; jaundice, confusion, and loss of consciousness. Death due to overdose of Paracetamol is rare but when it occurs it is in majority of cases due to liver failure.

In severe poisoning, hepatic failure may progress to encephalopathy, haemorrhage, hypoglycaemia, cerebral oedema, and like discussed earlier, death. Abnormalities of glucose metabolism and metabolic acidosis may occur. Acute renal failure with acute tubular necrosis, strongly suggested by loin pain, haematuria and proteinuria, may develop even in if there is no severe liver damage. Cardiac arrhythmias and pancreatitis have also been reported as a result of overdose of Paracetamol.

Treatment of a serious paracetamol overdose is done by administration of an antidote, which can defeat and combat the toxic effects of the overdose.

Immediate treatment is essential in case of paracetamol overdose. Wen a person has had an overdose of paracetamol, and there are no significant early symptoms, patients should still be referred to hospital urgently for immediate medical attention. Symptoms may be limited to nausea or vomiting and may not be severe but the risk of organ damage has already set in so steps should be takne immediately.

Docotors normally consider treating such patients with activated charcoal if the overdose has been taken within 1 hour. Likewise, treatment with N-acetylcysteine may be used up to 24 hours after ingestion of paracetamol. However one must know that the maximum protective effect is obtained up to 8 hours after ingestion. The effectiveness of the antidote diminishes sharply after this time. If vomiting is not a problem, oral methionine may be a suitable substitute for remote areas, outside the hospital.

For a common person with an overdose of paracetamol it is best to visit the doctor and seek immediate advice. If you are soemone you know has had an overdose of paracetamol then whether to not symptoms shtart to surface you should visit the doctor. Earlier the beter. Best within one hour of intake of it. And starts getting really dangerous after 24 hours of having takent he overdose. No self medication, no taking cues from people who have experienced this horror before or checking out the net for immediate assisttance. Keep it simple. VISIT THE DOCTOR.

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Comment by t
2007-09-08 04:28:19

does anyone know if it can cause damage about 4-5 months after. Because i had the antidote in
about march but i’ve been having pains in my tummy and differnet sides (it changes!) every few weeks.

Comment by Bobbang
2011-07-02 09:16:49

me too :s

Comment by pansy parkinson
2011-08-21 22:34:25

your a retard

Comment by Ben
2011-09-15 10:15:09

Lol @ Pansy…calling other people a retard and he/she doesn’t even know the difference between your and you’re.

Comment by RIYA
2011-09-26 08:23:43


Comment by gigbagaba
2011-10-06 09:03:02

Stop calling her a retard because you are one……….

Comment by luke
2012-02-19 05:42:49

shut up faggot.

Comment by anonymous
2012-08-02 12:09:16

* YOU’RE * If you are going to throw insults, get it right!

Comment by anonymous
2011-09-01 12:39:09

i just want to die im done with everything it may hurt my parents but oh fuckin well my life its just a mess and i canni b fucked no more

Comment by Lou
2011-09-06 10:34:34

I hope you have not followed through with your idea of taking the overdose. The thoughts that are circling are just that, thoughts, dont follow a thought with an action that could end the possibilities of you being here in the future. I took an overdose and I have a few health problems because of it. I am however relieved that I am still here, because I do not have the same thoughts going round in my head now and what a shame if I had succeeded.

Comment by phlip
2011-10-01 20:13:24

Yes, I just took an overdoze too! Iv’e taken 4 8/500 Co Dydramols just to get me over this bloody hangover! Just after the 32ml of Dihydracodeine really! So the level of p’cetamols o.k ish then? My belly’s rumbling a bit though.. I just think that’s the liquipooo trying to get out!! Oh well, it looks like the toilet then bed!!.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ(I hope!)

Comment by phlip
2011-10-01 20:19:14

P.s. Hope every ones still alive!! X

Comment by gigbagaba
2011-10-06 09:04:53

Thats not nice is it, if the shoe was on the other foot what would you say then silly person lmao

Comment by jeanne
2012-04-23 19:06:08

thats hardly an overdose.I take 4 by 60mg dihydrocodiene tabs 3 times a day or 4 30/500 co codamols thrice a day .either combination EVERY day and have done for over 5 years and no ill effects appart from have to take more now as become immune to them.

Comment by gaz
2012-05-12 03:20:24

doesn’t sound like you have become immune to them just sounds like you’ve got a habbit on the opiates in them lol

Comment by john doe
2012-04-05 08:45:24

i want to die.thats why I’m on this page..simple as…..
what health problems..i don’t really give a shit, just want to jump to the die in hospital part…

Comment by David
2012-10-29 00:54:50

If you are having problems with depression and thoughts of suicide, you really should be getting help from a professional. Talk to your doctor if you can, or you friends and family. There is a online forum called “Depression Haven” where you can chat with others who are also dealing with problems, and you can get advice. Note, paracetamal overdose is about one of the nastiest and most painful ways to die, and you should not want to die anyway. You need to go ahead and get help.

Comment by Malcolm
2012-12-23 14:35:43

I hope you never tried to commit suicide I just spent 7 days in a mental hospital after surviving a 93 tab paracetamol over dose combined and staggered with 7 pints of English cider at 6% Alcohol the mental wing of the hospital were very interested after I survived the overdose but I now understand you hurt those around you so John its your choice.

Comment by mark
2013-09-19 17:27:38

hi there i done the same and i went to the hospital 13 hours later after this i knew it was a really stupid thing to do and they put me on a drip to protect my liver and kidneys and told me i had high levels of paracetamol in my blood and them told me the next day after treatment that my levels was ok and discarged me and i left and went home ,im still getting little cramp pains in the centre of my chest sometimes now and then and im worried they made a mistake ,,will i be ok

Comment by john doe
2012-04-05 08:46:20

you just spoke on my behalf. thats exactly same here :/

Comment by martin hutchinson
2012-06-08 10:21:59

Hon, you must be in an awful rut to be so sad.
Suicide is an escape. Can you not escape into Life instead.
Travel if possible , give yourself some new situations and
fresh thinking. Good luck ,I will say a prayer that you may survive these blues.

Comment by RIYA
2011-09-26 08:23:06

yes i do know and no nothing happens to u …when you do have it it helps all ur pain to go away!!!!!!!!!!please comment after

Comment by AIMEE
2008-04-07 10:27:02



Comment by Ashley
2011-02-10 20:24:38

Weight gain is caused because most painkillers make you constipated and the build up causes the weight gain also when addicted you tend not to do as much which makes the fat build up it is mailny the build up of bowels that causes the weight gain weather you go to the toilet often you still have a build up and this causes cramps when you are detoxing a detox (from experience) is the best thing it only lasts 2/3 days and feels like the flu and you loose weight after

Comment by Jeff
2011-02-22 02:19:26

I took 50 Lortab 10 over 500 Tylenol. The stupidest thing I have ever do e in my life. I got lucky by the grace of God and because I went in early (Within 1 hour of ingestion). Here is the suffering you WILL go through if you overdose on Tylenol like I did. I had to drink not only one, but two tall drinks of activated charcoal. In order to keep me from throwing this nasty stuff up all over the place, I had to pretend that it was chocolate syrup. I threw up the second glass of the Activated charcoal in my mouth. I knew I had to keep it down. So I covered my mouth and re-swallowed the charcoal. Somehow, I barely kept it down. After that the Doctor said she was going to admit me. I was told when I was transferred to Intensive care, that a liver transplant may be required. That scared me to death. Obviously, I had hit Rock Bottom. I just didn’t know if it was too late for me. My Tylenol level was through the roof! I cried and prayed All night long. My tolerance was so high that the pills gave me no high. Believe it or not, my intent was not to kill myself, but to get euphoria. I took 10 here, 10 there and nothing would seem to get me high. All of the sudden, I realized that I had taken 50! My appetite went away, and I was also medicating myself with comfort food and could not eat a thing and It was around Midnight. I had not ate all day. The medical personnel forced a nose tube down my right nostril, but it would not go all the way through. It hurt so bad. They told me it would go in easier if I ducked my chin forward. They had to pull out the nose tube and then they tried my right nostril. It went through all the way down my throat. I had the worst nose bleed of my life. They told me it would have to stay in my nose for about SIXTEEN HOURS. To kill the Tylenol, they used a series of 18 doses of a drug called N-acetylcysteine mixed with diet Shasta. This drug smelled like rotten eggs. A nurse was upset just because he had spilt it on his white coat. The forced copious amounts of this drug with like almost a liter or Maybe even a two liter of diet Shasta. I felt and watched my stomach rise. I was burping often due to the sodium from the diet Shasta. This had to be done every 4 hours. I could not and did not sleep for at least 36 hours. The torture was staring at the clock. I could not even get into any TV. I was gagging from the nose tube and begged the nurse to take it out after about 30 minutes. That felt like an eternity, not to mention, knowing I have to have this in me for another 15 1/2 hours. I made a deal with the medical staff. I agreed that I would drink the N-acetylcysteine with the diet Shasta if he would just take out that nose tube. He agreed. That medicine tasted so nasty. To keep it down, I had to hold my breath and pretend I was drinking Sprite with scrambled eggs.
The good news is that the morning doctors came in and told me I had done a very stupid thing, but in exchange, I had done a very smart thing by going in EARLY. I hate the hospital. Being in the hospital for three and a half days sucks. I wasn’t completely out of the woods yet. They said that it would take another day before they had confidence that my liver enzymes would stay in the normal range. If they shot up extremely High like the the Tylenol level did if the medicine didn’t beat the Tylenol to kill it, the liver damage and even death would be likely or certain. I was soooo lucky. They caught it in time. They said to me that 4 hours is the best incubation period to get into the hospital. I went because I called Poison Control and explained what abuse I had done to myself. The woman on the phone said oh yeah sweety, you must go the the emergency room.
The hospital beds are hard as a rock. While you in there, you miss the essentials and appreciate the privacy you had at home. At first, it was very embarrassing to use a chair toilet with a plastic garbage bag to hold your wastes. I did get a little more used to it. I am a modest man. The worst of it was that due to the medications I had to take made me go number 1 and 2 about every 30 minutes for about sixteen hours. That also prevented sleep. I watched the Sun and moon rise about twice. The whole time I was in the hospital, I only got about 6 hours of sleep while I was in the hospital. I was just so weak you wouldn’t believe. The only reason I probably even got that six hours is because I had a compassionate nurse who finally shot Liquid valium into my veins. Oh, by the way, My veins were hard to find. When I finally luckily got released, I went home and passed out for about 12 hours. It took me three days to get rested up, buy I dodged a bullet, kept my great health, an knew and finally really appreciated life as a 33 year old man. I then savored every meal, every shower/bath and devoted myself to help others for the rest of my gift of life. That was back in late January. I have also completely changed the way I live. I eat healthy-every meal. I try to fit all or part of calcium, complex carbs, multiple colored fruits and vegetables, and protein. Fish such as Pink/red Salmon is great. I feel great now and workout everyday. I now get the runners high. I lost 12 pounds and over 2 1/2 inches off of my waist since January 31st. Until now, I never realized how much I also hurt my friends and family. I cried and held onto them for dear life after I had a new chance and a new lease on life. I’m just high on life now, and I just love it!
It was never suppost to be me. Please, please, please, don’t learn the hard way like I did. Luckily, I was just inconvenienced for several days. If you cannot stop, Get help NOW. I beg you. No one deserves to suffer like this. Call your nurse, go to the ER if you get a severe craving if your addicted like I was. I went in a week after I was released from the hospital, and had a severe craving. I had and had a plan in place. I had an emotional meltdown, but as I promised everyone that saved my life, before I would acquire more pain pills, I would go to the ER first. They gave me something for my nerves that were shot. Now I wouldn’t abuse a pain pill for anything of this world. Just have a plan with several steps in place, like going swimming, sex or ice cream. Now my cravings are gone. If I can do it, so can you. Besides that, God help you, there are only two ways out. Bad health with a very limited life expectancy because you will probably require a liver transplant, if they would even get you one. If you received a liver transplant, you would be prone to infections all over your body because for the rest of your life, you would have to take immune suppression medicines daily so your body won’t reject a foreign liver. The last way out is a several day long lasting, slow death. We only have one body to cherish. I deserve much more than that and so do you. If anyone needs someone to talk to, please email me at jdh03312002@gmail.com.

Comment by paul
2012-01-10 07:34:40

i took48 paracetamol last nite had enough of it all took 52 antideppsessants 2 nites before wot should i do

Comment by lee
2012-04-06 03:47:18

get help mate

Comment by pansy parkinson
2011-08-21 22:36:13

no one likes you. justuce for overdosing

Comment by Tim
2011-09-13 05:46:28

People like you hide behind the internet all the time. coming out with stupid comments and hurting people who are hurting anyway. I would like to meet you and stamp on your head a few times, would you mind… sicko

Comment by RIYA
2011-09-26 08:24:41

thtas so true like that he/she said that people are are retards pooooooffffffffffff her mum iss

Comment by paul
2012-07-11 00:24:57

silly little boy. bet your mummy dont know what your doing on the internet

Comment by Dan
2009-08-01 07:42:34

reply to ‘AIMEE’

a good friend of mine had the same problem with weight gain after od.

your liver is the main organ which controls your motabilism, and if it is damaged or you get liver failure your motabilism will dissapear, meaning you have no body organs that will help against weight gain. all fat will sit in your body and not be lost because your liver is damaged

Comment by shylo
2011-05-09 04:35:43

hi well i was and still am having a rough time in life and a year ago i think??…. i took like 50+ paracetamol and ive been getting sharp pains in my stomach like stabbing pains .and tired all the time and when i took them i felt numb ?????…… and i when i need to go toilet i need to go i carnt hold on for that long ???………. so someone please tell me whats wrong with me ??

Comment by alexia Giesen
2011-07-03 05:32:47

i just came out of the hospital, because of od(ing) on panadol. (wasnt the brightest choice to make)
im still having stabbing pains. but then thats the liver acting up.
i felt numb too. but all i can say is that YOU NEED TO GO AND SEE THE DOCTOR. its the best way. your liver can fail anytime.
im sure you dont want to die a slow and painful death

Comment by pansy parkinson
2011-08-21 22:41:14

you’re fuckedin the head and have no friends. otherwise you’re fine.

Comment by frosty
2011-08-31 03:57:08

pansy parkinson who ever you are you need to grow up and stop putting stupid comments.

Comment by shazza
2011-09-06 03:43:43

what planet are you bloody on girl? some of us have problems with our lives so dont come the almighty on here, if you dont like what you read, keep away.

Comment by anonymous
2011-09-01 12:34:21

i got mates but aye its not fucking that its my fucked up life and aye i better just die cause life aint worth living

Comment by raiyn
2011-09-18 01:58:08

tru tru………………. lyf sux

Comment by Roxy
2012-07-23 10:33:16

True. There is to much hate and greed in the world. Its hard finding someone nice to live next to. I tried with Morphine lastnite and a bottle of vodka. I failed. So today whilst still feeling drousy, im taking paracetamol and vodka.

Comment by sam
2011-09-20 07:57:53

why are you on here with studip questions people have problems and this is there way of dealing with it, you need to get a life and stay off here rather than making people feel worse than they do already, your the one with no friends on here and you’re the one fuckedin in the head.

Comment by me
2011-09-26 13:25:30


Comment by Pam
2012-01-06 14:28:05

Pansy Parkinson….Stop being such a TWAT!! I don’t mind a wind up but this really is the wrong place, maybe you’re a young silly little girl, maybe you’re a sick old fella…whichever, I don’t give a damn but YOU really are NOT funny….you have NOTHING to offer, no wit, humor or intelligence in any of what you type Sooooooo why not save up some good positive energy & jog on over to one of those dating sites…see how far you get with that one :) i’m sure there is someone out there who will want to make friends or other than that….join the British Red Cross. Just stop being a twat!!!

Comment by nicol
2009-08-26 08:51:40

I took an overdose of paracetmol and I had the antidote 12 hours later and survived I stil look yellow
And I still have pains in my stomach and right side. People have told me that no amount of paracetmol
Can kill you is this true

Comment by Woo Woo
2010-06-02 21:36:28

you must have problems with your liver, it will catch up with you in the future or anytime. people need to learn that taking paracetamol is a one way ticket to death… or a life being disabled if you fail at dying.

Comment by junior
2010-09-04 15:40:08

most people take so many paracetamol to end their life, so the one way ticket as you put it is what they want

Comment by jasmine
2011-01-23 01:03:32

i did dat last 24hrs .. and i vomited ..about 10 paracetamol .. will i be still alive ? x]

Comment by Aimee
2011-03-26 16:53:39

I tried to end my life because I am haveing load’s of trouble with my brother and I Carnt take it no more. I have lodes of trouble with my bother I am 13 and I took 3 paracetamol’s and ever since I have been so worried because I typed it up on the net and it day’s you could Have liver failure or something. I am very I’ll and that was the most reason why I took it because I was in so much pain but I have lodes of trouble and I want my life now I am so fed up of everyone and everything! I have a really good mate called Bobbie she is really nice she helps me with lodes of my problems! It’s nice if you have good friends like that but now I dont have her because she had problems and she has given her phone away and now we Carnt talk no more we all have problems I wonder why I did it sometime’s only my friend Nicole noes about this she told me to get to the doctors about it. But I don’t no you shuld go to the doctors love. I really I’ll atm but you might have liver failure. I don’t know I am not a doctor but I am just saying sort it while you can. Because eny thing could or can happen to you but if you was trying to be silly and acting cleather thinking it was a joke with your mates well it int trust me I did it for a reson.>because I coldent cope so I would go get your self checked out if I was you.

Hope the information helpted you.oxoxox.

Comment by HAYM
2011-08-02 01:15:52

wtf? Some people are retarded

Comment by anonymous
2011-09-01 12:37:21

try having my fuckin life

Comment by frosty
2011-08-31 04:01:12

if you are having problems and can’t cope or deal with it seek help from your parents or school councilor overdosing isn’t going to make it better..

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-21 10:25:26

yeah i’ve done that twice before and im still alive!
but dont carry on or you might not be!!!

Comment by Eoin
2010-10-19 05:14:39

yea i had a head ache and crapes 2 after takin 7 but i didnt need 2 go 2 the hospital r anything. and yea, if u took enough it would kill u, but it depends on your B.M.I. and how used u r at takin drugs, like if u take loads of drugs u would be more resilant 2 the effects, like drinking.

Comment by amelia
2011-05-25 20:59:18

yes you can die from a parecetamol overdose. it is an incredibly painful way to die, and if you don’t die it can lead to permanent organ damage.

Comment by cheryl
2012-03-04 00:15:59

Hi Nicol and everyone else who have OD
that is NOT true Paracetamol OD CAN kill….it may not kill
straight away but it will definitely kill some people in the end…..some people die within 1 day to 12months, if not treated soon enough/also depends on how many were taken/also your general health status….it definitely gives people life long health issues, damages your liver, and may shorten life expectancy, and this wont be a major problem until you are about to retire and looking forward to fun times with your grandchildren or getting ready to travel or what ever life may offer you….this is when you will think back about the time(s) you OD on paracetamol…..There is more to life than your problems (I am not diminishing anyones feelings) there are solutions, you just have to look for them, ask for help, internet is a wonderful learning/help tool, I have never OD but the thought has been there, I have had and lived a very hard life but I am stubborn and refuse to let it (life) beat me, you are never to young or old to start making positive changes in your life………………good luck xxxx

Comment by mia
2010-02-07 23:45:08

I took an overdoes of paracetamol and since then I’ve been experiencing headaches, nausea and I’ve been fighting off from losing consciousness. I also have pains in my stomach and I couldn’t sleep properly at night because of it. Is it because of the overdose? Or is it something else?

Comment by casey
2010-03-01 15:56:27

reply to mia, last wednesday/thursday i took an overdose of paracetamol, got rushed into hospital and was kept in for a few days, it takes 150mg/1kg of your body weight to kill you, mine was 198mg/1kg, they discharged me on the saturday and recently i have been suffering from the exact same thing, if you find anything out please mail me.

Comment by Sian
2010-08-23 14:27:05

I took an overdose November last year, the next morning I was sick and it way like a neon yellow colour. That day I must of been sick about 7 times. I havn’t experienced any pains since.
I read on a doctors webpage about a girl asking the docter if she was okay as she took an overdose and several years later she had a baby. The doctor replied saying some people’s livers can cope with this overdose. She said she was sick the next day like me.
Am I okak?

Comment by aky
2010-10-05 06:52:24

the neon yellow colour of your vomit suggests bile has entered your stomach.

Comment by Ellie Jaye
2010-10-07 05:50:04

The neon yellow colour is bile. You vomit this up when you ahve no food or anything left in your stomach if you have overdosed i would suggest going to hospital to tests to check for any permanent liver damage. My liver coped with it, and i dont have any liver damage so it does affect people in different ways. My nurse said a girl went in who had taken 6 paracetamols and died, so i would suggest checking for any possible liver damage. Good luck x

Comment by Aron
2010-10-25 01:40:21

I took about 10 painkillers at the same time, and also about 5 paracetamol tablets all at the same time. I feel really sick but I have only thrown up twice on the same night that I took them. I still feel sick the next morning but not as much. Is everything okay with me? And could there be any lasting damage to my health and body?

Comment by boppy
2010-10-28 04:04:27

i went to my GP and he weighed me and measured my height and did d did a sum with how much i took
he said my body could take that overdose

Comment by Laura
2011-05-30 13:53:49

I took 12 on Saturday, I feel fine but wondering if I should get checked out?? I think I am healthy .. do you know how to work it out ??? Thanks

Comment by jonny
2011-07-16 02:21:39

well i have have had 11 on Thursday and now it is Saturday i do not feel an different and suggestions

Comment by Signe
2011-08-12 22:53:31

Yesterday I took 12 at the same time and now I’m feeling nausea… Should I get to the hospital?

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 09:57:30

when i first OD’d (i took 32) i threw up bile for a whole night, cudnt keep anything down for a day or so, but to my knowledge i havent done any damage.

Comment by Gem
2010-02-09 13:27:42

I know someone that died after a paracetemol overdose. He was in hospital for weeks. He started to look better and made plans for the future. A few days later he was dead. He had turned yellow and couldn’t speak at the end and yet I’m lying here now after taking an overdose a few hours ago. Yes you can die.

Comment by billyboom
2010-04-22 14:21:28


Comment by Zendy
2010-06-02 21:34:26

billyboom you will have to wait and see! you could have caused problems with your liver.
i dont know why you would do such a thing your life isnt so bad!

Comment by Sian
2010-08-23 14:36:52

reply to billyboom, I watched ‘The Hospital’ and a man was rushed to the hospital to get a liver transplant after overdose.


Comment by Maddie
2011-06-21 10:30:24

everybody overdoses for diffrent reasons i overdose because i hear voices see visions and my parents are getting divorced but we’ve run out of paracetamol now!!!

Comment by rabbit
2011-09-24 03:19:39

I OD bcause life did not feel worth living I took 40 all i got was stomach pains and fainted a cupple times and no one even found out i did it.

Comment by junior
2010-09-04 15:43:57

you need to take 20+ pills 10g’s or more for it to be fatal.

Comment by Marc
2010-09-24 05:45:08

I took an overdose in 2004 of 32 paracetmol with a cup of tea, not really thinking about it and in a state of panic, I was taken to hospital (within timescales) and an antidote was administered. I was admitted overnight and released the next day, i was not involved with any mental healths teams afterwards.

I took another overdose last year, i did it on purpose, and this is the part that confuses me, I took 48 Paracetmol and 14 Nytol tablets (a total of 62 tablets) with a full bottle of red wine. This was at 7pm, i fell asleep and woke up at 11pm vomiting. According to timescales, it takes 2 hrs for it to leave your stomach and do damage. I went to hospital, vomiting all the way, part taxi, part walking, i was in a bit of a state, i got there and what i cannot understand was i wasn’t admitted, i didn’t even get an antidote, something sound a bit screwy to you? I’d be dead now right? or have done some serious damage?

Comment by saeedah
2011-09-18 06:55:18

God still wants you to live ~ Dont do such a thing…Why do u wanna do in purpose ?

Comment by kell
2010-10-14 16:29:50

i dont know but i was thinking on taking an overdose but do u know how many it would take to like knok u out

Comment by ca
2011-01-31 18:05:30

Dear readers, just so you know, you dont fall asleep and dont wake up, i took 28 in total. slept a few hours and then i chickened out cos when i woke up i couldnt believe i wasnt dead. i went to hospital ten hours later, they took blood and put me on an antidote, i was in hospital for five days, my bloods kept getting worse and worse, the safe was 29, one of my LFTs were 2203. they have started to gradually reduce, still arent great and i dont know what damage ive done. now my step brother has just taken an overdose. I wouldnt wish anyone to feel as desperate as i did, now im just confused because it didnt work so what do i do now?

Comment by randomer
2012-04-26 13:25:51

It’s different for everyone, i took around 20 a while ago then over 60 about a year after that, i was admitted to hospital and my bloods also initially got worse and worse and i was told i would face severe liver damage after but it’s been a long time since then and i have had no problems and lived a pretty normal life. Guess you should just be grateful to be alive, there is probably a reason why you didn’t die :)

Comment by vicky
2010-10-31 12:48:32

hi billyboon.

i do not wish to sound obnoxious at all. but please if you dont want to die, STOP taking overdoses. i know that alot of people will be moaning and thinking what the heck is a 14 year old, got to feel that bad about that they consider and try to take there own life. i do not at all wish to judge you for one second. i took my first over dose when i was 12 i vometed for about 3days, so much so i tore my asophagus and it was bleeding internally, i told the doctor i was vomiting for 3 days then blood in my vomit. but i didnt tell them why i was vomiting. the 2nd overdose of 100 paracetamol and 20sleeping pills i took at 18. i didnt tell anyone. and i was ok ish. sick again but just got given anti nausia medication. the same year i took 3 more ovedoses of paracetamol, ibuprofrem, stole my step dads anti depressant medication and his sleeping pills. again i was generally fine. and i never told anyone. well my best friend but no one medically trained. beggining of september last year 2009 i took 3 small over doses of paracetamol (approx 24 pills) then the end of september i took a larger one, 48 parcetamol tablets, 16 ibuprofrem anti nausia pills.

this time i was in agonay, i had thrown up, had stomach cramps. throwing up bile, and pooing bile too. they put me on parvalex antidote as i didnt go to hospital for 36hours after taken the tablets.

billy i can only advise you to take care of yourself. you say you do not wish to die. then dont take overdoses. and if you feel so so bad. find someone to talk to. i hate being alone and having no one to talk to. but suicide is a permanent sollution to a temporary problem

i hope you are ok billy

Comment by Aaron
2011-09-17 11:00:46

Hi vicky just read your article it sounds very sad. we all suffer some times in our lives carring our cross if u like. what is so bad that u have to try and take your own lives . but i understand i was there but now im better and feel normal vickey your not a lone u just need to open your eyes and mind people around u care and love u even if some w****r has done u wrong . we all have a purpose in life and its not to end it lifes short enough. please stop for one sec and think of all the good there is i dont what to sound like a preacher or dick but even if u think no one cares your wrong even though i dont know u i care and i mean that i really do. so f**k all this crap about seeing who has took the biggest overdose like it was a dick measureing contest and get up and get help. were r all human and deserve a second chance.

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 10:00:28

whatever way, i suggest seeing a doc because i been told by my doc that you cud start showing signs of liver damges many months after it happens

Comment by anon
2010-09-24 06:49:17

i took a cocktail of paracetomols extra strengh,ciplalex + blood pressure tablets
yesterday,i have bbeen sleepy,on and off now very shaky +face swollen,will i be ok

Comment by anon
2010-09-24 06:53:29

i am too embarassed to go to a+e and waste there time.
but quite worried now

Comment by susan
2011-02-23 09:26:25

i took 40 paracetamol last sunday i dont know what to do

Comment by rabbit
2011-09-24 03:22:41

you better go see a doctor by the way how old r u im 14

Comment by chitti
2011-10-19 02:55:50

what happend ofter taking 40 tablets.r u safe now.tel me in detail

Comment by Lanay
2010-11-12 22:25:56

I did a similar thing and yes it does affect the body. Im no medical person just personal experience and I feel u should get checked out. U may feel naeuseous, dizzy and the swollen face is a red flag to me, not to scare u this cocktail . Hope ur ok!!!

Comment by Nat
2011-09-27 13:21:49

I took 17 an I’m having a swollen neck on an off. I did have hot an cold flushes last night. But I took the pills the night before an just woke up sick an vomited. When my neck gets swollen if feels inside my month is getting bigger an my tounge is getting smaller an I can’t breath for abit then it goes back to normal. Then a couple hours later it happens again..

Comment by Liisa
2010-10-02 01:32:51

My dear darling child,
there is a real good reason for your life. You were created with loving hands, to love and be loved. Believe it, own it and write o me if I can help you somehow. Liisa

Comment by liandra
2011-05-06 09:22:07

well i dunt hve life ! my parents and siblings are against me tokin 2 boys….and also hve a bf widout deir knowledge….and nw keep doubting on me all de tyme ! i hate my life…i love my bf alot and wanna b wid him foreva…bt des pple wud nt allow me ….. and hve nw no1 in deis world …. so im thinking of havin an overdose of dis kind !

Comment by Ellan
2011-05-26 15:55:49

OMG. I’m in the exact same situation as you seriously! X

Comment by Lanay
2010-11-12 22:20:51

R u ok. I’m sorry to hear it got that bad for u to od. Life sucks and i’ve been oding alot lately but 2 scared 2 get help.

Comment by Rick
2010-02-14 23:10:47

Dear All, my wife has taken 10 tablets of Paracetamol 500 mg (tablet name: Domcet, having salts: paracetamol 500mg, domperidone BP 10mg), i already taken her to Emergency and they have given her CHARCOL so that it absorbs everything inside.

Do anyone have the same experience or know something about it? Will this be ok for the future? please email me or guide me, I shall be highly grateful for the same.

Comment by Sophie
2010-08-05 18:57:38

everyone who is going on about all this rubbish oviously dont knwo what your all on about. well most of you. i have taken many OD’s of extreme amounts and i am still sitting here 4 months after my last one and the only thing i have wrong is me is that i have a weak liver. when you take an OD you go to A&E and they will wait 4 hours after you took the last one and then do a blood test. if you still have paracetamol in your system they will put you on a drip to conteract the paracetamol and to flush your stomach. yes you can die but you would have to take a large amount and you would have to wait about 72 hours before you seek medical advice!!!!

Comment by Sophie
2010-08-05 18:58:30

this isnt just aimed at you btw

Comment by karma
2010-10-26 04:50:33

It’s you who dosn’t know what your going on about. You said you have to wait 72 hours to seek medical advice???? You big fat muppet! It is best to go to the hospital straight away not 72 hours after overdosing because by then the damage as been done!!!!!

Comment by oceanstorm
2011-05-19 01:01:10

karma, YOU’RE the muppet! sophie was saying that to die from a paracetamol overdose you need to spend the first three days ignoring your symptoms and seek NO medical advice! yes, i DO know what i’m on about. and, for those of you who are worrying about historic OD’s, there’s no need – if you took your overdose more than a week ago, you would probably know what damage you’d done by now… think about it! you NEED a liver, there’s no drug or machine that can take over its’ function. if you’d damaged it you’d be really ill…

Comment by oceanstorm
2011-05-19 01:06:46

and, karma – you were very, very mean to call a suicidal stranger a “big fat muppet”. did you know it’s a crime to incite suicide? and that a person could make a really good case against you for the way your antagonistic tone could be interpreted as a dare…? how DARE you call yourself KARMA???

Comment by kerry
2010-08-19 15:57:13

i agree with ur comment here. I have had over 40 overdoses in 14 months. all forms of self harm not because i wanted to die. I sit here just now starting on more paracetamol (so far only 8) but iv taken overdoses such as 160 paracetamol to 100 tramadol (which made me seizure) and other things like depakote, escitalopram, amitriptyline, citalopram, cocodamol, and my most recent favourite zopiclone! iv made a cocktail of ALL the above meds and still lived through it!!!

Comment by aky
2010-10-05 06:54:05

lol dangerous play with dangerous drugs you will end up dead one day.

Comment by vicky
2010-10-31 12:52:02


Comment by Lanay
2010-11-12 22:30:15

We sound similar about the type of cocktails we use. Y do u od?

Comment by Mark
2010-02-16 07:03:57

My wife took some tablets on Thursday NIght. I made her sick and thought that would be OK, I went to Manchester working on Friday and on Sunday morning recieved a txt off her to say I needed to come home quick. She is now in hospital, She took about 100 tablets. Im not sure what to do. I may lose the only girl i ever loved.

Comment by billyboom
2010-04-22 14:22:55

I Took 11 and Refused To Go To Hospital, When I Took 8 I Had A Blood Sample But If An Adult Had Charcole Wll I Be OK :/

Comment by lizzie
2010-06-07 12:33:26

the biggest ive taken was 42 and ive taken regular doses of 16 im not dead. youll be fine if your worried go to the doctors, younger people’s bodies cope with things like this better for somereason thats what they told me. but now im gettin a bit ill well for a few weeks, go doctors

Comment by amanda
2010-07-25 23:57:09

well that is a really silly comment and not one that should be published. Panadol overdose needs to be treated within max 12 hours….you will receive a blood test from hospital who will know how much u have taken. Only upon result will you be given a drug called plavilax, through intravenous route. depends on the amount you have taken will depend if you get this..if you sort treatment and you did not get it then you fine. People dont realise that liver can be damaged straight away…doctors will keep and eye on your blood test results. If they are fine dont assume you will be fine forever as the effects of panadol overdose can creap up at a later stage. I work as a registered nurse in emergency department and I too have experienced first hand panadol overdose after a very personal horrific time I had. My panadol overdose was around 60 tablets….which is huge and I was not found till later and my treatment was over the 12 hours, …my blood test resolved and i was discharged…..however some months have past and I am happy with life and the direction I am taking, I am still very much working, but my liver results have started to change……..so think twice before you take panadol, it is not a drug that is likely to end your life straight away, and not worth the pain and heartache later in life. Talk Talk Talk ..to people, if you have no friends I know its hard, but seek councillor advice and talk to them please
regards amanda

Comment by Sophie
2010-08-05 19:00:37

at least someone knows what they are on about!!! (amanda)

Comment by oceanstorm
2011-05-19 01:11:16

i’m so glad amanda had the benefit of sophie’s professional advice there!

Comment by kerry
2010-08-19 15:58:42

hi there the medication through iv is called “parvolex” iv had it over 25 times now

Comment by Alison
2010-10-19 15:59:19

Kerry, you are right there is an iv medication called “parvolex”, which you say you’ve had over 25 times. I’m assuming you only found out about this wonder medication after an overdose of paracetamol. However it’s very sad you’ve had it 25 times now. I wonder if you might consider counselling as an alternative? It’s available to everyone via the GP, or directly if you’re in crisis via MIND.

Comment by Susan
2010-10-19 16:05:47

I find it sad aswell. My father in law took a paracetamol overdose and had parvolex. He then took another paracetamol overdose, and died.

Comment by Mandy
2010-10-19 16:09:50

Hi my name’s mandy. Please don’t play around with paracetamol, you might think it’s okay as you’ve survived an overdose this time, but it doesn’t always work out that way, and you can do long lasting damage to your body. Most people regret taking an overdose after the anxiety has settled down.

Comment by Pete
2010-10-19 16:15:22

Just want to say this is true. I’m a staff nurse and work on a medical ward. A ‘regular’ patient used to overdose on paracetamol every couple of months, continuing on like this for a while with the recommended antidotes. He awoke from a coma, saying how he so regretted his last overdose – what he didn’t know was that on this occasion, he’d done the worst damage of all to his liver, and only had two weeks left to live. True story. Be careful.

Comment by oceanstorm
2011-05-19 01:13:19

what a waste of hospital time, money and resources! how many people died in the waiting room while you were getting dripped up AGAIN?

Comment by more
2010-06-02 21:31:14

So is she alright?

Comment by Abeline
2011-05-03 08:00:22

Hi Mark
I hope your wife is ok now, its difficult as some people do it as they want to kill themselves as I do thats why I never go to get help, still here though. I hope she is getting the treatment she needs, sending you strong thoughts x

Comment by Lisa
2010-02-21 16:55:52

I took 10 tablets of 500mg, but havent done anything about it. It’s been 4 days since and I’ve had no symptoms of any kind.

Comment by Lola
2010-03-10 02:06:42

LISA: I think that 10 is not going to kill you- maybe make you feel a bit unwell- but I am no doctor- all I really know is what I have read online- but maybe you should get yourself checked- you do not have to give all of your details- just your first name- and providing you are over 18- they cannot contact anyone- and if they don’t know your name or anything then how can they? better to be safe than sorry hey?
Take care.

Comment by Abby
2010-02-27 15:24:26

I took 10 paracetamols and it has been about a week since I had them, I haven’t had any symptoms or anything, does that mean I didn’t technically overdose

Comment by billyboom
2010-04-22 14:26:22

3 is classed as an overdose, i had 8 paretimol and wasnt effected but i got rushed to hospital and had to have a blood sample and stay in a few days, this year i had 3 extra strong paretimol and was effected more. i recently took 11 parectimol and ive had tummy pains ever since but what do i know im 14 hope that sort of helped :)

Comment by kell
2010-10-14 16:35:52

ye it is thx so if 10 is not enough then about 30 will kill me

Comment by Peter
2011-02-15 04:25:15

Darling, your life is precious, don’t try to end it so early. Think the children that you could have and joy and love that they will bring you. Look at the sunset or sunrise, breath in fresh air and smell some mountain flowers. Life is beautiful! Troubles only make us stronger. Dont give up, dont take your life!

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-21 11:51:08

everythings made me weaker so far i’ve tried to kill myself twice (not from overdoses) overdosed about 7 times this year i hear voices see stuff thats not there i cant trust my freinds anymore…
im 13…

Comment by sally
2011-07-11 03:00:07

my 19yr old grandson took 40 paracetamol on thur morn at 4 30 am but didnt tell me until 8pm by which time he was very i,ll and climbing the walls with stomach pains i rushed him to hospital and at the moment we still not sure how it,s going his liver is in a bad way he has turned a bit yellow and his face is swollen his mother and i are worried sick about him. do you people who take an over dose never stop to think how it will affect your family i dont know what i would do if we lost him as he lives with me and his grandad and we love him very very much.

Comment by penny
2011-10-26 03:49:54

Hi sally. so sorry to hear about your grandson. I hope all turns out well. You say ….. do you people who take an over dose never stop to think how it will affect your family. When you are at rock bottom you never think aabout anything other than a way out. Sad i know but thats how it all takes you. I took a overdose of 39 paracetamal 2 years ago. I know that nothing goes through your head only a way out when your rock bottom.
thinking of you all penny

Comment by Belinda
2012-02-29 13:48:39

I have took about 7 overdoses in last year they been large amounts. But lucky i have no damage done. I had admission to hospital due amount paracetamols in my system. We dont think of family or friends the ones we love as we are at rock bottom we dont know any way out so feel this only way. I still a live still very depressed most days i suffer with majour depression anxiety self harming and personality disorder

Comment by mish
2011-08-03 08:08:01

well,i am goin to take 30 pills and hope that ends my life pretty soon….

Comment by Letitia
2011-08-19 02:26:08

It won’t, it will only start working after about 2 hours in which time you can change you mind (I did), then you will start vomiting, feeling drowsy and go numb. Don’t try to bath/shower it makes it worse. Your just gonna be sick as hell…not nice! If you do change you mind, drink some activated charcoal (my husband gave me plain briquettes chopped up with water… Lots) and LOTS of water, no coffee, no tea, just water!

Comment by lucy
2012-05-26 17:26:54

reading all your stories about over dosing is sad. i no because my friend took parecetamal overdose,she was ill for 3 days then she started rambling rubbish. her parents took her to a&e ,they put her on drips did blood test after 3 hours a doctor told them there girl was very ill and may not make it.she was transfered to intensive care .then the parents where told she was being moved to another hospital that could deal with her situation.there she was put in an indused coma and the parents where told she needed a liver transplant.someone died in a accident and my friend was rushed into theatre and given part of a liver.she recovered ,her own liver as regenerated to full size its now 5yrs since it append and she as been in pain everyday since then.she as been passed from one hospital to another and none of them as done anything to help only give her bullshit. i have to tell you this when she first woke up after the op she thought she was on the other side just think what she felt when she realised she was saved but in so much pain its been a living hell for her and still is. so think twice all you out there taking your overdoses you might wake up to a living hell like my friend.

Comment by amum
2010-05-11 10:31:18

No. Technically you did. You will have done some damage to your liver which may be able to repair itself if it wasn’t too bad. You won’t neccessarily have symptoms but you will have done some damage even so.

Comment by lizzie
2010-06-07 12:34:38

yeh you over dosed but its doubtful you’ll be seriously ill :)

Comment by felicity
2011-10-12 17:10:58

Think you all need to get a hobby preferably one that doesn’t invole paracetomol or other drugs. If you’re serious about dying there are more effective one offs. Suicide is a tragedy not something you play at. Grow up

Comment by deb
2012-03-06 06:39:54

i agree mate… a noose!!!

Comment by Carmen-Karima
2010-03-06 05:37:09

Ive taken 16 tablets of Ibuprofen and Anadin extra, yet i seem to be better then ever. How many more would i need to overdose? the only side affect is a pain in my belly, what can i do?

Comment by amum
2010-05-11 10:29:33

Get medical help. Ibuprofen and Aspirin (in Anadin) can cause internal bleeding – a long slow and painful death.

Comment by amanda
2010-07-25 23:59:54

very serious drug to take …aspirin can cause internal bleeding, bleed of the brain etc……with brufen, brufen alone has to be taken with food as it affects the lining of your stomach,,,,,,,,that with aspirin is not a good combination……amanda

Comment by Lanay
2010-11-12 22:40:17

I now have a serious ulcer in my stomach from Ibuprofen and it can lead to really bad pain and thats why they call it “bleeding ulcers” . I now am on medication for it.

Comment by Sadness
2010-06-02 21:10:16

Thats a bad thing you did! you used Ibuprofen :( i hear that causes stinking which is linked to Diarrhea.

im sticking with paracetamol becuse thats my friend :) not yours!

Comment by IBD
2010-11-09 17:27:52

Ibuprofen is the the worst over the counter drug to try killing yourself with. This is the main reason for it’s easy availability(the drug companies don’t want all that unwanted litigation). I took 50 Ibuprofen with a full bottle of southern comfort and had nothing more than a bad hangover!! It was only afterwards feeling frustrated that I was still breathing that I read up and found I was wasting my time. You could take hundreds of these fuckers and still be functioning normally the next day!! If you want to seriously kill yourself over the counter painkillers are a waste of time.
When I was younger I tried 15 co-proximal with alcohol and this made me quite ill(couldnt keep food down for two days). But this sort of painkiller is prescription only and is highly restricted in the UK at least. I got it through parents. Even they cant get it now because of the amount of people that were successfully killing themselves with it. They are now are given a weakened form which I don’t have the name of right now.
Aspirin is similar and so is nurofen. Paracetamol is your best bet but would take quite alot mixed with both alcohol and caffeine to have any effect Drugs are not the way to kill yourself only damage your body and give you untold suffering. If you like pain then go ahead but I guess you’ve had enough of that already??

Comment by Farhahn
2011-01-12 10:05:31

@IBD if u don’t want to live keep this within urself don’t teach others life is a gift which is gifted once so take care of it and share it share share the problem with the people so u will get relaxed i hope tc

Comment by Carmen-Karima
2010-03-06 05:38:20

how else can i over doseeeee?!

Comment by Lola
2010-03-10 02:08:57

Not funny Carmen- and you know things must be pretty rubbish for you but lovely if you really meant it you would just have taken lots of anything- go talk to someone- or have a good cry- eat lots of food- give someone a cuddle- just be brave.

Comment by WUT
2010-06-02 21:08:26

Lola shut the fuck up you dont know what us people have to go though we are all DEPRESSED!

and thats made us choose to do bad things… becuse we didnt care what anyone thought and we felt lonley…. and some us us made bad decisions in life so if any of us overdose why should you care?
some of us only just do it again if it fails anyway. well the ones like us who dont have anything to live for.some people have things to live for, while others dont.

i feel like i have been useless all my life. depressed not wanting to do anything.

Comment by lizzie
2010-06-07 12:39:57

you have just made me feel very ashamed of being depressed.
that was such a wierd way of going about stating a point. you should be glad someone is making the effort to help someone tht is ill, my advice dont over dose, its hurts alot if you take loads and the lasting affects are differcult to deal with
you should go doctors if you feel bad they can organise help
i feel i have nothing to live for but the kindness tht person shows is a good thing not something to question
depressed people are thought of in a bad way, they way you just showed, we shouldnt be seen as selfish and unwantin to get better
good luck :) <3

Comment by faye
2010-07-06 16:32:11

Your Right There WUT I Feel Just Like Tht I Dont Want To Be Here AnyMore I Have No One I Can Go Too

So Thts Why I Think Your Dam Ritee!! x

Comment by Kelso
2010-07-13 05:53:17

You’d are all pathetic!!! If you want 2 kill your selfs do it properly and stop being attention seekers!

Comment by Liisa
2010-10-02 01:46:45

To everybody:
Depression is no laughing matter, neither is overdosing, nor being lonely and seeking for attention.
Being unhappy hurts – is it bad to say I need attention, caring, a good word? We all do. I say to all of you: You have a reason to be on this earth. Say a good word to yourself, to other people. Let’s makethe world a better place, it doesn’t cost you anything, does it?
Suicide is not an option!

Comment by kell
2010-10-14 16:44:20


Comment by Tanushree
2011-01-30 06:09:02

I m really in bad situation nd want to finish myself plz suggest me some easy available drug that can kill me without seeking attention. Please mail me at tanushreech@gmail.com

Comment by Liltu Nandi
2012-10-13 21:09:45

Dont take any step like this, you are so strong girl. You can handle any type of setuations.

Comment by Damo
2010-07-18 05:47:09

Yeah I feel depressed most of my life. Everyone always saying “you can achieve anything” and all that crap, when nothing ever happens. Hope is gone, and I am trapped by a train-wreck past, that is not even all my fault. To be judged by the people who get everything, and don’t experience any significant pain I find is laughable. There are no true people left anymore, sometimes I think. All out to try and help, with that secret intention of controlling, or overpowering one.

I have attempted paracetamol overdose twice. The first time was 36×665 osteoparacetamol slow release tablets. I was in hospital for a week. My alts hit a high of approx 9900 and ast est 6800. I truly wanted to die, and die slowly – I just wanted to fucking feel something in this stupid no-hope fucked-up world. Even if the feeling was extreme nautia, and belly pain. It was something afterall.

The next attempt was only 10×665 tablets. (They only gave me the charcoal this time, not the pavalax, or whatever they put me on the first time for 7days.)

I did try the second time even after the specialist (the first time) mentioned there was a possibility I may require a liver transplant.

Now I take anti-depressants ( a tablet that makes me feel that which I don’t feel), I still fail to see the point. If life is so bad, that I need a stupid fucking tablet to make it “appear” that I am okay, then I would prefer to perish.

The only way I have come to justify this miserable shit-heap of an existence is……

Picture this…. (or not) … That there are no material possessions of value to you…..(just bear with me)…. There are no relationships that are important to you…. That there is no goal that is important to you …. That there is no objects at all…. There is no earth, no planets, no stars, no objects …. That you have no body… No legs, arms, abdomen, neck. You can not smell, touch, taste feel, hear. You also have no eyes…. as there is nothing to be seen. The only thing that exists is your consciousness, or awareness of the fact that you exist. Nothing else.

I believe that it is probable that mankind has evolved to being the most intelligent species that we ourselves know of because…. we are naturally destructive. We destroy nature, ourselves, we war with each other… etc. but perhaps that is the very reason… why we have become who we are.

No matter how hard life gets… we all are alone… we don’t like to admit it… I believe that is why religion was created… no one probably really wants to be alone (or not exist) … Despite our apparent overall tendency towards self destruction, the positive side to this is that we are good survivors. We have most probably killed more other species than any other. We are powerful beings. I must permit my awareness to exist I have convinced myself, as loneliness is inevitable anyways. I just no longer fear life, nor death as both are truly experienced alone.

Comment by /Jess
2010-07-29 15:15:28

i feel the same way Damo

Comment by kinksxxx
2011-02-11 17:52:12

What well spoken words.

Comment by emma
2012-10-12 11:48:25

not being funny but dont write big long essays we wont read them espechilly if we have overdossed and cant see straight

Comment by /Jess
2010-07-29 15:12:23

my names jess and im 13 i know theres people that are far worse off then me in life but i just wanna be put into a deep sleep death isnt really the path i wanna go down ive never taken an overdose …

Comment by kell
2010-10-14 16:46:55

MEE TOO but im thinking of im 13 to but unfortunatly gona be 14 anouther misrable day

Comment by Kera
2011-02-07 00:54:37

Jess, I’m 16 and i knwo how you feel. Both parents ditched me…and Ive tried to overdose twice and have given up cutting myself as i just had to keep getting stitches, overdoses dont do shit tbh

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 10:12:39

as embarrasing as i find it to say, i have to admit, i have what can be said a good life and all i want to do is curl up into a long sleep and been thiking bout ODing, those of you who say you need help, i dont! I just dont see a point in life

Comment by deb
2012-03-06 06:43:15

and we may not have anyone to talk to or sumone to cuddle??? and i even have 4 kids who are all grown up…. i dont want them to know how im feeling and upset em….. just saying not all of us have someone wen we need them…

Comment by bob
2010-03-29 15:51:19

i have recently had a really tough time in life and started to think that i really didnt want to live. i get scared of myself when i randomly have urges to jump infront of cars or something although i know its not going to solve anything.
what should i do??

Comment by amum
2010-05-11 10:28:12

See your doctor and talk to him/her about it before it’s too late. Get help.

Comment by Liisa
2010-10-02 01:58:54

Continue thinking like you do.

Comment by wendi
2010-04-11 15:31:34

i went n the contreceptive pill which gave e severe depression then everyhing in my life seemed to crumble around me so i decided to end my life however i stoped myself but i still consumed 10 parecetmols at once, in the morning when i woke up i was vomiting all day and was very disorientated but nothing more after that, then the other day i consumed another 8 parectemols at once and my breathing went all weird and i got chest pains. since then i have completly lost my appetite and have started loosing weight although i was quite tiny in teh first place. i also have really bad headaches and stomach pains what does this mean?

Comment by ally clare
2010-04-14 15:43:19

Anyone that’s thinking of taking an overdose… please, please don’t. I did it last year and I feel so insanely guilty about the massive scare I put the people I loved through. I didn’t really think about it at the time, was kind of a spur of the moment thing resulting from a long self-inflicted bout of depression. I know it’s hard not to be selfish when you’re depressed but really… do you want to make the people around you hurt? Chances are, no. Anyway from a personal perspective point of view – I took 80 tablets in total, 64 were paracetomol and 16 were aspirin. I was in hospital for about four days, felt the worst I’d ever felt, threw up disgustingly violently every time I tried to move, was on a drip, alienated my friends and family and caused massive tension. I don’t know how many can kill you and I don’t want to ever find out. Horrible to read the stories of people who nearly lost someone they loved, and it only adds to my feelings of guilt. Not too sure why i’m writing this but i’m just so so sorry that i put people through things becuase I was being horrible and selfish and I’d do anything never to have done it. Pleeeeeeas everyone be safe.

Comment by lovley
2010-06-02 21:01:34

So 80 cant kill you?

thank you ally clare your a life saver :)
i guess i will have to buy up to 120 boxes instead * Joking
geez cant you take a joke? hehe…..

Comment by jhon
2010-07-08 05:01:10

no coz that was not funny

Comment by AtDeathSide
2011-08-05 18:24:01

i feel the exact same way about 3 days ago i took like 34 panadol pills to end my life i missed all my friends and my past relationships and i thought that i could never belong in anyones life i was going to marry one girl we both loved each other so much but my mind tends to wander and skips like for instance were going out and then its like 3 months later and we broke up i tend to skip like days even months at a time. I dont know if its just me but after taking the pills i feel more depressed, the day after i took the pills i was throwing up all day and now i only have stomach cramps and a massive headche ending your life might be an option but if you hold on you never know what might happen for instance i was in a house where i was drinking alcohol and smoking marajuana but after i went on holiday and told some people that i wanted to move they told me i could move in with them now i feel slighlty better sorry for this long post but i feel much better now (except for my stomach) all i can say is just keep holding on if you can do that through the hardest parts then it gets easier im not saying that it can go away all at once but just talk to someone even if you just go onto a blog site create a fake account and talk about it, i personally dont like counsellers, but thats just me

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 10:14:48

you disgust me, someone finds the courage to share their experience to help others and all you can do is fucking joke about it?

Comment by Farhahn
2011-01-12 10:53:51

that is the spirit ally may GOD bless you Amen

Comment by Kitty_Kat
2010-04-15 11:07:26

I have survived a paracetemol overdose, when i was 13 i took 40 paracetemol and was in hospital about 10 weeks, i had severe kindey and liver failure, my organs were shutting down. I went through a really hard time and that was my way out, it was a cry for help!! I saw what it had done to my family, my OWN doing. I hated the fact i caused them soo much pain, but when you are in that state of mind you dont realise about anyone but yourself. It has been nearly 6 years since my overdose and all my organs are fine and healthy. I look at life totally different now, and think people in heaven must love me as i should of died. I am proud to say i am a survivor of an overdose. I wouldnt wish it upon anyone. Hope all is well xxxx

Comment by M
2010-04-21 00:16:45

Hey, I took 14 paracetamol tablets each 300mg, within 10 minutes, it has been two weeks and a bit more now and no symptons except for the initial dizziness and disorientation in the beginning after ingestion. I take it I have not overdose, and that I will be fine? I weigh 45kg, 17 year old female.
Thank you, your help will be much appreciated.

Comment by amum
2010-05-11 10:26:54

Yes you have overdosed. The Paracetamol will have damaged your liver even if you don’t have any symptoms at the moment. See your doctor now and get help for the underlying reasons why you took the overdose. If you ever take another one your liver will probably not be able to take it and you could die.

Comment by brian
2010-08-24 01:09:44

Why would u want to do this to yourself i cant believe that people are doing this time after time and going into hospital and they are doing fuck all about it ok i’m single, not worked since 2008 no car as i had an accident last year so i get up each day and do the same thing fuck all the only excitement i have is goin to the jobcentre every 2nd friday to sign on. ok life is pretty shit at the moment, but i wouldnt consider doin this i’m goin to college next month to train to be a social worker and try and make a dffrence in someone elses life there must be something that you can do that is going to make a diffrence in ur life and think about the people that you love like your family how they gonna feel if you end up killing ur self there are always people worse of than youthink about people the other side of the world that dont have enuff food to eat or have to live in shanti towns who have no life at all yes like can me very shit but u never know whats round the corner just think before you do anything and go and get help help talk to your doctor any 1 just keep urself safe god bless Brianxoxo

Comment by billyboom
2010-04-22 14:29:01

Ive took more than 20 overdoses this year some where mixesd and some wernt but ive had tumy pains since :/ any one help ?? x

Comment by amum
2010-05-11 10:23:50

Visit your doctor. Tell him/her what you have done. You need to get help for the underlying reasons you are taking the overdoses before it’s too late. The cumulative effect of the overdoses is slowly destroying your internal organs and one of these days it will be the final time and you WILL die. Get help now!

Comment by brian
2010-08-24 01:19:14

billy talk to some one please u shouldnt be doing things like this at 14 your just fuckin up ur body for later life life shouldnt b this bad at ur age talk to some 1 take care of u brian

Comment by james270180uk
2010-04-23 02:23:33

I took an overdose in january of 48 500mg paracetamol as a suicide attempt and was rushed into hospital and i refused treatment i felt fine, i then took another attempt in february of 64 co-codamol 200mg and 120 500mg paracetamol and went into cardiac arrest but 3 hours later i discharged myself from hospital, in march i did the same but nothing happened apart from a small amount of blood in my urine and vomiting. now in april i took an overdose of 28 nitrazapam 5mg and 28 mitrazapime 30mg and again was taken into hospital and was discharged within 4 hours as my blood came back clean…… today i went to the doctors and was told my liver has only 25% functionality i may need a transplant

Comment by marina the fish fannie
2010-06-02 20:57:41



Comment by junior
2010-09-04 16:17:42

if you wanted to die you wouldnt have gone to the hospial!!!!!
And what is it with all the 13 and 14 year olds trying to od?????? fix up your kids you think your life’s shit, wait untill you get older then it will either get better or worse

Comment by Anon
2011-02-03 12:13:33

Yeah junior, that’s a really encouraging thing to say.. moron.

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-21 12:43:15

im kinda hoping better but i’ve heard voices and seen things since i was six i regular overdose and slit my wrists i’ve tried to kill myself twice (not by overdose) but im 13 now and things are steadily getting worse!!!

Comment by deb
2012-03-06 06:49:09

who have you been talking too darlin,? yr to young to hear voices and stuff stop reading this sort of thing omn the internet… please. that can play with your young mind talk to a real person hey .. u be rite matey x

Comment by annon
2010-05-13 06:24:10

i’ve been taking 20 panadol a day for about 2 years…obviously i worked up to it with starting with just five at a time….now i take ten in the morning and ten around lunch time…at first i had stommache pains but i don’t have them anymore….i’m a bit worried at teh moment because i took my usual 20 but now i’ve taken another 20 in the same day but over a period of 13 hours….hope i don’t die because i’m not doing it to suicide but i have a feeling i won’t feel to good in the morning

Comment by sammie
2010-05-19 13:13:26

ive just taken 6 paracentamols in 2 and a half hours , and errm will that do anything is it a overdose ?

Comment by annie
2010-05-20 11:37:17

hi. im not sure what to think. im going through what i think is a tough time. im a good person. have a great future ahead but i took 4 500mg paracetamol about 1 week ago, went to bed and was okay i guess as i slept most of the time (during night) but just now about 15 mins ago i consumed 8 500mg paracetomols. it was in the spur of the moment. not too sure what to do. its late in the evening now so if anything i will contact my doctors tomorrow. im 23, a female and weigh about 9stones. how does the equation thing work out. shall i try being sick? all ur help is and will be greatly appreciated. im getting a slight stich in my lower belly.

thank you.

Comment by anon
2010-05-25 09:41:28

my niece had an overdose tonight, she’s 14, weighs about 60 – 65kgs and took between 15 – 18 paracetamol, within a few hours of taking them, she showed symptoms of confusion, incoherant, drowsy and irratable, she is since in hospital overnight with treatment of charcoal and ECG and regular vital checks and a counselling referral, with the knowledge from the professionals (DOCTORS) that liver failure can occur after 3 days of overdose, i am surprised by how many ppl are on here asking complete strangers what “they” should do about their health, instead of the men and women who’ve dedicated yrs of study AND training, who could advise AND treat you in these circumstances, if you don’t want to consult your doctor, ask a pharmasist/chemist, who have also been trained or a nurse. i personally would advise seeking medical attention as soon as possible and visit your GP to arrange some kind of counselling, because obviously there is something you are not coping with well and are looking to overdose as a “quickfix” to make things “go away”, as i told my niece tonight, “if we lost you, we could never replace you”, think of those who love you before you take that plunge, seek help, there’s NO shame in admitting you need help!!

Comment by Shaiista x
2010-05-27 08:27:33

ii have just taken 23 paracetamol capsules (500g)
i feel nausic but i do</strike dont want to tell my family members that ii havee taken an overdose,
heelp? :O

Comment by Ponka
2010-06-02 20:53:44

well you proberly might get liver failure, hurry and see a doctor! before its to late you could be saved if you get the antidote now.

Comment by NASA
2010-05-30 08:58:25

I had a friend who OD’d on paracetamol tablets. She never made it. A massive dose with an improper tolerance test IS fatal if mixed with other barbs like blues or downers. If you or someone you know has taken a great quantity of these pills and is in and out of consciousness get to a medic IMMEDIATELY. Dying from liver damage is extremely unpleasant. Suicide is no way for you to die. Stay safe.


Comment by Zuzu
2010-06-02 20:55:41

and how is it unpleasant? is it a burning feeling? loads of screaming in pain?
and what happens when the person who has overdosed finally dies?
do they just close their eyes and go to sleep? well?

Comment by popm
2010-06-04 16:47:58

I dont think she knows which means she was lying

Comment by student.nurse
2010-08-05 16:01:14

she isn’t lying at all… i have witnessed many deaths due to liver failure, through the excessive ingestion of paracetamol… and it is an awful way to die… they are in AGONY!!! they do not just fall asleep… so don’t believe people that tell you thats what happens… i deal with overdoses on a daily basis, and I feel that you would all benefit in reading genuine medical research relating to the damage done to the liver by a paracetamol overdose… especially an overdose that is not treated with Parvolex (wikipedia and listening to other people on here that clearly have no idea what they are talking about is not going to help… talking to medical professionals is the only way forward)

Comment by Sadness
2010-06-02 20:52:19

Oh Paracetamol your my only friend :) * hugs Paracetamol aww your so warm and burning, too many of you proberly would burn my insides

you might cause slow painful deaths but at least you dont cause stinking which is worst when it is linked to diarrhea.

ibuprofen has nothing on you paracetamol. oh paracetamol your the queen of queens! or kings w/e you are.

Comment by Zuzu
2010-06-02 20:56:06


Comment by mark
2011-07-08 13:04:10

f ing d head.

Comment by catrina
2010-06-03 06:47:49

can u plz help me i am 10 years old and i just took 8 capluts

Comment by muron
2010-06-03 10:02:28

Well Catrina i think you should go to the hospital, even 8 is enough for a OD
you will most likley vomit up most of it. your very lucky you didnt take more than 8

Comment by catrina
2010-06-03 23:17:25

thanks muron

Comment by Sian
2010-08-23 14:48:41

I took 3 times the amount as Catrina did, I did it 9 months ago and yes I did vomit alot the next day
any advise?

Comment by sally
2011-07-11 03:23:38

go tell your mum please dont wait get to hospital straight away

Comment by mish
2011-08-03 08:16:19

well,wat will happen if i take 30 paracetamol and dont tell my parents or anyone? will i die…? huh?

Comment by Callie
2010-06-07 03:13:17

My sister is in the hospital right now on life support because she overdosed on paracetamol. She told me this morning that she had taken around 50 tabs in the last few days and asked me for advise on what to do. (she has also just started on antidepressents, which im guessing hasn’t started working yet).I imediently rushed her to the nearest hospital and has gotten worse and worse so quickly ever since and now here she is.
Anyway my point is my sister is now dying from having taken paracetamol over a period of time, not just all at once. She is 20 years old.

Comment by sothisiswhatwillhappentome
2010-06-07 15:31:16

So that is the outcome of only 50?

i guess that exsplains deaths from low dose paracetamol poisoning …
imagine taking 120 with asprin……… damn…. why oh why….

well heres the stages if anyone cares to read upon them….. of parecetemol poisoning.

Stage 1 (0.5-24 h postingestion)
- The first stage lasts for 24 hours.
- Patients have anorexia, nausea, vomiting, malaise, and diaphoresis. These clinical signs are nonspecific.

Stage 2 (24-72 h postingestion)
- The second stage begins 24 hours after ingestion and lasts for another 48 hours.
- Stage 1 symptoms become less evident than before and/or resolve.
- Patients present with pain and tenderness in the right upper quadrant. Liver enlargement (hepatomegaly) can be present. Some patients may report decreased urinary output (oliguria).
- Acute pancreatitis (eg, abdominal pain, elevated lipase, p-amylase) has been reported in patients who concurrently drink alcohol.

Stage 3 (72-120 h postingestion)
- Stage 3 develops 3-5 days after ingestion.
- Symptoms seen in stage 1 (eg, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, malaise) reappear along with signs of hepatic failure with jaundice, hypoglycemia, bleeding (coagulopathies), encephalopathy, and/or sepsis. Renal failure and cardiomyopathy may also occur.
- Renal involvement from acute tubular necrosis is evident with abnormal renal function studies, proteinuria, hematuria and granular casts on urinalysis. Acute renal failure occurs in 25% of patients with significant hepatotoxicity and in > 50% of those with hepatic failure.
- Death is most common during stage 3, with multiorgan failure as the primary cause.

Stage 4 (5-14 d postingestion)
- Stage 4 occurs 5-14 days after ingestion. This stage can last as long as 21 days.
- Patients either have a complete recovery of liver function or they die.
- In patients who recover, the period to normalization may take several weeks. Hepatic histiologic recovery lags behind clinical recovery and can take as long as 3 months to resolve.
- Acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity does not cause chronic hepatic dysfunction.

well Callie i wish you and your sister the best of luck xxxxxx
hope she makes it though.

Comment by Patricia
2010-06-12 12:32:20

does anyone no if the drug snowblow can cause you to take an overdose as my brother has recently overdosed on paracetemol after admitting to takin snow blow the night before, any advice is welcome please

Comment by daisy
2010-06-13 08:10:48

my sister took an overdose last night, the paramedics turned up and she refused to go…
he also said, that its not the fact she could die because the chanced of that is slim when taking an overdose of paracetemol, its the long term affects. :/ she took 18 and this was bad, so please don’t do it. im sure what ever is making you want to do this, isnt worth your death and pain to your loved ones :) xxx

Comment by John Wilkinson
2010-06-19 13:02:03

I have been taking Co-codamol for abpiy 8 years, I have severe arthiritis and sometimes take upto 8 a night, I was rushed intyo hospital following an accident and receiving a head injury, they did blood tests and it has come back I have serious Liver damage, this was over 8 years, I am seeing the Doctor Monday morning…I hope I surviive

Comment by Unsure.
2010-06-19 18:43:44

I’ve just taken 14 tablets containing 500mg of paracetemol. I plan on taking 6 more.
I’m 14.
Will this have any affect on me?

Comment by Possibly.
2010-06-21 06:17:10

Im 13 and I’m always popping pills.
I recently took 38 Paracetamol and told nobody, 12 hours later im bringing yellow vomit up, i can hardly move, what should I do, Im scared i’ll get shouted at and everything, But the stomach pains are so bad.

Comment by worried mum
2010-06-22 04:14:26

My 15 year old daughter took 8 paracetamole while at school yesterday. She seemed to slur her words and was very quiet. Took her to the local GP and the said she would be fine but they wouldnt know if she has caused liver damage for a few days. Have told her to see a counciler to get to the reason she done what she did.
It left me feeling like a bad mother as i did not notice she was feeling low.
All her friends and sister was in tears at school and it left my self and my husband feeling that we need to walk on egg shells now in fear of upsetting her!

Comment by Person with an attitude
2010-06-26 18:48:02

Well Worried mother! You need to Get up off your backside and keep a eye on her meaning you and your husband!

walking on eggshells in fear becuse of her emotions? I think you need to Keep your medicine Cabinets locked and keep the pills where she Cant get ahold of them.

somethings made her upset and unless you sort the problem out she will always be suicidal. everyone knows when they take more than one pill they are overdosing and hoping to kill themselfs. there is no such thing as a accidental OD, unless your drunk or drugged up to the max.

Im not sure how you and your husband brought up your daughter but she obviously has problems and if you dont sort them out its bound to get Worse!

also she needs to realise if she keeps that up she can end up dead or she can damage her liver and could eventually lead to death?

make her realise that she has alot to live for and also teach her that overdosing on any pill is a painful slow death. like i said anyone who overdoses must know it causes trouble.

well she only took 8 so she should be alright but it can cause major problems becuse taking over 2 is most likley a overdose or 4 or something like that.

Comment by bigger attitude!!!
2010-07-28 12:46:13

well person with attitude i think you have some cheek to speak to a concerned parent like that and even have a bigger nerve to question there perenting and the childs up bringing!!!!!! people have diffrent problems and sometimes a parent can give a child all the love in the world but the child will still find a problem its called BEEN A TEENAGER!!!! and the more you persue a chld to tell you the further they will go to hurt you, the best think to do with a child is not lock everything away as this will add to the problem and make the child go to greater lenghts to show there problem they will see the lack of trust you have in them and do worse next time!! the best think to do is watch your child (but not to the obvious extent miss attitude is telling you you dont want her to act on the trust issue 2) and get your daughter help but make sure shes ready, and in time your child will open up to you, sometimes its easier for a tteenager to talk to a stranger than there parents but by all means do ask your daughter if she wants to talk to you first as she may well want to but from my experience who was a teenager just like your daughter this is the best way it worked for me!! im 23 now married with 2 children my husband is a soldier and my life is perfect, re assure your daughter hers will be to!!!

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-05 15:32:04

I’m 16 and have taken multiple overdoses, the last two quite severe. My parents found that locking ALL medicines away was the only way to keep me safe. I did go to greater lengths but it made the overdoses less frequent because of the lengths I had to go to to actually get an amount of paracetomal that could kill me.
Ignore the person that is being very rude.
Encourage your gp to get her help.
8 really isn’t very serious and sounds to me a bit more like a cry for help than a suicide intention but beat it before it gets too bad because I wouldn’t wish the complications I now have anyone.
Hope everythings ok, best wishes x

Comment by Sarah
2010-07-04 17:44:24

i want to take an overdose, because i am all depressed :( i feel like i dont want to live nemore, i cant be dealin with all this nemore :( but im scared :’( i just want to take it and go to sleep what will happen to me…?

i love my family &+ friends very much (L) :’( xx

Comment by moomoo
2010-07-10 23:40:56

@sarah Didnt you just read the comments people left?

its a horrific death! and not worth it! besides you dont just die you stay alive for weeks in hospital and die a slow painful death while family members are beside you.

and if you live you then have to live in pain. and liver pains are TERRIBLE!

Comment by Sarah
2010-07-04 17:47:01

i forgot to say im 16, 17 in september, i weigh 6 stone and my hight is 4 ft 10.

Comment by Becca
2010-07-10 10:15:44

I took an overdose of 20 paracetamols on Tuesday because I felt worthless and unwanted. I received the treatment needed because about 7 hours after taking them the thought of death scared me so I told my parents, who took me to hospital straight away. I wouldn’t recommend it, it is the worst pain ever. I felt dizzy, I couldn’t stop vomiting, I felt so confused, I couldn’t speak and was also suffering from jaundice. Even after four days I still feel dizzy sometimes. I really thought I was going to die and it is the scariest thing ever, seriously not worth it. I’m now pretty confused because I thought that I wanted to get out of hospital, but now that I am, I would rather be back. Not sure why, but I think it is because I hate the thought of having to confront people and I am scared of the judgement I’m sure I will receive. I might possibly still have been in hospital today if I had told them I was still feeling down but to be honest; at the time I felt fine. I now feel my life will never be the same and I’m scared of what the long term affects will be.

Basically, if you are thinking of overdosing, try to find the strength not to and talk to someone. I wish I had just told someone because I wouldn’t be feeling the worst I’ve ever felt; and I’m only 19.

Comment by /Jess
2010-07-29 15:22:18

i wanna do that but im so scared of death i just wanna sleep forever and wake up wen everyone has forgiven me

Comment by brian
2010-08-24 02:02:47

becca u just need a big hug hope things are better in your life now talk to some one take care of u hugs brianxoxo

Comment by phil simmonds
2010-07-26 15:55:20

2yrs ago i took 32 paracetamol and drank half a bottle of whisky, i read the last chapter of my book,closed my eyes and expected never to wake again.when i did wake i felt cheated but my mind was a little clearer and so i went to the hospital who offered me counciling, which is not for me. my question is that since that overdose i have gone completely off drinking water. from drinking 2 to 3 litres a day i cannot drink more than a sip full. any ideas as why

Comment by Naja
2011-05-11 17:06:53

Hi Phil
You have proberbly some low levels of Natrium and proberly also Kalium in your blod.
I have the same problem in periods after an Paracetamol OD 20 years ago. I cure myself taking half a tee-spoon full of kitchen salt and swallow it with some water. Then usually some thirst will come within an hour or two. If not I repeat it, but dont take more than a teespoon a day, and only days where I’m not thirsty. I always use plenty of salt on my food.
I just got my blod tested for Natriun and Kalium and they were both too low, out of normal. I have tried with some Kalium tabs some long ago but felt strange (ill) when I took them, so I dont use them anymore. I bought them because I saw that it together with Natriumchlorid were the ingrediens in the powder you can buy to put in water and drink if you are dehydrated or have direarhea, wich you can also use instead (If you can drink it). And please dont listen to people who tells you that salt is unhealthy, or that you use too much…
Hope this will help you to get your motor going.

Comment by Julia Brooks
2010-07-28 07:55:09

I took 12 500mg paracetamol last friday, I weigh 73 kgs. I vomited twice half hour after taking the tablets. Is it likely to cause me problems now? I feel/have felt fine since vomiting.

Comment by junior
2010-09-04 15:52:51

paracetamol are sold in mostly packs of 16′s because most people can not od on so few pills

Comment by aly
2010-08-08 07:45:50

|I am 35 years old and have suffered from depression for all of my adult life. I have been on antidepressants for probably 15 years now and although the antidepressants stop me from feeling suicidal, they also make me feel emotionally numb.

I feel like i have never really connected with anyone (not sure whether this is the effect of the antidepressants) and never fitted in. I know i will never be cured of this depression and will continue to take these horrible tablets for the rest of my life, and the thought of this is almost unbearable.

Whilst i appreciate the good things i have in my life and have achieved this does not balance out the view that my life is ultimately pointless. I wish i could just go to sleep and never wake up and yes this may sound selfish but so what, at least the pain of life would be over.

Comment by seanski
2012-01-09 09:11:40

what you said about never connecting with anyone and never fitting in hit home with me, im 43 yo male, and suffered with and been medically treated for depression for approx 15 years, but my life still seems to becoming more unbearable on a daily basis, i came on here to investigate the usefullness of paracetomel for od,ing

Comment by jackie
2010-08-28 03:54:45

on monday (today is saturday) i took 8 ibuprofen and 4 paracetomal, i went to hospital and i was fine. on wednesday i took 6 then on thursday i took 8 and last night i took 12 is this bad? im only 14

Comment by junior
2010-09-04 15:50:14

ibuprofen can not and will not kill you, it will mess up your inside but thats it, 4 paracetamol is nothing to worry about you should be fine

Comment by Swifty
2010-09-01 16:50:22

Here’s some advice from someone whos been there and knows what happens.

Two years ago i took 120 paracetamol tablets within 6 hours. I’m not a healthy person, however, i WAS rushed to hospital, i was immediately put on a drip to counter-act the damage. I was later told by the doctor if i’d got to hospital an hour later i’d have needed a liver transplant to survive. Chances are i wouldnt have got it. I spent 12 days in hospital on a drip having 6-8 blood tests a day to check my liver function. I was sectioned after for 4 months because of the OD.

It made me feel really sick, paracetamol ODs also cause your sense of smell to change. Everything smelt like rotten fish and cat vomit. You need a fair few tablets to do immediate damage but theres no way of knowing if small ODs will affect you later on in life.

I’m still having blood tests to check my liver function, i cant drink or take painkillers anymore.

Paracetamol ODs ARE serious, if you’ve taken one, get advice immediately, this way you have a better chance of no long term damage.

Finally, ODs like this, take a long time to kill you, its a painful and sickening way to go. Get checked if you’ve taken an OD it only takes a blood test and is worth finding out if you need to take action or to put your mind at rest if your okay.

Take it from someone whos done it, its a bad thing to go through, dont take the risk.

Comment by lilly
2010-09-08 22:15:05

i’ve taken 10 pacacitamol at the same time, im 18 i weight 55kgs, its only been probly 30 mins since i didnt it, im feeling really tired, is anything eles going to happen?
also i’ve been drinking alot of alchole latly.

Comment by No name entered
2010-09-14 09:38:14

reading all this makes me realise that what i did was so stupid. i took 10 mixed with wine and im fine. no pains. no nothing.
lets just say you will have to take like 100 tablets to get seriously ill but who would want to do that anyway? if your concerned go to a doctor cause on a website people arnt going to take you seriously but dont do it in future maybe you all need help if you want to overdose
Kind regards

Comment by No name entered
2010-09-14 09:40:29

the only people your hurting is the people who care about you.

Comment by Jane
2010-09-15 16:45:31

When I was 15 I took around 30 paracetamol and I went to the hospital.They did loads of tests but never ended up giving me anything to counteract the pills as they said it was too late (by the time they’d finished with the tests) and they thought nothing too bad would happen. I know it wasn’t a very big overdose but since then I’ve been having lots of kidney problems.

Comment by CHICHIC
2010-09-18 17:07:48

I’m really anxious about Uni and in the last few weeks I’ve become hopeless and fearful of my future. However, what made me look at my situation in a different light is reading all of your comments. I say this because I didn’t come on here looking to be saved..not in a manner I was conscious of anyhow but I came on here trying to get a clue on how many pills will do me justice to end my life. I’ve had many attempts of suicide in the past and every time I’ve failed I was thankful to have lived another day. Shit happens but time heals everything. LET THE SECOND BECOME A MINUTE, LET THE MINUTE BECOME AN HOUR AND THE HOUR A DAY…life goes on, on, on, on, and on. I’m learning this I as go and so should you.

I’m very glad I came on this page and read all the comments…positive/negative…made me look at myself. I AM NOT ALONG IN FEELING SAD AND LONELY but at the END of the day it’s just a feeling.

Comment by Aimee
2010-09-20 04:01:28

I’ve been depressed for many years now but wen I got into college I felt better x but then a week before starting I started to have seconds thoughts x I told my
mum this but she got stroppy with me saying I should move out and that she doesn’t want me here x this has extremely upset me and Now I’m wanting to overdose I ffeel like what’s the point in life x I am only 16 but already part of me wants to just go x any advice please ?

Comment by Private
2010-09-21 16:19:13

if u want to talk ever let me know :)

Comment by Aimee
2010-10-03 16:02:50

Well the truth is after writing this comment I took 15 tablets in one go :/ I got rushed to hospital where I had to stay all day and get my stomach pumped x I no regret it but at lease I’m finally getting help x to all those people out there who want to overdose don’t do it believe me and I u do or have go straight to the hospital wether u feel ok or not cause I only took 15 but my doctor sed if I’d taken two more I could of damaged my liver cause I had so much paracetamol in my blood stream x so I’m just telling u now don’t do it :/

Comment by Private
2010-09-21 15:07:43

back last august i took 70 paracetamol over 2 days, i was really sick for 2-3 days as i didnt goto hospital, i then took 16 here and there now and agen, and the other day while on holiday to do being left alone there, i took another 12, i was sick, and havent felt well since, i feel sick right now, headaches constantly too, but still not done anything about it… not worth it will not do it again, ive just been so depressed, im just afraid of what the outcome will be now

Comment by paigee
2010-09-22 00:18:18

i took an overdose yesturday at half 4
i spoke to my friend marcus about it, and he said we’ll see how you feel in 12 hours,
i ent gone to school because im really REALLY ill, i keep feeling sick
my belly mucles are hurting.
iv been diagnosed with anorexia
so my family thinks its just that.
i have no one to talk to, im just 13.
i cant go the doctors on my own i need help
i thought i wanted to die.
but i dont :’(

Comment by paigee
2010-09-22 00:22:15

sorry i missed out that i had 22 paracetamol’s and 8 of another tablet

Comment by Marc
2010-09-24 05:59:15

I took an overdose in 2004 of 32 paracetmol with a cup of tea, not really thinking about it and in a state of panic, I was taken to hospital (within timescales) and an antidote was administered. I was admitted overnight and released the next day, i was not involved with any mental healths teams afterwards.

I took another overdose last year, i did it on purpose, and this is the part that confuses me, I took 48 Paracetmol and 14 Nytol tablets (a total of 62 tablets) with a full bottle of red wine. This was at 7pm, i fell asleep and woke up at 11pm vomiting. According to timescales, it takes 2 hrs for it to leave your stomach and do damage. I went to hospital, vomiting all the way, part taxi, part walking, i was in a bit of a state, i got there and what i cannot understand was i wasn’t admitted, i didn’t even get an antidote, something sound a bit screwy to you? I’d be dead now right? or have done some serious damage?

Since then I have been involved with mental health teams and even been sectioned for two months and they have only succeeded in making me feel worse about myself. I went to see my GP a few weeks ago and asked for a checkup, you’d expect them to do bloods, blood suger, chloestrol etc and all he did was lift up my shirt and listen to my heart and chest. My whole sense of reality is up shit creek.

At the time of taking the overdose i was staying in a hostel, how would i know if i hadn’t have died in the hostel? an am now in some strange warped afterlife?

Comment by Liisa
2010-10-02 02:34:44

To all the lovely, precious people – I mean YOU!
Don’t do any harm to yourself. It’s not worth it, either way. Common sense.
If you die, you’re gone leaving people behind who will be desperate with guilt.
If you don’t die, you won’t be healthy any more, further making your life more miserable.
Seek help, be honest and you’ll have life!
I’m 50 today and happy. Had a terrible childhood, even more terrible youth, two broken marriages ( the first husband committed suicide)… Whatever. I don’t dwell in these past pains. It’s a choice. I want to live.
Change your attitude, that’s worth a try.
Do something about the things that are wrong, it doesn’t happen alone.
God bless you all!

Comment by Sheila
2010-10-02 21:03:27

Been sitting here all night, cant sleep just sitting here contemplating the end. Have a selection of meds which i have been hoarding and plan to take. Not going to tell anyone cos i dont want to be found,

Comment by Aimee
2010-10-03 16:05:15

Dont do it to yourself !!!!!!!

Comment by Ella
2010-10-03 19:33:19

Just a few days ago i took 24 Panadols and did not seek medical help. I threw up and was feeling very dizzy and so on. Now i still feel a bit confused and so on.. Should I seek medical elp even at this stage? Do you think I have damaged my Liver?

Comment by stuart
2010-10-04 06:00:44

iv taken several OD’s the past and just ended up vomiting it all back up,my constitution literally wont let me kill myself!!The hospital halfheartedly interview me the next day as is routine and then just send me on my not so merry way.Im on an 8 fucking month waiting list to speak to psychiatrists although i dont see what good thats going to do,so called ‘loved ones’ claim to give a shit about my depression until it becomes too real and when it comes down to it i know just resent me for it.I have fuck all in common with anyone iv ever met and as soon as the word depression is mention people ARE viewd with some destain in our society.Iv lost jobs because of it lost the girl i loved who now refuses to speak to me,im 22 and since my early teens i just dont want to be a part of this pointless evil world,for some reason i am incapabable of being happy.I wish i could meet some of you people who have left comments on here because you obviously know were i’m coming from,sadly im surrounded by voids,pointess empty black holes of people who havent got a fucking clue.fuck them.fuck this.If i lived in america i could just buy a gun and painlessly without fuss end this bullshit.Good luck to you all.X

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-05 15:20:29

I’ve taken five overdoses in the last year, my first just 16 paracetomal and gradually increasing. My last was on three days ago now, I took 64 paracetomal at 500mg each. I only weigh 46kg so was very dangerous for my weight. I’ve recieved treatment and been discharged however I’ve now got severe pain in my back around my kidneys. Is this normal, am I going to be ok?

Comment by Eoin
2010-10-19 05:10:49

thats the biggest load of shit! meby 16 ….. i wouldnt even beileve thet but 64 u twat. thats just a lie.

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-27 23:26:10

That was uncalled for, sorry but if you make comments like that then you clearly don’t understand, the amount of paracetamol depends on the amount and each person reacts differently to it, so perhaps this did cause major effects to this gil, on the other hand someone could take a small amount and be dead.

Really depends on the person.

Now I hope you get the help you need Hayley!!!

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-27 23:27:07

Girl* sorry my mind must be off today.

Comment by Hayley
2012-07-24 23:04:46

You should realise that allot of individuals want to die, you shouldn’t judge anybody.

Comment by Ellie Jaye
2010-10-07 05:46:49

I took a paracetamol overdose a couple of days ago and i bitterly regret it. I took 16 tablets of paracetamol and 20 co codamol which no one knows about, but it contains paracetamol which is why i took it. I went to bed and was on my ipod and started to feel very sick and dizzy, my grandparents and my mum called an ambulance(we live with my grandparents) and the ambulance and police came and i was taken to hospital. I was extremely sick and had to stay overnight and talk to a phsyciatrist. I regret putting my mum and grandparents through that and all of my family and my mums friends have come to see that i wasd ok, even my uncle drove all the way down from kent to check on me. All of this had made me see how much i am loved and how much it would have affected everyone if i had succeeded in my attempt to take my life. If i had gone to sleep i maybe might have not woken up, so i am lucky my nan found me. The nurse said she had seen someone come in that had taken 6 paracetamol tablets and had died, so i am very lucky to be alive. I was already under counselling for depression and suicidal thoughts, but it came as a shock to everyone. I urge anyone planning to do this to not exceed the reccomended dose of 2 tablets. I am only 14 years old and have realised the severity of what i have done and the affect it has had on everyone. Please anyone who is trying to kill themselves, dont do it. No matter how old you are you have a life ahead of you. Think of your family and how it will affect them. I found out the hard way, and i know it may feel like the only escape from everything, but if you survive you will be in agony from stomach pains and you will have permanent liver damage. I have a phobia of needles and had to have 3 blood tests, and my blood tests thankfully came back i have no liver damage and no pain but i feel so dizzy and sick i havnt eaten in three days. Please do not do this to yourself as you will regret it. I didnt think i’d regret it but i do, after surviving this ordeal and what i have put everyone through i urge anyone who is thinking of killing themselves in this way or any way, please dont do it, get help, before its too late.

Comment by Ally
2010-10-09 15:11:10


Comment by Eoin
2010-10-19 05:08:21

i took 7 (500mg) tablets of paracetamol in 1 go acouple of days ago and i didnt die r nothin, like my organs didnt fail like is suposed to happen. though i did feel really really tired and fell asleep in class about 6 times lol and it gave me a head ache and cramp.

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-27 23:28:31

Nice of you to tell the girl off in the comment above.

If there’s anyone who knows about Panadol I do.

I have taken over 100 tablets of Panadol gradually.

So…if you need help to die I can help you.

Just don’t be nasty to anyone okay.

Comment by jc
2010-10-26 04:03:37

err..ok, just reading some of these comments has got me really worried.

i mean, i was concerned about my daily intake (15-20 Paramol tablets)

Thats what prompted the research, but i didn’t think i could die, as many people have commented, and with less tablets than i take every day!

weirdly, i don’t seem to be experiencing any ill-effects at all…safe the fact that i’ve developed a bit of an addiction problem to the dihydrocodeine in the paramol.

at the risk of sounding blase, i would say you would have to take more than 20 500mg tabs a day to od, how much more, i couldn’t say.


Comment by Hayley
2010-10-26 23:46:34

Hi all,

Yes I have overdosed, first time I did it was last september when my gf at the time broke up with me through a text message on the phone, and the abuse I coped from the internet and also from work which led me to take 48 panadol (never done that before), which I went yellow I didn’t seek treatment till about two weeks after when they just put me on Saline solution in Emergency Department also with filthy looks because I wanted to die, I was only 19 by the way, when I told Collin the manager at the time when I worked in the cafe he “told me that I should of went and died, and how noone cared”, keeping in mind this was last september, now after this I took 65 panadol feeling very I’ll not vomiting just very I’ll and also your mind goes in overdrive “Like speed”, “not good”, I spent that time one week in Hospital in Emergency Short Stay, they discharged me it wasn’t until again in December, I took heaps of Aspirin, Panadol and Ibprofen which then I actually I actually got admitted into a long stay mental health ward for two weeks before christmas, ended up trying to commit suicide again so they put me in December/January which was very traumatic, then Feb I was admitted into the Short Stay Mental Health Ward in Emergency for a couple of days, April I decided that I wanted to commit suicide, “so they scheduled me under the Mental Health Act 2004″, to Cumberland Hospital in Hainsworth for a couple of days, June I had a relapse where I took 48 tablets of ibprofen, stayed in there for about a day then got discharged, haven’t been in there since, but still I have been abusing medication again, probably started in October earlyish to now, a couple of panadol here and a couple of panadol there everyday now because I am severely depressed mind you.

They diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression/Anxiety, still after all this time I still relive events that happened when I overdosed and went to work the next day at the Cafe.

I mean…..when I say liver pains it’s on your right side, your left side, your heart beats wierdly, you sweat allot.

You begin to go into a state of pyschosis or speed like where things seem like they are surreal.

You’re talking to someone who has abused, Celapram, who has abused Lexapro, Lovan, Cymbalta, and my current medication Zoloft.

I’m only twenty years old and two months so….all this and I am still here, even though as I typed this I feel a bit dizzy and out of it even though I took about 3 or 4.

I’m okay just letting you all know.

Comment by abee.abee
2010-10-27 16:01:46

I am really contemplating OD’ing, I have never done it before. I am depressed and under the care of the Mental Health team. What will 24 Panadol Extra (500mg per tablet) and 11 Diazepam do to you? I am on anti depressants, Lofepramine max dose 210mg and Lithium 408mg. Please can someone tell me what taking that amount of stuff do.

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-27 23:36:28

We’ll firstly, 24 panadol extra has 500mg of paracetamol and Hydrochloride or something along those lines so, if you have a weak liver or are a low body weight or simply your genetics perhaps you may get very I’ll from this amount, I should know, I have taken 24 before normal tablets and this made me feel the acid like effects as it dissolves into your stomach, the few hours after you can actually taste, smell , and feel the pain of the dissolved substance which really does smell if you breath on someone they can tell if your taking pills or not.

I wouldn’t recommend it but it’ your choice, I still abuse Panadol now.

11 Diazepam as in Valium?

If you do this and take a large amount of Panadol then not only will you feel sick, you will fall asleep and probably wake up hours later depending on if you take alcohol with it or more tablets, you may vomit in your sleep.

When the panadol sets in, the effects are like you’re on speed then a severe crash with vomiting/naseua* excuse the spelling.

If you don’t seek treatment like me, the effects set in and you practically….suffer severe pain and I mean severe okay.

Just think about it darling.

You sure you want to do this.

I’m only 20…so if you want to talk go ahead I won’ judge you.

Comment by pp
2010-10-29 04:21:23

hello, im pp (dont want to say my real name).
im 13 years old, 14 in april.
and about a month ago i had an overdose,
22 paracetamol, then 8 iburophen.
and i kept being sick and i had a really bad headache.

a couple of weeks later, my friend forced me to try a fag, and all together we had 10 fags each.
im not a smoke’er, it was just that night.

and then a couple of weeks after that i had a caffine oner dose,
i had 13 energy drinks in the space of 3 hours.
i felt sick and wore out.

but today a month later
i keep getting pains in my ribs, so i dont a little research,
overdose’s mess your liver up.
but its spread all around my body.

no body knows about this other then my 2 friends,
i dont want to tell my mom,dad or any other adult
im on my own
i need help
am i dye’ing ?

please someone give me some answers (LLL)

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-31 21:32:24


About your wife it really depends on her bodytype and how much she took, if so, usually about a couple of hours before it fully takes affect, the only visable signs to note is her pupils, she will complain or anybody will complain of feeling sick,having a headache, pains in the lower abdominal region basically your liver it will pulse and ache, if let untreated people can turn yellow in the skin or in the eyes, she might complain of seeing things or how things seem speed up more than usual, maybe she might ask is someone playing music so fast or is it just me.

Something along those lines, don’t dely help.

I know what it’s like.

Comment by Hayley
2010-10-31 21:35:03

Little girl it is advisable you seek treatment for this overdose,

I know the effects as explained below, and if you are experiencing such pains it’s best to go get a blood test at your local doctors or if you’re brave enough Hospital just expect them to treat you like shit they have done that to me, shoving the cannula in my arm, whilst moving it around just to be assholes, or moving the needle around when they were taking blood tests.

So it’s up to you, be brave about it though

I’m here to help :)

Comment by seamus
2010-10-29 20:36:57

hi my wife got really drunk to night and had a fallin out with her dad she took 18 paracetamol about 2 oclock but fell asleep at 20 past 3 i just woke her up now at half 4 and she was very aware of whats going on would they have takin affect by now i really am worried she has never done anything like this before would i be ok waitin till morning or should there be something i should be now please reply to me

Comment by Tom
2010-10-30 16:37:31

Hope your wife was ok.

Seriously, taking paracetamol as a suicide plot is probably one of the worst ways to die possible. Your liver will be permanently damaged and you will go through a LOT of pain. (It’s not very effective at doing it quickly either) If your feeling depressed, just be glad your not in heaps of pain or hospital. Sure, you might be in a dead end job or finished a relationship, but at least your not in A&E yellow and throwing up violently. Don’t be so selfish, harming your family and friends and taking spaces in A&E that people who don’t want to die need. Go tell people you know that your feeling suicidal, they’ll help out. One of my Dad’s best friends died with a similar overdose and his family suffered really badly.

If your suffering after taking a large dose of paracetamol (i.e. 16 Tablets +), go see a doctor urgently. What’s the worst that can happen? So what if they say you don’t have anything, that’s good! Go get yourself sorted out. You only have one liver look after it.

Comment by Jackie
2010-11-02 13:54:08

im 14, nearly 15 and in the last 2-3 months ive taken about 26 overdoses…mainly paracetamol but twice was ibuprofen and twice was anadin extra ranging from 4-24 tablets each time (16 tablets at once about 15 times)
i dont know what to do…i just wanna get everything off my chest but i dont know what to do :/
i always feel sick and get really dizzy and shaky sometimes…what should i do? i dont want my mum to know…

Comment by pam
2010-11-04 19:46:07

My 2nd son died at 5mths old when my eldest was 5yrs old. I lost my dad 1yr later. My eldest is now 17 and I have a 4 and 2yr old son. Life has been real tuff I’ve an unccurable disease but I still persever, I have to be strong as my little ones and big 1 needs me. My partner at 10pm swollowed 16x 500mg paracetamol 16x 200mg ibuprofen 4x 400mg ibuprofen 16x hayfever tablets 16x 400mg metronidazole. He had 4 cans of stella between 3-5.45pm. I want to call an ambulance but know he will refuse to get in it. At this early hrs of morning/night i dont want to wake the kids but know I must put him 1st. I have read so many failed attempts In the above especially teenagers- tears to my eyes fell, the pain and unhappiness I felt it, bless you all…and it makes me think oh he’ll i.e- my partner will be alright, But!!!! if hes not im am the guilty f’ing gutless one who may as well be classed as a murderer leaving him. I dont want him to die of cause not, but I don’t think! I want him anymore now either because hes doing this over a stupid crappy answer he gives to a question he asks me and as you can imagine its all bollucks. No trust no relationship but that don’t mean no dad to his living three boys or son to his parents brother nephew cousin etc….
Please anybody contemplating death dont do it, death is not only final for the one who dies, it destroys family and friends beyond!!!!!!!!!!! I know this for a fact. Take care all, you will find your silver linning 1day

Comment by sarah
2010-11-05 12:44:10

i have overdosed several times in last few months. but this last week on monday i took 16 and on wed night i took 48 paracetamol. since this i have had servire pain in stomach, i went to a&e straight away, and on wednesday i had to have the charcol drink. i dont regret any of it and i am still thinking about doing it again.

Comment by handyman
2010-11-05 20:37:39

How old are you Sarah?

Comment by Harryholland
2010-11-06 06:32:10

Sadly,a paracetamol overdose is fatal as the liver will never recover.I knew somebody who took an accidental overdose once and they were rushed to hostpital.When they got out everybody thought she was recovering then one day she collapsed and died.

Comment by pgy
2010-11-08 19:22:56

With an overdose are there examples where the pancreas is affected causing Type 1 diabetes and insulin injections required?

Comment by kerry
2010-11-09 06:48:35

i sufferd back problems after the birth of my 3rd son and got put on pain killers i got addicted to them at first it was tramadol 10 a day for a year then i illegally sought out co-codamol 30/500mg for two years its been 20 a day habit i am genuinely in pain and built up a tolerance to them there for taking more for affect well it all caught up with me two weeks ago after a year and half of abuse i was vomiting constantly in pain weak for two weeks i was petrified to go to my doctor for liver function tests as id rather not know what damage id done eventually after two weeks of no food staying down or my meds for my manic deppression bipolar imy husband made me go to hospital all they did was take bloods and told me to cut down my liver results were okay but that can change cant it over time i mean i could drop down dead all of a sudden i have 3 sons aged 6 4 and 3 and a supportive husband i dont want to leave them motherless its so selfish i am now trying to detox of codeine at home and its hell but rather that than risk any more damage my bipolar is terrible atm ive had one shit life of wich i could write a book about beleive me its shocking the best hting i ever done was have my boys but now i may not see there 16th birthday what a selfish person i am to have done this

Comment by aleena
2010-11-11 22:23:54

my sister had taken around 60-70 paracetamol within 48hrs..out of which 45 in 24 hr..
she s refusing to meet dr.. its been 5 days. she was having tummy pain.
do i need to take her to dr? will she be able to survive without medication at this point?
she is 26 and weighs 62kg

Comment by heaven
2010-11-12 01:52:54

I took an overdose 3 days ago took 50 cocodamal 30/500 strengh at first i was ok but within an hour i started to get tired and was losing the ability to stay awake i was rushed to hospital where i lay for 5 hours then had various blood tests while layed on bed i felt like my body was sinking, then i got sweats severe itching and was admitted to hospital, i then was placed on a drip and injjected lots of times, stomach with a needle, the most painfull was when they get injecting me where my drip was they was putting big tubes of stuff into my viens which hurt, i was constantly sick and i also had low blood pressure. All seemed well 1 day later i got discharged but now the 3rd day in im still confused and very tired an have pale looking face, my lips are alos pale ive made an appointment today with doctors. For me i felt like i couldnt cope no more and the overdose was my only option but afterwards while i was sat in hospital i was regretting every minute of it, i seem to want to take an overdose and die but dont like the outcome of being kept alive its so confusing.

Comment by beenthere
2010-11-16 04:47:21

Ive taken an overdose recently of paracetamol and let me tell you this, it doesnt kill you straight away, you will become dizzy,confused and vomit blood for hours, then the possiblity of stomach rupture where all your food or fulid intake fills your body “not your stomach” and your insides slowely rot, i had taken 32 parcetamol i had the dizzyness and the constant sickness of blood in my vomit, it scared the hell out of me and i soon regretted it, dont take an overdose it isnt worth it ring for help or see your doctor, im still not in the all clear yet ive been released from hospital but still feel very weak and cant eat due to feeling sick all the time.

Comment by lou
2010-11-16 07:33:42

stumbled across this forum looking for answers about reactions to paracetamol poisoning, i am in absolute shock at the comments made here, its like a fetish with you all a kick, you all asking what should i do, all trying to outdo each other, it is not a game the new trend the latest fashion fix, what about the people who care for you there the ones who suffer grief striken guilty is that the buzz you need to make someone sadder than yourselves, i am shocked beyond belief,

Comment by tom
2011-07-24 11:38:52

No one do it for fun. Everyone has different coping skills. When you get too tired of the pain caused by depression, you want to get rid of that pain and ready to bear any other sort of temporary pain to end it up. Everyone wants to live, but no one want to live with too much of pain…dealing with depression is much more painful than OD. I did it twice, I still feel it pained less as compared to what i am going through since last 4 yrs. I was good, use to enjoy everything on this earth, now every small thing seems to be overwhelming. Depression transforms your personality.

Comment by Zoe
2011-01-11 11:14:05

I’ve attempted suicide by various methods but probably the least effective would be overdosing. I took 64 paracetamol in a day, nothing happened apart from a migrane and feeling slightly dizzy. A couple of weeks later I took 16 in one go before school, I felt shit for the whole day and was sick. I didn’t go to hospital either time and no-one knows what I did. Why did the small OD have more effect than the big OD and why isn’t it killing me?

Comment by Astarte
2011-01-12 11:32:02


It could well be killing you – the damage just isn’t severe enough for you to be having symptoms yet. Keep damaging your liver the way you are and one day it will fail. Then you will need a transplant but probably won’t be accepted onto the transplant list because they will class you as a serial self-harmer. Then you will die, slowly and painfully.

Please stop. Get help.

Comment by Anonymous
2011-04-02 13:22:34

i keep overdosing and the services now dont bother. i have lost my memory, dont know where im going when i get on a bus, cant concentrate, people avoid you, i think it has affected my brain, although they say its your liver that will be affected, im not aware and it shows and makes me vulnerable. I wish i could die, as my brain has. I also get angry because of this.

Comment by megan
2011-01-16 09:58:20

i am 13 and i took 16 paracetamol about 4 hours ago :/

Comment by megan
2011-01-16 09:59:09

i am 13 and i took 16 tablets about 4 hours ago :/

Comment by sharna fellows
2011-01-17 11:40:08

im only 13 as aswell i took 16 tablets of paracetamol about 3 hours ago i havent experiened anything yet but it was my first time today would i be ok ??????

Comment by tor
2011-01-29 05:24:39

if i have taken 8 paracetamols with in this one hour, how long will it be entill the effects come?

Comment by patto93
2011-01-30 09:39:09

i took an overdose of 21 sleepers two nights ago and since then i have been involved with the crisis team who are admitting me to hospital for an assesment. i dont want to go because i will have to talk about me being sexually abuse by my dad and big brother. i am planning on taking 32 500mg paracetamol tonight. wat will happen

Comment by Astarte
2011-01-30 14:01:15

Your liver will likely be damaged, which could lead to liver failure and death. Talking about your abuse, however awful it is, would not be as bad as ceasing to exist. Plus if you talk about it you could well make it stop.

Hope you are ok and get the help and care you need.

Comment by Lost
2011-02-01 14:21:42

One thing I know is, if you REALLY want to die, taking para is not the way.

I am 31. At 24 I took 82 para, was in hospital for 4 days, being sick every 5 mins, it was horrible!! My liver now i fine!!! High iron. I get ill very easily.

Depression is not something to take lightly, if you do feel like you want to die, get help!!

I tried to hang myself 7 years ago too..the scarfe I had on was tight but the pipe it was attached to was not!!

I woke up on the floor unable to move breathing was hard, I lost control of my bladder. it was horrific. Perhaps as I did not suceed!

I t was really easy, I fell into a sleep and hoped I would not wake up, but I did!!

All those 13-14 year olds, GET HELP!! Taking 20 tablets is NOT going to kill you…

You are all seeking ‘cry for help’
If you are serious then do it properly or GET HELP!

I am not saying you do not feel low, depressed or want to die, but REALLY, THINK about it. when you are gone your gone!!

Is that what you want….a world where your family and friends cry about you for years after your gone!!

there is help…there are ways…!

I hope you all get what you deserve in life…

Type slowly as SPELLING is sooooooooo bad too!!

Comment by Serene
2011-02-18 05:40:16

Where do you get off?!?? Taking 20 tablets CAN kill you. 5 can kill someone with a low threshold or impaired liver function. I dont care that you survived it, I am a nurse and I dont want to see kids come in then DIE, because some post-suicidal twit on the internet told them 20 tablets is OK!!!

Comment by :(
2011-02-08 15:10:26

my idoit friend took 46 tablets he was when to the hosipital is he going to be ok

Comment by Astarte
2011-02-09 07:59:33

If he went to the hospital, then probably yes, he will be ok. He will be treated with a drug to help prevent the paracetamol from doing a great deal of damage to his liver. Hopefully he will also receive counselling to see why he did this.

Hope he gets the help he needs.

Comment by Rose
2011-02-19 07:09:24

I take 35 paracetamol tablets regularly. Will I die?

Comment by Astarte
2011-02-20 14:15:18

Why do you take that many regularly? I find it hard to believe that anyone takes that many on a regular basis without suffering any effects. If you are taking that many, you are almost certainly damaging your liver. Unfortunately liver damage usually isn’t noticed until the damage becomes so bad it is irreversible. Please get help and stop taking the tablets.

Comment by louise
2011-02-24 08:10:53

wtf, everyone stop taking overdoses you will DIE. alright? its NOT GOOD. if you dont die then you will have very bad health issues in the future, SO DONT DO IT. please?

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-22 07:27:32

the only reason i stopped is because we’ve run out of paracetamol

Comment by zoe
2011-02-25 04:45:02

Could the fact I feel sick after eating be anything to do with the overdose I took about 10 months ago? I didn’t go to hospital after taking the paracetamol, I didn’t seek any medical help at all.

Comment by Astarte
2011-02-26 09:40:26

Maybe but it’s unlikely. Please go and see your doctor!

Comment by Rose
2011-02-25 07:08:47

I dnt want 2 die. I was depressed when I started taking those tablets. But now I m addicted. I dnt feel well if I dnt take tablets. I have some effects like vomitting, feeling weak and sleepy all the time. I m taking those tablets from last sept on a regular basis. I went 2 the a doctor n he didnt find any serious damage in my body. I really want 2 stop doing this. Plz help me…….

Can paracetamol overdose cause infertility?

Comment by Astarte
2011-02-26 09:39:31

Did you ask the doctor for advice about stopping the tablets? The best bet is probably to go cold turkey – you will feel ill for a little while but once all the drug is out of your body you should start feeling better. The reason you feel ill if you don’t take them is because your body is used to the numbing effect of the drug, but your body will get used to being OK without it. If you feel too sick to eat then that’s ok – just make sure you keep drinking water. Good luck! :)

Comment by Emily
2011-03-02 12:43:03

I took 108 paracetemol on monday morning it’s now wednesday night. I’ve been vomiting on and off for the past two days too scared to tell my mum what shal I do?

Comment by Astarte
2011-03-04 10:10:35

Go to the hospital. Hopefully you’ll have vomited up most of the pills but if you’re still vomiting you’ve probably harmed yourself and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Comment by Paul Askew
2011-03-21 14:18:35

I am the husband of a woman that is in hospital right now. I didn’t see any symptoms because I was at work & when I came home I thought she was having stomach cramps & groggy because she’d had a drink. She (so I found out) had 25 tablets on Sat. & 25 on Sun. & 4 this morning because she couldnt find any more to take the pain away. I really promise you you would not like to go out of this life vomiting like this I am praying she will come threw this. She promised me & she keeps her promises she will never do this again…..Family problems who would have believed it eh !
I WILL COME BACK TO THIS SITE hopefully tomorrow & let you know the outcome.

Comment by Paul Askew
2011-03-24 01:18:01

On this occasion little damage was done & she’s feeling fine now promises this was an accident & a mix up of drugs. But she could have died. A bad time was had by all not everyone is this lucky.

Comment by Sweetu
2011-03-24 05:23:15

I took an overdose about 3 weeks ago. I had just matriculated and got many distinctions but didnt’t get into med, everything got too much and I did it as a cry for help- not because i wanted 2 die. I took 30 paracetomol and NEVER fell asleep so i took 3 sleeping tablets but still couldnt fall asleep. i hadnt eaten a thing dat day nd started throwin up- the taste in my mouth was terrible. I eventually threw up bile and was rushed 2 hospital. my levels kept increasing till 2200 but Im ok now, I really appreciate life nd Im pickin up da pieces. Quite honestly, it wasnt worth da heartache i caused my parents nd my bf nd da damage iv done 2 my liver.

If u feel alone, SPEAK!

Comment by Craig
2011-03-24 13:22:51

I am a man who weighs 78kg, about 2 years ago i took a succession of overdoses, over about 2 months, all after drinking huge amounts of alcohol (dutch courage) The first was 45 Phenobarbitol prescribed for my dog, i dont recall the mg’s but they were strong. The next time i took 18 x 500mg paracetamol, then 24 x 500mg paracetamol, then 28 x 500mg Paracetamol. After i took the fourth, i called 999, and the police came and arrested me and put me in a cell, then charged me with making a call to emergency services, i cant remember what the charge was exactly, wasting there time or something. I fell asleep in the cell after telling the cops i’d taken an overdose, dont know how long i slept, but they came and let me out and took me to the hospital. The doctor at the A & E told me 30 x 500mg was considered a fatal dose, I was never given an antidote or anything. So the fifth and final overdose was 32 x 500mg paracetamol, and i took a couple of aspirin and 3 of those NSAID pain tablets, this was all i had in the cupboard. Well the last one did’nt kill me either, i was never sick, but felt like my organs hurt for a good while after. Actually i think the doctor gave me Diazepam for the fourth one, as i fell asleep very soon after he gave me something. I worry now a lot about how much damage i have done to my body, i’ve had liver function tests, which they say are normal, but i still feel as if something is different in me, like i get more organ type aches and pains and back pains i never had before.

I did’nt know anything about Paracetamol overdose at the time, but i believe it’s quite a long drawn out and very painful way to die. Alcohol in combination also makes things much worse apparently, i did’nt know that before. I’m pretty sure i’ve done some damage to my body and i’ll suffer from serious problems in the future.

If your thinking of taking an overdose, for whatever reason, dont expect the cavalry to come to your rescue, police, antidotes, stomach pumps or other help if you go to A & E, they will probably just give you a tranquilliser or sleeping tablet like they did with me.

Comment by Albay
2011-03-25 06:59:04

I took about 30 something paracetamol about 2 or 3 weeks ago, along with some other paracetamol containing OTC medications and aspirin. I went to hospital pretty quickly after I’d taken them. Killing yourself with paracetamol isn’t a good idea, I think most people, including me, use it as a form of self harm – because it’s readily available, and there’s a fair risk you’ll mess your organs up. Basically, at the hospital it’s a lot of waiting around, ECG (not always I think, maybe just because my blood pressure was 185 when I got in the ambulance), blood tests, more waiting, blood results, and a psych assessment. Then you leave, and you have to face up to what you’ve done with your family. Luckily I was OK, I’m over 6ft tall which is unusual for a woman (aged 18), so maybe my body found it easier to cope with this amount of paracetamol. I was in agony though after I got home. I threw up bright green bile 4 or 5 times during the night, and while I was at the hospital my stomach and lower back area felt like they were being burnt from the inside. More recently I’ve been having sudden sharp pains down the right side of my body and bouts of nausea, so I’ve probably done some damage.

Comment by Eric
2011-03-25 09:06:37

I had 50 tablets 2 weeks ago and nothing happened to me. I did go to the toilet though and i saw all the tablets come out with the poop. Did my body not digest it? its so weird. Am i an alien?

Comment by Dave
2011-08-02 14:24:56

I would suggest u get checked out by your GP. Sorry, but you’ve probably done some damage. U may have got away with it, but Paracetamol can kill u painfully over weeks. I’ve taken 32 before, not vomited and still needed Parvolex. All I felt that time was a little sleepy and needing a lie down, eating and drinking normally but could have damaged my liver permanently if I hadn’t had Parvolex.

Comment by chelsea
2011-03-27 10:13:23

im 12 ive took 3 and about to take loads more i carnt cope with life anymoree ..

Comment by d
2011-03-27 14:23:28

i have overdosed on paracetamol 4 times over the last five years. If any one is considering doing this to themselves i would seriously not recomend it.Get help. I have never felt so ill in all my life. i was sick at least 4 dozen times in the space of a night during my last overdose, felt dizzy when hot and cold, collapsed many times over the next 48 hours. Luckily i suffered from no lasting damage. Please if u are really considering doing this get help. there are many great organisations out there that has counselling services over the phone and even on the web by professionalls. good luck everyone

Comment by Ben
2011-03-28 07:28:31

what if i took 2 500mg for a head ache, then i took 2 cold and flu tablets 500mg, but jut noticed they contain parecetemol, any concerns?

Comment by aimee
2011-03-30 11:21:47


Comment by milii
2011-04-02 06:31:31

Heyy… Although my life i’ve had troubles and it hasn’t exactly been fun for me… i’ve suffered from depression from when i was 12 i’m now 16 and at the moment my life is a complete reck… I’ve been very close to ending my life for ages now… And people always say to me awh no don’t do that just work through it it will only make you stronger… well what a load of bullshit every day i’m just getting worse and worse, i feel completly hopeless as always and i never fail to disapoint people either… And i really can’t cope anymore… i’ve taken 18 paracetamols i know it’s not a great amount but i feel dizzy and tired and my sense of smell has gone really weird all i can smell is like horrible something like cat pee or something i don’t know anyway will this kill me over time if i don’t seek medical attention?! Or will i have to take a higher quantity?! Xx3 Milii

Comment by Albay
2011-04-02 09:28:47

@ milii.. no it likely won’t kill you, but there is risk of harm (liver/kidney/heart problems) if you don’t seek treatment – some people are more sensitive to overdoses than others, and factors such as your weight and height play into it to. Also if you have taken them with alcohol you are more likely to have damaged your liver. Even though the liver can repair itself, if you take more, or do this often, then you will end up seriously harming yourself. Go to A&E, they can help you.

Comment by Michelle
2011-04-02 18:18:25

I took an overdose of over 20 paracetamol; 500mg each with cider and my prescribed anti depressants and 4 sleeping pills. I’m only 16 and weigh like 8 stone.. I’m quite worried as from 9 in the morning for 24 hours I was up spewing up yellow stuff, think it’s called bile like every ten minutes, I had sore stomach, a headache and felt strange and dizzy.. It’s now the second day since I done this and I’m sitting with stomach pains that don’t seen to be going away.. I can’t stand being like this, it’s horrible, I don’t know what to do and if I really should go to hospital.. Any advice?

Comment by Michelle
2011-04-02 18:20:00

I also suffer from kidney problems from when I was little which doesn’t really help :/

Comment by Rebecca
2011-04-07 20:12:40


I’m suffering chronic pain and I have taken 15 paracetamol over the course of 24hrs. Does this constitute getting od treatment? Or do you have to take all in one mammoth munching marathon? . Along side the paracetomol I have taken about 8 brufen during the day.

Comment by Motty
2011-04-08 05:36:01

Hi all,
I have just read through all the comments made…took a while :-) . Just thought i would add my story if thats ok.

I am 37 and have tried to kill myself on a few occasions over the years overdosing 3 times prior to this time don’t know exact amounts but quite a few bottles and packets of paracetamol and aspirin etc were used each time also tried hanging myself with i suppose comical effect as used laces tied together as rope and stood on a chair but didn’t think about the height and when i jumped off, my feet just about touched the floor so was literally left dangling until my dad found me, he flipped and we had a ‘chat’ and that was that.
3 months ago i tried again to kill myself with half a bottle of whisky and 80 paracetamol tablets. I fell asleep expecting not to wake up and well as youve probably guessed it i woke up vomiting and carried on vomitting all night. The vomit was blood which was a bit scary but i was still in hope that this would be a ‘good’ sign and i still may die but i just felt very ill for a few days after. I didn’t go to the hospital and have no intention of going as who cares if i have done damage to any part of my body the whole point is i want to die. At the moment i don’t have any real side effects except for pins and needles in my fingers and a weird feeling every now and again ‘all my hairs stand up’ mainly over my body. I have done nothing but think about ways of killing myself since but as i don’t want anyone else involved such as an unfortunate bus or train driver and ive stood at the top of a local high point but couldn’t throw myself off, ive thought about hanging myself again and made a makeshift rope this time with 2 belts (i checked the height this time) stood on the chair but just couldn’t jump probably the thought of what if it didn’t work again was in my mind. Anyway just thought i would share this as i am about to have another crack at overdosing as it is the no brainer option and i suppose easier than the others as little effort is actually required just buy the pills and swallow and at the moment i have 48 x paracetamol 500mg 10sachets of soluble paracetamol 1000mg (not sure about this but liquids should get into my system quicker i thought and it all helps) and 12 nurofen 256mg but will be going out today to get more. Will let you know the final count before D-day. If it doesn’t work this time then i will try again and again i just wish i had decided to go with the pills option 2 and a half months ago rather than looking for other ways to kill myself. Never mind eh everything comes to he who waits. (and i have waited long enough)

Comment by Cormster
2011-04-21 08:40:41

Seek mental health assistance. I know it might be patronising, but help from professionals will always help. Life is too important to waste like that.

Comment by Debbie
2012-08-16 14:42:28

Hi Motty. I feel the same and am thinking of
ODing on paracetamol, having suffered with depression
for what feels like forever. Now no job, life a mess
And I just can’t live with the depression.
I wish I was well again, but it just keeps
Coming back and I’m tired of it.
Good luck with your journey!
Debbie x

Comment by Alex
2011-04-11 09:13:32

I’ve taken paracetamol overdoses before and they are not pleasant at all. Why then, do I keep wanting to do it again? it’s driving me crazy.
I feel my life is a mess, even though I have so much to be happy about I just feel so completely empty. Life is unbearable. Whatever I do there is no getting away from what I really want to erase. Overdoses are a temporary release for me. I have 48 paracetamol sat right next to me and am debating taking them tonight. I have no idea why, I just feel like absolutely nothing really matters. Doing “extreme” things to myself -overdoses, self harm, drinking, is a way of waking myself up. Everything is flat otherwise. The only reason these pills aren’t already down my throat is that it’s my sisters birthday in 2 days and it just seems too cruel and selfish to end up in hospital again. I don’t know what to do though. If I wait, the urge will grow. These feelings are not just going to diminish.

Comment by Alice
2011-04-19 00:02:49

Last night I took 4 paracetamols. It’s my second time ODing. And the number of tablets are going up each time, I woke up this morning with tummy pains and when I stand up I shake violently. I feel kinda suck, but nothings happened. Should I do anything?

My parents can’t know. And I’m only 14.

Comment by Alice
2011-04-19 00:05:34


Comment by Cormster
2011-04-21 08:37:13

Firstly, don’t OD. Life is better then needing that, and ODing will never solve your problems. Secondly, I would think about going to hospital. Even if there is no problem, it’s better to be safe then sorry

Comment by Cormster
2011-04-21 12:47:29

And, it’s better that you tell your parents. If and indeed when they realise that you are in trouble they will help.

Comment by Cormster
2011-04-21 08:34:21

My friend OD on paracetamol yesterday. She is 16. She had been drinking alcohol, didn’t eat that day and was on some anti depressants. She is, as far as I know, still at hospital. She also had some milk to try and help her vomit. I’m genuinely terrified for her, as I’ve known her since we were very young. Any help, advice or knowledge of how she might end up would be greatly appreciated.
P.S The medic we found said she might have a stomach pump. Would this give her a better chance of surviving relatively unscathed? She had half a bottle of vodka, we believe 18-32 tablets ( difficult to tell as she was drunk, and “couldn’t remember” how many she took. Her ex was also there, so we thought she might have lied to gain attention?
Thank you x

Comment by private
2011-04-25 15:43:20

I am almost 100% that the girl you are talking about is a very close friend of mine, like a little sister to me (i’ll call her A – as this is the first letter of my friends name). I’ve been to see her and am in regular contact with her and she is getting the help she needs. I’m sure you are worried about her but she has lots of people around her and we are supporting her through this. She will be ok, try not to worry too much but please keep her in your thoughts.

Ps. If your friend’s name doesn’t begin with A then I’m clearly mistaken about her being the same person, but the details you have listed are identical to my friend’s

Comment by Cormster
2011-04-26 15:24:05

If she lives in London, then this is one amazing coincidence. I heard about the hospital she’s in :( it’s good to know she’s getting the attention she needs. Hopefully, she will emerge from this with her problems solved.
Thank you x

Comment by Naomi
2011-04-27 11:19:54

Yeh shes my baby sis :) shes doing well and I’m seeing her on Friday, i’ll let her know you’re thinking about her.

Comment by ash
2011-04-23 00:04:01

if i take 16 tabs of paraetamol..500 mg and a half of all out liquid…will i be fainted

Comment by Naja
2011-05-11 19:12:34

If you want to faint or Black out, why not just drink a big glas of Vodka, or Whisky?

Comment by ash
2011-04-23 00:11:18

if i take 16 tabs of paracetamol..500mg and half of all out liquid will i be fainted?

Comment by sivaguru
2011-04-23 05:38:59

hai i am siva…………

i want to finished of life.i am 22 yrs old boy.i don’t like to live in this society.so i want to die.

Comment by Naja
2011-05-11 19:34:59

There are many others living in your society who don’t like the society too. Most have found some alternate solutions, ex some are trying to change themself to better fit into it, and many more are trying to change the society to something they think is better, and spending their live doing that.

Do you really want to die? to leave your cosy, warm body you feel comfortable and home in?
Or is it because you really don’t want to live anymore? This is not the same. Lets say that there is another alternative to your life now, than death. Like you could travel to a habitable planet in another solar system, would you choose that? Or if you could choose a total different life in this world would you choose that?

Is death so wonderfull you have to yearn for it, longing to rot in the grave or disappear in smoke?

Just a comment

Comment by Motty
2011-04-26 03:11:20

Hi all, well i tried again and once again failed got the bloodtest back and no damage so have had a long hard look at myself and although there a hell of a lot of issues to sort out and way too many to mention. I am starting to think possibly I am not meant to kill myself for some sadistic reason life wants me around so if it wants me here then I want to get the help needed to make it bearable of sorts, this isn’t going to be an over night done and dusted issue and i am sure i will feel like killing myself again in the future but i have taken the first step and spoken to a crisis team at the local hospital and they are going to contact me about on-going support. I am not saying it will work but it’s a baby step. I have denied all my life that i may have depression and it has taken until now to come to terms with the fact that that is the most probable thing I have and hopefully something can be sorted, my only problem with this is that because i have denied it all my life how will i convince/prove to others what i have now only just realised myself?? I suppose i’ll have to wait and see what the ‘experts’ say. Anyway just thought ide update you and leave you with a more positive note….can’t promise forever but can promise today.

Comment by Cormster
2011-04-26 15:47:51

Nicely done mate :) Things wiill get better.

Comment by Rachael
2011-04-30 15:35:56

I took an overdose of 30 500mg of paracetomal and ended up vomiting 9 times in the night. That should have got it all out my system before it had chance to damage anything right?

Comment by Dave
2011-07-30 15:09:26

Not necessarily right. Often, vomiting doesn’t start until toxins reach the blood by which time it’s too late. You just end up vomiting your supper, then stomach acid then bile.

Comment by Bree
2011-05-04 10:04:21

I just took 8 panadols, and I am not keen on letting my dad know since he is the reason I took it.
What do I do? What happens now?

Comment by strawberries
2011-05-05 04:55:14

Hey. I’m 13 and took 13 paracitamol, 3 ibupforens, and other tablets I don’t really know about! Iv done this twice now and I feel sick , dizzy and my stomach hurts, what going to happen to me?

Comment by liandra
2011-05-13 01:35:33

i took abt 10 panadol tabs containing paracetamol of 500g…..yesterday ! and had dis dizziness and dis feeling of puking …bt i cudnt ! and i not able 2 breathe properly ….and im onli 14….bt will b 15 nxt month (june) …..so wht do u think is gonna happen 2 me ? am i gonna die ! plzzz reply !!!!

Comment by jackson
2011-05-13 06:07:06

will taking 20 panadol extra (500mg each) kill u?

Comment by mellib
2011-05-15 12:13:56

If you have an overdose, go to inpurgatory.tumblr.com
the person there is completely non judgemental and will give you all the help you’ll need in no time at all; they helped me feel strong enough to talk to people about my problems.
If you want to talk to a voice they even offer to call you or go on skype/whatever.
I wish more people were like this; life would be much easier
Keep fighting guys xxx

Comment by Rachel
2011-05-15 14:39:45

iv took 6 paracetmols and i dont feel sick of nothing,
but im scared that im going to be sooon, i took theses because i had problems with my friends and now i dont know what to do, will i have to go to hospital, im scared to tell my mam and dad incase they shout at me:’(

Comment by Griffon
2011-05-16 10:26:55

Dear All, Approx 52 hours ago, my friend (age 40 years) took 30 tablets of 500mg paracetamol. He went to a hospital in 90 minutes. He was provided saline water orally multiple times (approx one and half litres) to induce vomiting, he vomited multiple times, initially noticeable quantity of paracetamol particles were observed and finally the vomit was clear. He was under observation of 4 hours with no other medication or tests. During that time he experienced feeling chill, slightly feverish. He left the hospital and vomited once more which contained bile. On that day he had only liquids with no issues, tried to eat a biscuit but vomited it. There were no other symptoms. Next day morning (24 hrs) his excretion (stools) were blackish and stinky, during day 2 (24 hrs onwards) he was able to eat light food without any nausea or vomiting. Day 2 Stools have been of regular color though slightly soft. He has been normal after that with no discomfort. As mentioned he is at approx 52 hours now. Researching the net has caused substantial anxiety in me though he is calm and confident nothing will happen to him. Attempts to convince him to undergo examinations have failed. Grateful if you could advise on his current risk assesment. Will he be fine in the coming hours/days, is there a high probability of his developing complications or worse? Please help

Comment by Griffon
2011-05-26 04:58:09

Thanks for your response and guidance.

I finally managed to convince and get him to do a LFT (Liver Function Test) and a S. Creatinine Test. The tests were done on Day 10.

While S. Creatinine has come normal i.e. within range, the LFT test shows two variations, these are

ALT (S.G.P.T) is 39.5 (Range is 5 to 35)
S. Bilirubin (Direct) is 0.59 (Range is 0.0 to 0.2)
Total Bilirubin is seemingly normal at 1 (Range is 0.2 to 1.0)

Hopefully these are not too abnormal to be worried about?

There have been no other symptoms.

Comment by tom
2011-07-24 11:26:33

My ALT was > 9000 when i was admitted, they discharged me with a 1000 ALT, so dont worry…you’ll be fine

Comment by Jazz
2011-05-20 14:21:43

I severly overdosed on PAracetemol and codeine but did not go to the hospital (not recommended) and i had immediate symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting and a sort of feeling that my eyes were further away from my body than what they actually were. These were constant up until about two days later.
my question is though, it’s been over a year now since this happened but I now suffer from migraine attacks, stomach pains, sickness, dizziness, being constantly tired and the eye thing (where i feel miles away from my face), this couldn’t be a long term side effect could it? Or the leading to liver failure? I’m still quite young and i’m not sure were else to seek help, nobody knows about what happened and i’m wondering if i need to tell my doctor.

Comment by Dave
2011-07-30 15:06:26

I’d say go to your doctor and get some tests done. Don’t take any more Paracetamol or codeine until after those tests.

Comment by charlotte
2011-05-20 17:20:12

i am sick of it, having to be everyones perfect girl, getting a’s going to uni getting a’s there a boyfriend who would fuck anything that breathes SICK of being the perfect one… i just took 18 tablets i dont want to attention seek i just want to know (as i have run out of paracetemol) what else can i take?

Comment by Alex
2011-05-29 04:02:07

Hi this is Alex again. I did end up overdosing, I took 45 paracetamol, called an ambulance because I thought I was going to pass out and didn’t want my Mum to find me on the floor. When I got to hospital my blood pressure was very low, my veins had constricted, I was freezing, shivering and feverish. I was put on the antidote and stayed in hospital for 3 days with that. I have just come out of a psychiatric hospital after spending 5 weeks there. This is the harsh reality of large overdoses. Please think about this before you do it. You won’t die immediately with paracetamol…you may end up with liver failure..bloating, going yellow, agonising pain. If you really want to end your life jump off a bridge, at least it’s quick. Paracetamol overdoses are incredibly painful. My stomach was burning, I couldn’t keep food down, I was vomiting bile every 10 minutes for most of the night. I had to have the drip in my foot because I have such bad veins. So think about that too.. being spiked with needles all the time, having a drip in, sitting on a hospital ward for days then going into a psychiatric unit? Fair enough I’ve got some help, but it was a lot to go through.

Comment by Iqra
2011-05-29 17:24:36

i am 13 and i took an overdoese of 14 paracetamol tablets (500g each) and all that happened to me was about 4 hours after taking them i started to feel really tired and i went to sleep and woke up after 4 hours and my stomach was hurting a little and i was hungry but the food wasn’t making me feel better. it is the third day since i took the tablets and nothing has happened to me besides the first day sleepiness.
i was just reading the comments and some people had taken a way less dose than me but had been vomiting and having nausea, and i was thinking why that hasn’t happend to me . i mean i feel fine totaly active and fit.

Comment by KP
2011-06-02 10:19:56

Hi All,

Recently got into lot of problems in my life..full of depressions..my BF’s mom not accepting for our marriage…I jus took 10 Crocin tablets..
Will it cause death or just damage…?

I weigh 52 Kgs and my age is 24…Please help…


Comment by Anna
2011-06-05 21:54:16

Brian, you’re amazing, marrryy me. Just saying..

Comment by chris
2011-06-07 06:54:26

i took 16 tablets last monday and 30 tablets last friday and i know im going to do it again, no matter what people say to me i dont feel any better

Comment by lil
2011-06-12 19:33:58

this is the sadest side i’ve ever seen. I know about overdoses. Done it all! I also took panado’s. Dont know how many. Got severe headaches. Stomach is paining. But there must be hope to us all. We must not give in. We must just try to make it every day. Maybe some are sensitive, some are sad. Some are lonley and depressed. When U wish or pray, ask what U want, and one day it will be given to U! Maybe u are in a waiting period in ur life. Maybe u have lost some one in death or in a relationship, what so ever. Maybe been rejected or even screamed at. Please hold on. Life do get better. Go and shower, go bath, be with water, it also good for Ur spirit and mind. Read good upbringing books. Watch comedies. Read funny jokes. Sleep if U need to sleep. Do exercises, paint with lots of colours even if U cannot paint. Use St johns wort, if u are not using any other anti depressants. If U need to get a sleeping tablet at night or maybe a herbal sleeping remedy. Start a hobby. I know love hurts and if it didnt we wount be human. Dont let the evil depresion take U away from life. Maybe when u are realy dead, and U are in a dark room were all life’s stopped and then u cant turn back. Maybe something awsesome is going to happen next year. And u all have missed out! Dont do it please please. Let us stop this right now and stand togerher! liz

Comment by jemma
2011-06-15 09:13:44

i took an overdose 2 years ago it was a very low time in my life i was 17 at th time i took 40 paracetamol 30 ibuprofen i didnt have any alcohol at all this was at 7 pm i went to sleep in hope that i just wouldnt wake up how wrong i was it was the most terrible thing i have ever experiance in my life and would advise no 1 to ever try it, i woke up about 11:30 being sick a could not stop beinf sick and my stomach was so sore i ended up phoning my local hospital because i could not take the pain anymore when i got there they took my blood and i was 100 times over th recomended amount of paracetamol the reason i was being sick was because the lineing in my stomach could not handle the ibuprofen the drugs they give you to revers the effects of the paracetamol make you really sick aswell so that didnt help they give you anti sickness drugs but they dont help 1 bit if any1 is ever considering this please dont it just makes you feel 100 time worse than what you did to start with and the hospital were really nasty aswell so please dont just go speak to your doctor or some1 you can trust i was in hospital for 4 days and when i was leaving they told me that a boy at 16 had been in 2 weeks before and had took 17 paracetamol and had died as he didnt get a liver transplant in time as aye look at it it must not have been my time to go and any amount can kill you so dont take the chance

Comment by lol
2011-06-18 22:01:29

I took 10 tablets at the same time what will happen to me?

Comment by Dead
2011-06-18 22:39:26

I have taken 12 today so maybe we should stay in contact i am going to sleep if i never reply then i am dead or unconciuos bye lol have a good life love you xxxxx

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-21 12:57:35

I am 13 years old i self harm and OD i do it because my parents are splitting up
i hear voices
and i see things which arent real
i know its not exactly healthy but when i OD i feel calmer happier and more relaxed even if i throw up i dont really care
but i know its hurting my freinds and i want to stop, but somehow i cant!!! x

Comment by rachael
2011-06-21 13:32:29

i am a 10 year old girl and i just took 6 500mg paracetamol in 1 and 2 asprin 300mg tablets will i be ok ?

Comment by Maddie
2011-06-22 05:33:55

you should be but dont carry on because you could damage your liver!

Comment by shell bell
2011-06-25 16:16:34

I have taken 10codine and 10 paracetamol about 8 hrs ago i live with my friend and he has no idea i feel sick v tired headache and cramps but theres no way im going the hospital they treat me like shit as i have a long history of this the crisis team dont want to know so whats the point noone cares

Comment by Shay
2011-06-28 08:09:50

I am going to do it tomorrow morning, or tonight. I’ve done it before twice and sought medical help, but this time they might not be able to save me…I have 48 500mg paracetamol, 16 Benadryl (250mg paracetamol), and also some phenylephrine and other hayfever stuff. I will just swallow it all then wait for the ensuing pain.

Comment by mike
2011-06-30 04:16:56

I am amazed that i have survived 3 ods this year. my conclusion is…
TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT… might take a long walk on the coast path in north devon… some dramatic cliffs there… if i write again .. i failed.

Comment by pass1st@hotmail.co.uk
2011-07-02 07:43:50

Does anyone know if u go to sleep after an overdose or if u feel yourself dying and feel pain?

Comment by strangergirl
2011-07-05 11:19:51

i really wanna dieeeeeeeeee (serious) can someone please telll me how many paracetamol do i need to takee ?

Comment by Alex
2011-07-10 09:52:26

being honest with you i wanna die too but i dont think paracetamol is the right answer sounds like no matter how much you take you need to be lucky that your body cant handle it and therefore die…ive looked into this for years now and think i have found something Nembutal Pentobarbital, but it costs £300 minimals for the stuff….=(……any1 with any advice please.

Comment by Nicolaios
2011-07-11 08:51:04

I have been feeling really depressed for 4 year now and yesterday I took 16 paracetamol and a couple of other tablets I haven’t been to hospital yet because I don’t want to. Today I have been feeling really dizzy with stomach pains but I have been told that I can’t die from that amount. It takes different amounts for different people and it depends on you BMI. It is not the best way to OD because they don’t always work and if they don’t work then there is a shed load of pain to follow them. Please think about it before you do it I really don’t recommend it.

Comment by tom
2011-07-24 11:13:01

I took 60 once and 100, the second time. I am still alive with health problems….don’t ever do that…it’s a bad idea. No one ever dies of od. You end up with unbearable pains and finally end up into the hospital where they save you. If you can survive alcohol+100+ tabs for a week…you’ll definitely die..but trust me it’s hell painful.

Comment by jay9704
2011-07-07 02:46:47

i took 48 para 2 nights ago and im getting a little tummy pain and pains in my right side and this time i didnt goto hospital as im sick of the 3 drips they put you on. ive been taking overdoses for about 2 weeks now i even walked out of hospital i only came here to see if 1 of the affects is nose bleeds as it keeps bleeding

Comment by Kai
2011-09-06 14:32:22

Not my intention to scare you but nosebleeds can be a symptom of Kidney failure

Comment by kirstie
2011-07-08 15:51:15

what happens if you’ve taken 35 tablets at once, it’s not me i’m worried about my friend who has done it and i’m tryingg to find out what happens

Comment by Nicolaios
2011-07-11 08:45:13

Get them to hospital!! They could cause themselves major damage to their organs but the doctors can decrease the effects.

Comment by melissa
2011-07-16 02:19:46

my friend at school has been having trouble at home and in school people calling her fat and been called names she dosent like, shes told her coiusin that shes giving her self an overdose on tablets, she showed them us, they said 500 dp on them what does that mean? can she die?
please reply!

Comment by jonny
2011-07-16 02:26:07

i have took 11 para in one go and it has been 2 day now i feel normal but i dunno whatdo you think to that ?

Comment by tom
2011-07-24 11:04:54

Last year when i was going through depression, I took 60 tablets of extra strength painkiller along with alcohol….I was rushed to hospital, after 24 hrs of vomiting and pain and dizziness, where they told me that my liver was shutting down. They gave me acetylcystine and i recovered in 3 days. After a month, i again overdosed myself with around 100 tablets. I went to hospital after 3 days, when the pain was almost unbearable…I was on the transplant list, but again i recovered. I dont feel normal now, I tend to eat more than normal and then throw, feel nauseated most of the time and am always tired and depressed and over emotional.

Comment by Em
2011-07-29 10:25:10

I took just over 60 tramadol 50mgs about 30 hours ago all I have done is been sick and sleep really really week! Didn’t want to go to hospital. Do you think I’ll be ok?

Comment by Dave
2011-07-30 15:01:08

Okay, I’ve been there too. A year ago, I took 32 paracetamol at 7 one evening and ran of into the countryside. I followed it up with 3 cans of Strongbow. I regretted it 2 hours later and called the emergency services. I vomited while I was waiting for the ambulance. I was taken into Bath hospital and bloods were taken. I was told I didn’t need treatment. I felt mental health services had nothing to offer, so sat in the waiting room until it got light at 4.30am. An hour later, I thought “what if I take a whole load more tablets. I took the other lot so long ago that treatment can’t work against those.” So, as soon as shops started opening around 7, I went and bought 32 more and took 28, but could swallow no more.
Within 10 minutes, I was panicking and convinced I was going to die. I phoned 999 for an ambulance, having run off into the country again. The ambulance came in with blue lights. By 9.30am, I was on treatment. The first few hours were from Hell. I didn’t know whether I’d live or die, vomited 3 times (having not eaten much that morning, the second one was already bile, and I felt like I was choking to death each time) and I was freezing. It was midsummer so I was wearing bermuda shorts and a t shirt. Hospital air con was on full and having vomited on the blankets I had to lie with nothing over almost an hour. I had an hour of bliss where I fell asleep after the vomiting subsided.
I was extremely grateful and relieved when the blood tests the next morning showed I needed no further treatment. My appetite had picked up again around 5pm, which had been an encouraging sign.
It was very frightening for family and friends, not an experience I would wish to repeat. The hospital staff did treat me with a lot of courtesy though and 2nd time round, yes I did have a chat with the mental health liaison nurse and he told me to stop overdoing the work. I’d been a self employed gardener 4 months and had been going for it a little more enthusiastically than I could cope with, which led to the exhaustion, then only a small trigger set me off.
Nasty thing is, I’m feeling like suicide again. I should probably get help sooner rather than later.

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:37:46

omg.. itz so heart piercing… heyy,, u should seek the help of someone who is closer to your heart… someone who can always be with u when u got a problem.. psychiatrists really can help u only 4 a short period of time.. just try living.. achieve what u want.. never think of giving up…

Comment by uselesss
2011-08-02 01:26:18

Fucken dicks. if any of you were really suicidal and it didn’t work the first time you’d try something else, or once you’ve taken them just sit at home and die in agony not race down to A&E like little bitches. Just a though to muse on

Comment by Dave
2011-08-02 14:13:01

Yes, it’s often done as a cry for help. Sometimes, it’s a genuine suicide attempt. It’s just Paracetamol gives you 12-24 hours to change your mind, a long time for a depressed or agitated person. Some ppl may do it because they think it can be undone w/ Parvolex/ n-Acetylcysteine. I genuinely hoped that this antidote would be unsucessful against what I’d taken, but am glad I’m alive now. I did try slitting my wrists FYI and I did also take 32 paras after drinking heavily and not vomiting then leave it all night b4 seeking help. I was sectioned though as they took it as serious attempts to end my life. I’ve been on Parvolex 9 times and each time I took the tablets (32-60) I genuinely thought the World would be better off w/out me. Now, almost a year later, I’m grateful to be alive. I’ve started running my own gardening business. You can get better from depression. Taking multiple packs of paracetamol isn’t the answer. Talk to your doctor. Tell them just how low u feel. U can get help w/out OD’ing. I thought I’d never b happy again, but I’m happy now. Try doing something to help others if u can.
OD’ing on paracetamol is unpleasant. I said I was desperate the other night, but it was just a hard moment. Phone the Samaritans. I did. Their # is 08457909090, I got thu that night.
Also, try praying. There is a God out there and he loves u. I don’t know who he his, but he’s there.
Good luck.
PS If you’ve taken 9 or more Paracetamol, you must seek immediate medical attention, even if u feel well, due to the risk of long term liver damage.

Comment by Dave
2011-08-02 14:17:34

Remember your family. Even if they don’t luv u there is always some1 who will b concerned for your welfare. If you’re really desperate you can always phone 999 for an ambulance and tell them you’re feeling suicidal. A&E staff will respect u for getting help instead of SH’ing. They’ll make u a cup of tea and chat to you and let u lie down if need be. Anything is better than OD’ing on Paracetamol.

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:41:04

ohhh wow…!! seems that you are okay… :) nice.. 8|

Comment by dylan
2011-08-03 22:58:19

hey im 17 n woz not feelin good at work yesterday so i had about 6 panadols from about 6am-11am, after that i got taken home n slept till 3 were i woke up n yacked, this procedure of waking up and yankin happend from about 3pm-8pm from every half hr to hr, after that i woke up every hour through the nite till the next day (today), ive wokn up today n gone to the toilet but havnt yacked so far, but i still feel absalulty shit, so i did sum reasearch n saw it can cause liver problems, shuld i go 2 the hospital or just try ride it thru? some1 plz help me not sure if itz a real concern or not

Comment by dylan
2011-08-03 23:06:14

can someone plz give me some information, i feel so sick itz not funny debatin if i shuld walk to the doctors, do yu need parental guidance?

Comment by dylan
2011-08-03 23:17:35

thanks for nothin. . . . fuk it im takin myself to the doctorz

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:46:02

good that if u did it… after reading these stuff,, i also thought of seeking the help of a doctor…

Comment by Kat
2011-08-08 06:50:02

Have 195 paracetamol tablets, 500mg each. Will this kill me? Or do i need more? Or another type of drug?
Not planning on seeking medical help. Just want this to finally end.
Don’t wanna wake up a vegetable cause then it’ll be even harder to end my life.
Just wondering if any of u know the likiness that this will work? Dont give a shit about the pain and slow death. Just seems best option now. Something like train jumping involves the driver and i dont want that. Just wanna be on my own and die alone.
Been suffering for over 10 yrs and im tired of holding on any longer and suffering just because i keep hoping one day things will change. It never has. Its always there.

Comment by Letitia
2011-08-19 02:28:17

I don’t mean to be rude, but if you take this, you dead. Please figure something out, life can’t be that bad.

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:51:55

hope u have not done this..

Comment by benM
2011-08-11 11:14:12

Hi kat

I don’t know who you are and i don’t know why your so desperate to take you own life, but whatever the reason there is always someone worse of then you, overdosing is unpleasent and yes taking that much will probably kill you or demolish your insides. just remember, there are plenty of people who care about you, I’m one of them, even though i don’t know you, i hope this finds you alive

Comment by Kat
2011-08-11 13:12:14

Yeah i know theres always “someone worse off” but it dont matter. Its how i feel, how im dealin with all the crap in my life. Im fed up with it. And even now im tryin to plan the best time to do it so that no one will notice im ill because i dont want to get taken to hospital and also tryin to hold on to when i have my holiday booked off from work in couple weeks time

Comment by benM
2011-08-12 08:26:51

well i can’t stop you, no one can, but at least know there is a valid reason and there really is no way out, there is always a way out, i want to die myself and i’m no stranger to the concept of overdosing, clearly kat, some part of you doesn’t want to die because your telling ppl on this website openly, talking as they say, is masturbating without the mess.
with love,

Comment by Kat
2011-08-13 02:20:34

True but i’ve spent the last few weeks holding on as strong as i can trying to find a reason to stay, but there isn’t one.

Comment by Kat
2011-08-13 03:26:47

Decided i’m just gonna get it out of the way with tonight and hope for the best. Thanks thou x

Comment by pansy parkinson
2011-08-21 22:42:41

i recently overdosed and im sad

Comment by Nic
2011-08-24 14:18:20

I’m sick of my life. I’m only 19, but so so fed up. I think of death everyday. I’ve had loads of help from mental health teams, had a longish stay in hospital, tried medication. Nothing helps. I’m just a really miserable person. I can’t live in my body either, I was born in the wrong body, I can’t see myself ever being confident and happy in myself because all my self esteem and enthusiasm for life has just been stamped on and I don’t have the energy to try anymore. I have overdosed 3 x on paracetamol, had the antidote twice. So yeah, it doesn’t work, as they were big overdoses and I’m still here and getting unhappier everyday. I know that benzo’s + codeine + alcohol would be perfect, but I can’t get my hands on valium or xanax or even zopiclone without a prescription and there’s no way my GP would give me me any of those, considering he knows I’m suicidal..so yeah, I’m stuck. It’s hell. At this moment I can honestly say I would rather be dying or gone than here. My life is fine to outsiders but I cannot live like this, there is so much wrong and it’s completely unbearable. I’m going to make a plan. It’ll be pills seeing as I have no other way, then add alcohol, hopefully I’ll just pass out if I take enough and then I’ll be too busy dying after that to know what’s going on. Then I’ll be gone and I won’t have to deal with all this crap anymore.

Comment by Jennifer
2011-08-24 22:15:12

I took 16 panadiene today Thursday and still good.Will it damage my liver?It is hard to talk to people and friends.

Comment by polly
2011-08-25 02:59:54

five days ago I took about 40-60 paracetamol. I was drunk so I dont remember the exact amount
I went to the hospital the morning after and they took my bloods, made me talk to a mental health nurse and then they said I could go.
Since then I have had sore kidneys, a distended stomach, and a sore right upper quarter where the liver is. I have also had a temperature.
Since they let me go after checking my blood (i told them what I had done), should i be worried??
Ive stopped vomiting and feeling sick. Im not hungry but I am quite thirsty.
can anyone tell me when its going to stop hurting or if im going to die?
Please state if you have medical experience or previous od history

Comment by Jennifer
2011-08-25 20:26:50

Yesterday I took 16 tablets and today I took 16 tablets paracetamol.Does that effect your liver?I haven’t seen the doctor or been to the hospital.What should I do? Can anyone help me.

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 10:22:34

please see a doc, paracetamol od can give you liver damage months after you take it

Comment by Jenna
2011-08-27 04:24:41

Please will all of you who who feel your lives are not worth living and have either taken an overdose or considered it, think about contacting the SAMARITANS.
You can call 08457 90 90 90 or free phone 116 123. (UK)
Alternatively you can e-mail jo@samaritans.co.uk or send a text.
You could even find your nearest center and go in for a chat.
I am a Samaritan and we are there to listen to anything you need to talk about during a crisis period in your life.
Your call is always confidential, we will NOT judge and will be there for you 24/7.
Many of you have said you have no-one to talk to – well that’s what we are there for, so please call and talk to us

Comment by Sally
2011-08-30 16:37:22

Over the period of last two weeks i have taken 30 pills a day for 6 times. I’m not feeling quite well. A week ago I stopped excessive drinking, because my liver was really bloated. I feel dizzy most of the time. I wanted to die, and I still want to, is it possible to avoid doctors so they don’t try to save me.

Comment by Natx0
2011-08-31 15:58:06

Please dont over dose its such a horrid thing im no expert but, at the time it seems like the only solution but it really isn’t. My friend recently over dosed and took more than 30 paracetamol pills with alot of alcohol, their liver is no longer functioning and they are trying their hardest to feed them medication that will hopefully make the liver work but so far it is not looking good, although my friend didnt kill himsef he wil probably deal with this for the rest of his life and already regrets it so please think twice this is not a wise or easy way out. It will most likely give you more problems to deal with than you already have. I know everyones different and everyone will react differently but my friend did this for the first time and is not dead like he intended but suffering a great deal because of it.

Comment by Gareth
2011-09-01 20:09:26

Can a person take a overdose by taking six at one time?

Comment by mf
2011-09-06 08:07:59

hi im 14 and im really unhappy. im just wondering what 14 paracetomals would do to me if i take them at once. i weigh around 9 stone/59kg and i think the tablets are 500g but im not sure yet i will double check. this is my first time, please can anyone tell me. please x

Comment by prefersanon
2011-09-17 10:20:43

please dont od hun, you can get help x

Comment by Kai
2011-09-06 13:35:21

In the past month and half I have taken 6 ODs and the most was 32x 300mg Aspirin, 16x 500mg Paracetamol and 14x 40mg Citalopram. This was a lethal OD and within a couple of hrs I had my first seizure (total of 2 in under an hr). I had to have 3x 16hr courses of Parvalax and that was it, fine afterward but I took 2 more since then the latest being yesterday taking 15x 500mg Paracetamol (that’s all I could find) and within an hr I was feeling very I’ll and needed to be sick, however I have not eaten in days so all I threw up was bile and I was sick a total of 4 times and it felt terrible and all through the night I was in pain and feeling sick, but I didn’t seek help or tell anyone this time as I really do want to die. I suffer from severe depression and attempted suicide in the past. I know now that taken ODs will not work (on me), but everyone is different and someone could die from taking ONE too many tablets by accident. I’m still feeling ill, I have stomach cramps, nausea and a tight feeling around my chest and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do die. I am very ill because of my depression and have tried all kinds of help. If you’re are reading this then please take some time to think about what youre doing and talk to someone (I know it’s hard to reach out) but you owe yourself to try and work things out.

Comment by ChakkaDee
2011-09-21 15:12:00

I took an overdose a few days ago in the heat of the moment and I’ve regretted it since, after 8 hours I vomitted and except from the occasional stomachache I haven’t had any other symptoms since. Is it still in my system and if so should I be worried?

Comment by Maddy MS
2011-09-22 01:34:29

I following all the comments n decided to take some major precautions b4 taking pills like anti vomiting tab n pentobarbital ( sleeping tab) n decided to go for 30+ Paracetamol tab.. iam just fucking from this hell ( Life )… need some sound sleep for long long ago…

Comment by rabbit
2011-09-24 03:34:37

ok for all the people who took a od me being one of them why say how much you regret taking the od. If you are regreting taking the od so much it means you are not serious about wantin to die and should not have taken it in the first place because there are many people in serious need of help who are serious about wanting to die

Comment by Nat
2011-09-27 13:46:10

I’m 18. Two nights ago I took 17. I was just feeling abit sick the next morning when i woke up but also didnt have any engery for that day. That evening I started to get hot an cold flushes an my neck was getting swollen only on one side at a time. Inside my mouth felt like it was getting really big an my tounge was getting smaller an I was haveing trouble breathing also as my heart felt like it was gonna rip out from my body it was going that fast. So I had a sleep an now an now i feel fine kinda the swolleness comes an goes in the neck though. Will I be ok ..

Comment by Matt
2011-09-29 12:43:45

The most I’ve taken is 54, along with 8 Benadryl which just knocked me out straight away until I woke up vomiting for most of the night. You won’t die unless you leave it a few days after you’ve taken them. Then your liver will fail. It’s a horrible way to go though. You swell up like a balloon and go the colour of a lemon. Unless you’re that desperate to have a horrible death, think of another way.

Comment by Andi
2011-10-02 09:31:13

I actually took a paracetamol overdose in the first instance to get help from the mental health services. I was literally at breaking point and had no idea what to do. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to go to the doctors and tell them what I felt, because last time I did that the help I got refereed for was totally disorganised and half- hearted. It still makes me upset really, that I got to that point of utter desperation where I felt I had no choice but to take my life, because I had no real help I could reach out for. It’s only after I literally proved myself to be suicidal that people started paying attention to my needs. I took 45 and was very ill.

Comment by katie
2011-10-03 16:06:15

I took 27 and i was vomiting at 3 in the morning

Comment by katie
2011-10-03 16:09:09

I am going to kill myself 2night I am 14 and i just want to die how should i do it? should i do a OD or will that take to long to kill me?

Comment by Muraya the biggest loser on earth.
2011-10-08 12:49:08

I think i hold the record for most paracetamol. Jus did 100 this is like my 6th suicide attempt. Still alive i donno what will kill me. So sad :-(

Comment by Kat
2011-10-08 14:34:08

I posted on here a while ago about ODing and i did it.
It was nothing what i expected, my experience seemed to be totally diff to what i’ve read online.

At the time i didn’t intend to kill myself, just wanted a few before the “big day”
I had 40 500mg paracetamol with water. Felt drunk from it so went to bed. Woke up couple hours later having really severe shakes which frightened me and then the sickness started. I kept drifting off but to be woken again about 10mins later to be sick. Was a dark brown colour. I kept slipping in and out of concious. 11hours later i went to hospital and was on constant drips and a heart monitor for a week. TBH, i easily handled everything except the constant sickness and nausea.
Felt a bit better coming out after talking to a psychiatrist and arranged further help but feeling more shit again now. Only been a month, ha! But like i already knew, overdose isnt the way to go. It rarely works.

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:21:50

yea,,, it really doesn’t work… i’ll say u something.. always try to do what makes u happy… :) make ur own world and try to live in it.. u’ll feel somewhat better… :) try not to be alone.. always be with friends…

Comment by anno
2011-10-09 05:35:51

I’m a psychiatric nurse and have stumbled across this website by accident. I’m shocked and worried by what I’ve read. I’m sure some people are genuinely suffering and looking for help (you won’t find it on this website) speak 2 ur gp, call a helpline, people do care and want u to live and feel happy and loved. I’m also sure there are people who genuinely want 2 help others but there are kids posting on this website saying they want to od, then posting months or a year later saying they did it. They know from reading this stuff how much paracetamol to take. I would also like to reply to Muraya and others like you it sounds like your bragging, like its a competition, this is not helpful. There are also mental health websites u can visit, do yourselves a favour and look for help from somewhere more positive. If you want 2 know about symptoms and complications of paracetamol od then call ur gp or visit a reputable medical website. PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS xxx

Comment by charmedangel
2011-10-09 13:16:28

I lost a baby,a lil boy,and lost more than half my blood at the time, and nearly died,I gave up as was devastated, I lost the only man I ever really properly loved child,I lost part him,and no-one seemed to understand that pain,just tryed to push me to get back to normal. My Bf looked after for a while after but all the time had to fight of dark thowts as felt deverstated with grief.
When it came to going back home, I knew once left alone I struggle to fight them thowts off,as just wanted the baby back,and have that part my bf with me. I took over 70 paracetmol with wine, some said the alchol was the influence to taking so much my toxic level in the blood were 240,I never intended to wake up. Doctor said it could catch up and take effect later.
I was put on drip in hospital,and cant have any asprin or drugs at all, and limited alchol, I struggle day to day.On top Im not social like some and find simple conversation hard,and expressing my thowts hard.Everday I m battle, and literally only my bf that stops me

Comment by sfadknklgnkl
2011-10-09 16:31:07

i took an overdose in june, 50+ paracetamol.. People keep telling me i shouldnt drink alcohol. Why is this?

Comment by Katie
2011-10-12 15:23:53

In the last 3 months, I have taken 3 Overdoses of paracetamol. The first one was only treated because of my bulimia (parvalex), the second was dangerous and I was high risk of liver damage and on the third, my organs started shutting down. I was throwing up my insides and I couldnt breathe for myself. They had never seen paracetamol levels so high in anyone alive. I was dying. I took 24! Thats ENOUGH to almost kill you! Please THINK TWICE about what your doing and if im too late, go to the hospital ASAP! The longer you leave it the more dangerous it gets, please tell someone. If you need me, Im always here. There are so many people who will always be here for you… often strangers are the most help :) Take care! x

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 06:03:31

now itz been a week after overdosing.. i took only 10.. but,, i am still finding it’s difficult to breathe.. sometimz it becomz worse.. dnt knw wht to do at this.. cn’t seek a doctor even.. coz, i cnt face unwanted problems.. itz because my parents dnt knw abt this..

Comment by Chris
2012-08-25 11:41:37

Ive took about 12 overdoeses over the paspast 10 years ive just took another last week and today, it stems from abuse, i shoullould be dead. I dont want to to live no more ,i just exsist.

Comment by Joj
2011-10-15 07:01:34

ive thought about it but i dont want to end up dieing

Comment by nikoli
2011-10-15 07:19:20

oh my god guys,,, stop thinking about this stupid overdosing… are you all dumb like this.. i’m really suffering from what i have done.. please, u have got a life and try to enjoy it at ur maximum… don’t behave like stupids.. u have not seen what the world is like… if u are fed up with your life, just don’t give up like losers… we all are teens… have teen spirits among us… we all are meant to be… our lives have a value.. i was depressed once.. figured out many ways of dying… but,, it was all useless.. just try to be satisfied with what you have got… please,, for god’s sake,, DON’T TRY TO GIVE UP LIKE LOSERS… rock this life.. because no one like you will exist on this earth when you are gone.. you are UNIQUE.. there is 1 AND ONLY “YOU” for this world… plz keep this in your mind.. don’t ever regret.. because what you did was what you wanted to do.. and that’s what which makes “YOU”… see the difference… YOU ARE UNIQUE… so live… achieve what u want… NEVER BE A LOSER… fight for yourself…

Comment by rabbit
2011-10-16 17:45:58

im sick of life will 60 pills kill me?

Comment by bells
2011-10-20 14:25:37

I recently overdosed on panados and had my stomach pumped etc. apparently a person is unable to be successful a second time around is this true?

Comment by chuchu
2011-10-22 09:21:56

Ay nako!

Comment by chuchu
2011-10-22 09:22:26

ay nako .

Comment by lucy
2011-10-23 06:26:44

I have taken about 40.to 50 tablets over 4 days what is this going to do to me …

Comment by Champiom Overdoser(100)
2011-10-25 07:57:53

Still hold the record!Who has done a 100 and nothing happened am still here posting.There is a time i felt some heat from the part where my liver is but nothing to worry about still eating like a monster.Am about to throw myself from a 30 foot storey building. I hope it works! If i post again then i have survived if not jus know my brains splattered in some tarmac somewhere this time am going to meet my maker.Dead Serious.Bye

Comment by maryam
2011-10-27 17:00:02

plz dnt b mean i mean im here to get some answers nt insults
i had an argument wiv bf nd took 3 anadin extras nd my belly nd chest hurt like their burnin can sum1 plz telll me how bad it is i knw it ent a large amount like 23 or w.e but plz is it bad?

Comment by Holly
2011-10-28 19:47:39

Can I ask what your health issues are? I had an overdose when I was a teenager and never got treatment, almost lost my hearing but since I haven’t had a healthy appetite, many digestive problems that we are still trying to figure out. I just realized they may be connected to my teenage overdose as I am many years older now. I am looking for info on long term damage, as this could help me to get healthy.

Comment by enough
2011-10-30 07:09:20

i no how u feel iv just tuk 3 differnt tabs bout 20 in all cant live like this anymore

Comment by enough
2011-10-30 07:17:11

please tell me a website that can help me ,,, im told im a strong person ,, well i dont think so anymore ,,i dont want to harm myself but i think i havent got a choice anymore,, i have put up with to much for to long ,, please help me

Comment by x
2011-10-31 02:31:40

you wont hae liver failure!! 3 para tablets won’t do anything but make you sleepy. Dotake anymore as its not gonna help things with your brother but make things worse.

Comment by jim
2011-10-31 10:54:37

i took a paracetamol over dose last nite do i need to go a&e an ive got pain in my stomach

Comment by jim
2011-10-31 10:57:58

i took bwt 25 tabz

Comment by Sarah
2011-11-03 05:54:05

I have took 26 yesterday without telling anyone.

Comment by peter
2011-11-03 09:38:46

your an ass hole

Comment by Nick
2011-11-07 15:39:20


Comment by Nick
2011-11-07 15:45:12


Comment by Kelly
2011-11-08 01:17:24

I agree, stop putting people down. Today I found my friend dead after taking 15 packets of panadol. Slow and painful death. Why are you being nasty?

Comment by Kirsty
2011-11-09 00:57:21

I’ve just taken a paracetamol overdose, i cant wait to die. My mum ignores me, i never see my dad and my sister turns round and says “I hate you, you bitch!”, at school im bullied and called FREAK! I used to have friends until they turned on me when my boyfriend broke up with me. I’ve tried Counselling and they gave up on me, my school is turning round and threatening to send my mum to jail and she turned round and said “If i get fined 1000 your paying it, if i get sent to jail you can forget about having a mother.” I have given up on my life so i now say goodbye to you…

Comment by Courtney
2011-11-13 20:47:37

I have been exactly where you all are (minus the overdosing).

I am now 23, and between the ages of 14 and 17 I battled with major depression.
All I ever thought about was how I didn’t want to be here, and all the things in a typical teenagers life like boys and friends, seemed so much worse than they were.
I used to sit in my room and self-harm, thinking about how no one would even care if I died.

I ended up on antidepressants at the age of 15, and while it made things more bearable, I still used to cut myself very occassionally until the age of 19.

As I said, I am now 23, and still suffer from depression. The only difference is, I now know how to manage it, and how to pick myself back up off the ground.

For the past eight months, I have watched my best friend go through a very similar thing. She started off being diagnosed with major depression and mild psychosis, and was self-harming. While she got help very early on, she has progressively gotten worse.

She has had 5 suicide attempts now, in the past 6 months. Three of these have been paracetamol overdoses. The first time, she took 72 tablets, the second time was 50, and the most recent was 72 again.
It has been a long, hard road of her being in and out of emergency/psychiatric care.
She is so desperate to end her life, but we are all hell-bent on not letting her win.

The reason for me writing all this, is because I read all your comments and feel so sad that you have these problems and feel like you have no one.

Having now gone through this on the other side of things, I have realised just how much it hurts other people.
You may think that no one cares about you, but trust me, they do.

Please, please, please. If you are feeling like ending your life, speak to someone! Seek professional help!
There is no shame in admitting you need help, and it shouldn’t be a question of ‘I don’t want people to know’. My friend is still struggling even though she did get help, but if she hadn’t gotten help at all, she wouldn’t be here right now.

Yes, it’s hard. And it will always be hard. If you’re like me, you will always battle with it.
But if there is anything I’ve learned, its that there is ALWAYS a reason to live, and there is ALWAYS something or someone worth living for.

Comment by nicco clemente
2011-11-13 23:47:16

now i’ve taken 8pcs of paracetamol..
+3 biogesic and 5 diatabs..
a minute ago..
i cant w8 whats the sideeffect:)

nicco clemente:)

Comment by nicco clemente
2011-11-13 23:49:55

now i’ve taken 8pcs of paracetamol..
+3 biogesic and 5 diatabs..
a minute ago..
i cant w8 whats the sideeffect:)


Comment by Rohini
2011-11-18 03:48:03

what will happen if little overdose of paracetamol given to childern within 5 months old

Comment by C
2011-11-23 04:58:49

You should definitely go to the Dr and have it checked out.. preferably asap. Possibly be an ulcer caused by the medicine.

Comment by Cassie
2011-11-26 05:14:23

Don’t worry I know how people hate your pug face and man you have a fugly name! You don’t have to insult us for overdosing lol!
Pansy Parkinson is the Slytherin girl with a pugly face off Harry Potter.

Comment by lisa
2011-11-29 17:27:02

9 years ago I took a massive OD of panadol with a bottle of wine. I am not going to say what amount I took as I don’t want to encourage anyone, all I will I say is the amount has not been mentioned before in this thread. It was about 5pm. I never slept that night but I really can’t remember what I did either because as the night wore on confusion was the first symptom that set in, I remember mumbling to myself all night long. By the time morning came, my stomach had become swollen as had my hands, feet and face and I could smell this scent of ammonia, it wasn’t coming from outside of me but it seemed to be coming from in me, from my mouth. I couldn’t pee anymore. I fell on my bed, my thoughts were very confused and I was becoming unsure of where I was. My phone rang and if I had been in more control of myself I wouldn’t have answered it but I answered it, my mother was on the line and she realised there was something wrong and called the ambulance.
By the time paramedics reached me it was about 8am and they weren’t sure I would it make it to the hospital.
At the hospital I was taken into a resuscitation unit and the doctor told me they had called in my family to say good bye, he told me I would probably die and that they were not sure the antidote would work as it had been too long and I had taken a massive dose. He said it looked like my kidneys were failing and they said something about a possible but not likely liver transplant. After 3 days of antidote being administered-here I am alive!

It was a very painful OD. It’s not like you go to sleep and everything just fades away. You’re awake the whole time feeling everything that is happening to your body. It certainly makes you think twice about doing it again! I have never had an OD again after this!

Comment by lynda
2011-12-01 10:48:24

i took 18 paracetamal 8 anadin extre and 2 hydroxyzine atarax tablets at 12 oclock today will i b ok ??

Comment by lisa
2011-12-01 15:22:23

You should get checked out for ANY paracetamol OD at an emergency room. Just because you may not die does not mean you won’t harm your body, you can cause your self liver damage, kidney damage.

Comment by paul
2011-12-04 06:44:38

Hi, Im fairly sure im well under the danger doses but wanted to check as I took a sachet of 650 mg paracetamol drink and then 4 hours later I had 2x 500mg (1000 Grams) paracetamol tablets thinking they were Ibruprofen. I am just checking and panicing slightly about overdose . Can anyone set my mind at ease.

Comment by Anonymous13
2011-12-08 18:20:00

Anybody that overdoses really should go to A&E even though it makes me a hypocrite for saying that.. I was already being treated for depression and anxiety and insomnia. These problems arised when life was just fine. I had an amazing holiday to look forward to (and enjoyed every last second) my job was fine and my relationship with my partner couldn’t have been better. Not too long later I was gotten rid of from my job – that didn’t actually bother me and I was really starting to enjoy the me-time! Then, after another dose increase on the anti-depressants and a very heart-lightening talk with a psychologist, things were looking good. The goals we had chose I was beginning to work toward and so on. Couple weeks later, I finally admit to my partner what has been going on. He didn’t know how to deal with it but I was feeling good so I managed to uplift the situation. However, that very weekend on the Saturday morning, all hell breaks loose and we had a fight that even scared myself. He didn’t want to sort it out soni walked out and said fine I will go and walk as far away as I can and find a field and kill myself. When I found myself a field and got comfortable sitting among a group of trees I looked at my phone to see he had tried to contact me and then I picked up when he rang again.. He spent an hour begging and crying down the phone for me to come back, that he would pick me up and so on.. How I was so calm I dont know. I just said no I’m sorry, I have no other options now. At least this will be quick and painless. I’ll be dead in an hour tops, and there’s no chance of a coma instead. Eventually I put the phone down and swallowed about 200 7.5mg zopiclone tablets with an entire litre of proper vodka. My partner manged to find me and started taking me home but I did not admit what I had done.. I was adamant on dying. Within 5 minutes I had passed out very suddenly. I have one flicker of memory of being put in an ambulance and hearing ‘she’s gone’. A day later I came around in hospital. What had happened only made me feel worse. I had drifted between being dead and being in a coma and having everyone fight for my life. This has only made me worse. I’m only a week in after the OD but I have such terrible amnesia and general memory loss, my whole body is in constant pain that rages throughout my whole body and I tremble like a leaf all the time, I have zero strength or energy and to top it off, I can’t even eat now. If I do, I’ll be in even worse agony till I cry myself to sleep. The day after I got home from hospital I sliced up the insides of my elbows to distract myself from the rest of my pain, the only thing I achieved was slicing off several ribbons of skin and making a huge mess with blood, which I can’t stand the sight of.. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever remains of my logical side makes me think how shameful this is and how sad it is that I am this way now. To not even have the strength to wake up? To have cried my eyes dry? I still wish I was dead or to go to sleep and not wake up even though I woke up to my mums terrified face stained with copious amounts of tears because she couldn’t wake me up. However, I beg of anyone not to do this.. It’s a selfish and cruel thing to do.. My argument with myself however is that I canot live with this amount of pain I have caused, and so on.
So yeah. Seek help however degrading it may feel, because those professionals are there for a reason. Don’t let yourself get like I am. It is a dark and sad place.
Oh, and I though I would share my story aswell a) for other people to not feel alone b) because I can’t get my story to sink in to anyone right now c) because I can’t get to sleep.

Comment by miss
2011-12-11 08:35:17

I am really depressed and upset! I want to end my life and on many ocassions overdosed! Recently I took 14 tables consisting of paracetamol and cocodamol y isnit anything happening? to all those ppl who think its selfish what’s wrong if it helps me forget my pain for short while? My life is becoming a punishment and everyday is a new death for me. I can’t take no more nothing is going to help nothing!! Why the hell aren’t I shwoing symptoms? My stomach keeps making weird loud noises! Only felt nauseaus that’s it

Comment by sdcsddcssssssssssss
2011-12-12 16:09:37

ta some painkillers are so mild for example i overdoes on 2 packs of the stuff and alll i got was sleepyness ,headaches , unbalance , ringing in ears in the first 12 hours then after good sleep all of it passed after a few hours wakeing up

Comment by lisa
2011-12-13 00:13:52

@miss. If every day truly were a new death for you then you would feel no pain. Life is about good days and bad days, when we feel we can’t take any more, we have to remember death actually is FINAL, but this bad time – it too shall pass just like everything passes, the good times pass also. One day our lives really are going to be over and at that moment you may want to cling to yours but it will be your time and at that moment of your death you will have to let go – you really should wait until then. Depression and wanting to kill ones self truly does pass- I should know because I am a survivor of many OD’s and now I am terminally ill-life is full of irony! Hold onto your life while you have it, life can get better if you choose to be the active driver of your life and take your life where YOU want it to go! Don’t allow other peoples actions to control what you do! People tend to stay depressed because of irrational thoughts and feeding themselves negativity!!

Choose Life miss!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-13 12:55:40

@lisa what is wrong with u? I have tried and tried its pain since childhood and it wil never go away! I don’t understand y I’m not even reacting to OD its been few mnths trying! I’m so fed up I hav nothing to look forward too just want a final end now

Comment by miss
2011-12-13 12:59:51

@lisa what I meant I’m dieing everyday is that life doesn’t have any thing for me I’m forcefully living it n its killing me inside n I’m soo unhappy n cry all the time hw can I explain I’m so dead

Comment by miss
2011-12-13 13:03:58

@lisa u have made me all teary but all I do is cry I relay pray to god u get better

Comment by lisa
2011-12-13 15:18:29

@miss. I understand how you feel. I am 44 and I had tried to kill myself since the age of 13. I had childhood trauma also that haunted me from that time. From the age of 7 my mother abandoned me and I have been alone since then-I know the pain-I know what dead inside feels like. That aside. You might see that I did not want to live either and so like you and many others have tried and tried to OD. I also during these years did not stay depressed of course, it came and it went. I began seeing counselors from the age of 18 though up until at least 6 years ago-they helped me through this amazing journey and to be the person I am today.

In 2002 I decided I was also ready for a “final end” so with that in mind I took a massive overdose of paracetamol. (I am not going to say the quantity because I am not encouraging anyone to do this!) Miss, if you scroll up you can read about what happened to me, my comment is dated :-Comment by lisa
2011-11-29 17:27:02

I have spent many years in counseling, from time to time I still experience depression and I have thought about suicide but I realize that “up’s and down’s” are a part of life. The counseling I had helped me come to terms with my childhood and my past, the pain has gone-I believe Miss that whatever pain people have can be helped if they want to share it and work through it. It was very hard for me to do, very painful but I am so glad I did it because it can never hurt me again.

What is wrong with me? The doc’s describe my case as complex but what is killing me is my lungs. Lung Disease. It is very hard for me to breath.
I have 3 kids, 2 are grown and one is just 13 and I have 2 little grandbabies. Now Miss please I know how hard it is because I have walked where you are right now but just know-there is an end and it does not have to be final.
My mother has gone again-she told me she didn’t care if I was dead or alive, sisters and brothers are with her. I made my own family and I am here for them.

“You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”-Unknown

Choose to stay with us Miss!

Comment by lisa
2011-12-13 19:18:16

To all that have tried or are contemplating a paracetamol overdose,

I continue to see a common theme in your comments-”what are the symptoms?”, “I have just overdosed what should I expect?”

Firstly ANY overdose with paracetamol is worth a trip the emergency room. Not all overdoses have can kill you but they can harm you. Paracetamol can take some hours before it peaks in your blood, it depends on the individual(each person is different) and the amount of the overdose. If you report to an emergency room for a paracetamol overdose, you will most likely be given a blood test and have this blood test repeated over the next several hours to see what is happening with you liver and the toxins peaking in your blood. Doctors have up to 72 hours in which they can attempt to administer an antidote if the toxins caused by paracetamol are having an effect on your body. Obviously the earlier the antidote is administered the better, usually within 24hours is the most successful.

Once again I state please do not think just because you have NO SYMPTOMS this drug is not harming you- if you have overdosed on paracetamol I urge you to seek medical attention immediately.

With regard to symptoms-from my own experience, I cannot give you a full set of symptoms all I can say is overdosing from this drug and death from it is not what you would expect. If you have ideas of blissfully falling asleep into a state of mindless oblivion to forget your pain in this life-then forget it-the paracetamol OD is not for you!! It is disgustingly brutal and painful, you are awake for every single second to experience regret and the physical pain of what you have done to yourself and to contemplate your own impending death-sleep does not come, kidneys begin failing as they try to cope with the toxic effects of paracetamol, liver is struggling to cope with the toxins and is set on a course for failure, the pain is excruciating and no it is not hours that are left but days- yes days.

I for one was lucky, I made it back from that edge without permanent damage thanks to the antidote, there are others who don’t.
Don’t mess with this drug, it is lethal!

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 08:48:04

Lisa u r an amazing person! I have had another argument I can’t take it seriously believe me will drinking bleach kill me??? I don’t want my life I don’t value it so I don’t deserve it I’m not wanted I can’t eat can’t sleep I’m in so much pain

Comment by lisa
2011-12-14 13:40:13

@miss. I have been told many times to “burn in hell” “die” by people I love. People say things to hurt you when they are angry, most times they don’t mean them. After I was diagnosed with my lung disease and sent home, every day is a battle to live. I don’t care for myself if I live because my body is worn out but I need to live at least another 5 years to look after my youngest son. I decided to take the focus of myself and help other people, I help other patients at my hospital, women who are abused in their homes, homeless people…the list is long. Recently my daughter who is 20, she got involved with the wrong people, has a jerk for a boyfriend, they are in the whole drug scene-she decided to have an argument with me-she spat out lots of terrible insults that stabbed my heart. For weeks after I spiraled down into a depression, crying, grieving and again because this is me-thoughts of suicide teased me (suicide is a coping mechanism-an unhealthy one). The difference is now I didn’t act. I thought through the thoughts that were going through my head and one by one abandoned the irrational negative thoughts.

Miss, I am not sure if bleach can kill you but I know it can harm you rather badly. Bleach is caustic – it will burn along your digestive tract and rather than actually dying you may just cause yourself more problems.

These things that you are saying:- “I don’t value it so I don’t deserve it ” are an example of the irrational thoughts I speak of. Of course when we are hurt, upset and in pain it is very hard to think rationally. To be able to this is a skill you must learn and as I said it comes through seeking counseling.
“I’m not wanted” – I understand this leaves you with a feeling of being unloved, for I was not wanted but here I will tell you that just because someone does not love you does not mean you are unlovable, it might be one person or a group of people like my own mother brothers and sisters but that’s their problem not yours. Other people will want you and love you in your life but first you have to love yourself-forget the people that don’t want you!!
As far as not being able to eat and sleep that is understandable considering what is going on for you right now…but believe me when I say lack of sleep has a lot to do with the decision to end ones life. Most of the time when we want to kill ourselves we just want the pain to stop and we often think if only we could just close our eyes and it would be over. SLEEP is a lot like that- healing, beautiful, blissful sleep but unfortunately you don’t get that when all you can think about is your pain and the people that are hurting you and how you are going to make it stop-it would be just wonderful to be able to take a rest from the pain. Most people just want the pain to stop.
I take sleeping pills, I get all the sleep I can, my body needs it.

Could you talk to anyone Miss? I know you are in so much pain, I know you say you don’t want your life but I really feel like the pain you have burdens you so much you could do with a hand.

Talking about it does help the pain.

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 14:20:14

Hi lisa! Yeah I take overdose in the hope I will feel the pain and die eventually I knw I won’t fall asleep or anything! When I harm myself it makes me feel better for short while n forget my pain and agony! I understanding talking can help but what I’m going through talking won’t help at all! My feelings are not in my control! The thing is I love him so much more than my life since a kid, we were talking and all and all of sudden he drifting apart! He’s the only reason I’m alive if I don’t have him I have nothing honestly! He knows I been trying to kill myself and stopped me! I can’t expplain how much I love him I guess u can put it this way after god its him that’s hw important he is! I care about him so much even if he hurts himself recently he had problem with his finger it stabs me in the heart! I can die for him n everything u c its not a recent things I love him since I was a kid n its hurts so much I don’t feel any happiness! Please people don’t tell me I will get over it because I won’t ok!!! Its tooo deep inside me n I can’t bear it n I miss him! He said he loved me few time b4 then suddenly said maybe he doesn’t know! All I know feelings r not in ones control! I live for him and I will die for him !I don’t wana hear that I’m selfish n what about my family!! I’m not is it fair for me to live in this pain everyday?? Apart from that my dad never loved me or talked once to me it feels as if I’m a mistake in this world! I wana say to all those ppl who think I may sound negative etc etc u don’t understand! If u were in my place u wud feel the pain! I don’t enjoy this I don’t enjoy harming myself I don’t have strenght to cut myself with a knife as I’m aneamic as it is!! Even overdosing I take long as I do one tablet at time in past! But I feel little better after that! Lisa whatever u r doing for people is great u will be rewarded n the fact that I don’t knw u n u showing great cconcern I pray with my heart for u that u have the best life ever u forget ur nasty past n ur children adore and love u! U msg made me cry so much yest thanks for trying to understand even now I’m crying! I don’t know u or where u r but u defin have a place in heaven for sure!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 14:25:12

People why is it when the person dies and goes away from us forever that we realise we love them and how much they mean to us??? Y don’t they realise or admit before

Comment by lisa
2011-12-14 16:04:57

Ahhh Miss I feel for you!! I have experienced the exact pain you are experiencing right now!!! My OD in 2002 was because my partner left, (I had no idea at that time he was cheating on me!!). He made me feel unlovable, unwanted…all the things you feel now-I was so depressed, crying all the time, not eating, not sleeping-you know exactly how it is. Of course he spoke to me everyday, telling me how it was my fault we were no longer together. I swallowed and believed everything he said because I loved him (just like you love) more than my own life. I tried several times to OD and then of course the final end the massive OD. I did not tell him, however he did call me after I had taken it. He found out days later when he called and he found I was in hospital recovering-the creep didn’t even care and that is when I found out he was cheating on me, THAT phone call while I was recovering in hospital from the OD that nearly claimed my life.
I can tell you it certainly changed my reality. I was hurt but it was a different pain to the one I had felt all those months I had been depressed. I never wanted to go through what I had just experienced with paracetamol ever again and as far as LOVE hahaha well put it this way I was over that guy in 5 seconds. To think I nearly ended my life because of such a loser!

You see Miss 9 years down the track and that guy is married and never gives me a second thought…but he on the other hand impacted my life in such a bad way. The best that I could do is move on and move forward. I don’t love that guy, in fact now that I am better I realize I never loved that guy. When you don’t feel good about yourself you can’t possibly love somebody emotionally healthy-guys like the one I met are selfish and manipulative. They don’t care anyway whether you’re dead or alive-so killing yourself won’t make any difference.

Miss, it isn’t fair for you to live in this pain I agree-but you can’t change him, in fact you can’t change anybody except one person and that is YOU!! You can change! Just because he says he doesn’t know if he loves you doesn’t mean you are not lovable. If you kill yourself do really think he will care? If you stop reacting to him he will be forced to change. That is if YOU change one way or another he will be forced to change!!

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! Even if one of your attempts works and you die Miss and just say he realizes he loves you and admits, what then?
While you have life you have a chance to change things, to work things out, you have a chance to love again, you have a chance to be loved again…
When you are dead you cannot work anything out with those you still love, you may have regrets but there is nothing you can do about that…in fact there is nothing you can about anything because when you are dead you are dead, you become a loved memory.

Please Miss I do not wish to be rewarded at anytime. I have compassion for people who are hurting because I have been where they are and when I see people hurt it hurts me because I understand how they feel.

I cannot change you or what you choose to do Miss but I pray that you would not try to take your life, it is really not worth it. A lot people say it is easy to die but it is not easy.
I do not know you either but I feel like I do because your story could easily be my story and so on….

Forever has no time Miss…Life passes us by like the blink of an eye and then we have eternity-forever…Choose to live and see what a wonderful life you can have!!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 17:22:25

Lisa I’m crying a gain! He does care about me its actually very tricky story I want to die to end the pain not to make him realise he loves me! The time I have overdosed n told him he begged me not to do it and think of him! He said it heart started beating fast n he cud not eat even n he said he feels dizzy whewn he hears it he threatned to tel my fam I’m thinking of doing it again etc but ur ex partner seems heartless tbh! I hope he is just confused n becums him normal self coz I can’t take it no more seriously I love him so much I was like prob 8 since I loved him!! I’m soon to be 24 now what I mean by I love him forwver is even till my last breathe and after that too! If he’s reading this ihe knows I love him n can’t be without him!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 17:31:23

Lisa I feel good and very hapy about him ib know my feelings for him its true love

Comment by miss
2011-12-14 17:46:52

I mean I’m happy n feel gd when I talk to him

Comment by lisa
2011-12-14 17:55:23

Ok Miss I understand what you mean. It must be awful for him also to know that he can’t move forward in his life. He obviously cares for you. It would be terrible to know that someone killed themselves because they felt so much pain and that pain was caused by something he had done or the fact he was unsure if he loved you anymore. I believe he cares for you.

Miss, do you understand there is another way to end the pain? Or do you think seriously and honestly there is only one way to end your pain?

My eldest son is going to be 24 in March next year, you are so young.
How long have you been depressed like this?

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 02:05:04

My love story is very unique if I can say! Well he said many time he can’t deal with my crazy ideas of dieing etc he can’t understand y I want to kill myself! All I want is to marry me n give me some time or even talk properly! He has said he doesn’t want to live with the guilt that I died because of him I just want him to say once propeely that he doesn’t want me to go and cares for me! He has said so but not clearly! Do u think he loves me?? Sometimes we love someone n don’t realise until they gone hw much we miss n love them! Time back when I overdosed he told me that his hearts beats crazy n he sweats n he can’t eat then even n gets dizzy! Wud u feel that for someone u love?? I was the first girl to kiss him when he a kid n he was my first n last! Maybe he’s confused what u think?? I can only c death as option riight nw coz everyday is getting harder u c

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 08:30:32

What do you mean by he will be forced to change?

Comment by lisa
2011-12-15 13:33:29

Miss, I can see your side and I can see his side. Of course you want him to care for you and love you, you would like him to show you this, of course you want your pain to end and you just want it to go away-in your current state you think death is your only option.
He doesn’t understand your behaviour (wanting to OD etc), it only confuses him more. When you say at your previous OD he was sweating, heart beating fast etc-these are physiological symptoms of when adrenalin is released in our bodies to help us deal with anxiety (worry)-these do not prove love, this is how some people react when they are confronted with stressful and concerning situations. I can certainly understand him not wanting to live with the “guilt” because whether or not you OD because you want to release yourself from your painful existence or not he will still bear an enormous amount of guilt and that is terribly frightening to people-it truly is an enormous burden-quite probable why he starts to experience those physiological symptoms.
I would certainly experience the same physiological symptoms if I was confronted with a situation that I didn’t feel comfortable in-whether it was somebody I loved or not. It is because adrenalin is pumping through my body.

I am absolutely certain he is confused Miss.

“He will be forced to changed” that statement I made is a rational idea. It simply means when you change the way you behave and react to things (then logically/rationally) the people in your life will have to change the way they behave/react towards you. You can do this for the positive or the negative-the choice is yours-one thing we always have is CHOICE, choice takes us to many places, but it is always our own. We can’t manipulate other people to be and do what we want, it never works- that is why I say, the only person anybody can change is themselves and the people around you will react to that change (they have to), you may lose friends but if you do those friends weren’t worth it.

You never know Miss, he might like your positive change and fall in love with you all over again! But certainly with things the way they are right now, it is frightening and confusing for him.
Dry your eyes…I know it is frightening and confusing and painful for you. Don’t act in haste…don’t take that OD you’re dreaming of, it might just work-I am not quite sure if all that emotional pain goes away when we die!! (I suppose that depends on if you believe in an afterlife-and I do!).

I understand each day is getting harder, your life is worth preserving though, I can tell you are a beautiful, sensitive soul who just wants to be loved, cared for and appreciated by this man you love-sometimes things don’t always work out the way we plan though and yet we must still live. My husband died when I was 21 our son was 6 weeks old-no he didn’t kill himself-he was terminally ill. I wanted to die when he died but I had to keep living I had my precious son in my arms. It is now nearly 24 years since he passed, I do not love him any less but still I have to live all of those years. It takes courage to go on, strength-and I believe you have these things in you.
You are strong to have come as far as you have Miss!
You are strong to make it through each day in spite of it getting harder and harder!
You are courageous to face each day!!
Honour yourself and your journey this far!!
Take the strength you have and the courage and LIVE!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 13:53:31

Hi lisa but he said he has loved me few times before! Why is that when we lose the person we realise hw much we care n love them n miss them? About the adrenaline thing, well I knw myself I woulldnt react same way he did for everyone defin for the person I care deeply for n love! He has said b4 that I’m very close to him!! What if he sees me laying in a hospital bed he may just realise his love?? What u think? As for me changing I’m a very sensitive caring n loving person! He knows I will do anything for him n die for him!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 13:59:32

I would like to add in the past I had migraines n even then he messaged me saying that he can’t c me in pain like this! All I know if I was in his shoes I would not react the exact same way he has done few time about overdose for anyone! Obv if it like him wish I hope never I would be very very scared n panic n similar won’t be able to eat etc! What do u think?!

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 14:02:01

Whay do u mean he is confused? About what??

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 14:07:36

I meant he has said he loves me few times b4

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 14:40:58

I miss him a lot he hasn’t messaged me today see I can’t live without even one second kills me! Meri jaan aur saansein dumbo if ur reading this msg karo bahut pyar karti hoon can’t live without u! Tum nay vada kiya tha kabhi nahin choodon gay please pehlay jaisay ho ja ek daafa kehdo tum mujhse pyar kartay ho ek daafa! Main mar jaaon gi jaldi

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 14:47:05

Lisa please from my behalf send him message here to message me! I am 23 years old birthday coming up in 10 days time! I love him!!! Do u think if I’m in hospital he wil come and see me? Is ibrufen dangerous?? Please pray for me tht he very soon says he loves me a lot please or I die!! When I was on holiday few mnth back n got back he said he missed me

Comment by lisa
2011-12-15 16:45:23

Miss-we don’t all react in the same way to the same things-each of us are individual but some of us share common reactions to certain situations (for example the physiological changes I wrote about earlier). Perhaps you would act differently-who knows until you are in that situation….

As far as him being confused-in your earlier comments you said he told you he was confused about how he felt towards you. However, in a person that is thinking rationally (him) he may perceive your desire to die as confusing (he does not know how to handle this or what to do), I am assuming he is young like you, not that age gives us a handle on suicide.

Is Ibuprofen dangerous? Yes! Can it kill you??? I am not sure! Miss, I am sure there are 999 ways to kill yourself, if people want to die they find a way. I can’t help you to die. If you want I can only help you to live. The thing is you may not die from any of your future OD’s BUT THE PILLS CAN DAMAGE YOUR ORGANS!! You might spend the rest of your life on dialysis, when you just wanted to die!!

I’m sorry Miss that he hasn’t messaged you today, perhaps your irrational behaviour is driving him away-it can do this you know-you can achieve the exact opposite of what you are trying to create simply by continuing to do what you are doing.

Have you ever considered that this situation is overwhelming for him? That he may not have messaged you today because he needs a break? Just some thoughts you might want to consider before you start thinking irrationally and jumping to conclusions like “he doesn’t care for me because he never messaged me today” or “this is the end because I have not heard from him today” or “I can’t live anymore without him because he hasn’t messaged me today” etc…all of those are examples of what irrational thoughts are and conclusions you perceive because of a simple act of him not messaging you today which could be for a number of reasons.
I know it is hard to think differently but unless you do you will create the exact situation you fear-you will drive this man away with your behaviour.

How do you know he reads your comments here? And why would he listen to me if I asked him to message you Miss?

My best advice to both of you is to talk to someone and my advice to him would be to get help for you. He needs to talk to someone, he needs to tell someone what is happening. I am sure that you don’t like what I say because everything you write is that you want to die-but I’m sorry Miss I cannot encourage you to die.

As far as second guessing what he may do-for example would he come visit you in the hospital-if he cares for you he may, if you have driven him away he may not-I don’t know.

I pray that you find happiness in yourself-for that is true and nobody can take that from you.

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 17:19:13

Liss we used to message everyday b4 he’s not a kid he is 31! Hmm he does say my crazy behaviour of dieing scares him and pushes him away! Is he being stubborn?? If he doesn’t visit me in hospital I knw he will regret it for sure!! I kind of told him I bEen talking to you and how nice you are etc n he can check this site out etc he got angry tbh lol dnt knw y!! Lisa it feels as if I have known u for ages n I wait all day for ur messages! Its amazing how sometime our family don’t care for us but strangers become our real family. It feels as if I have a connection with u n u r my friend now! If u don’t mind me asking ur kids know about u? If so they coping ok? All I know is I love him and can’t c him in any pain n giv my life up for him only!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 17:22:12

I can’t ignore my pain either as its very deep

Comment by miss
2011-12-15 17:29:37

Lisa I didn’t message or call him either I’m waiting and hope he does soon before its too late!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-16 02:23:13

Of course everyone react differently to situations but what I mean Lisa is like if u cared for someone a lot and loved u would react in a way he has done many times? I knw for me I would be a lot calmer if it not someone I love as much etc if u get what I mean say maybe stranger

Comment by miss
2011-12-16 02:39:02

Lisa u know what he said before that “he loves me but not as much as I love him” obviously my love is much deeper and my life is his too and everything and I can die for him ONLY!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-16 02:43:08

Also Lisa he has said no girl can love me like the way I love him

Comment by miss
2011-12-16 14:31:04

I feel terribly sick,alone and sad!! My life is not worth living for

Comment by lisa
2011-12-16 15:19:20

Miss-I am sick today. I have had a lot of seizures. I will be back when I feel a bit better ok. You are not alone, I am thinking about you.

Comment by miss
2011-12-16 15:27:14

Oh dear lisa get well soon! He hasn’t messaged today either must be angry he is high tempered though!! Stil waiting hope he does b4 its too late or he wil have regrets only! Get well soon lisa n take care of urself x

Comment by miss
2011-12-17 04:50:45

Mother gives me really hard time never appreciates me always complaining complaining complaining nothing I do is good enuogh had enough!!! She said some nasty things to me like I wish I died etc etc I hope her wish comes true coz I’m fed up had enough now!!!

Comment by pansy puff
2011-12-17 18:22:49



Comment by lisa
2011-12-17 18:49:38

Miss-I didn’t realize he was 31 but still at any age a person can feel under pressure by another persons behaviour. Some of the things you have said he says to you suggest to me he is manipulative of you in some ways. At any rate you need stop focusing on him. I understand you love him deeply but he just does not love you the same. I am sorry for the hurt and pain you are experiencing because of this realization-but the sooner you accept this fact the better it will be for you. I wish I could give you a hug or hold your hand because I know the hurt you feel.

Being in hospital-won’t change the way he feels! It won’t make him realize anything.

I understand life is feeling pretty disgusting right now-my mother gave me similar treatment whenever she was in my life. She spent more time out of my life then in my life. The thing with “Mother” is you have to realize that you don’t have to be “good enough”-forget that!!!! She should just love you and be there for you anyway because that’s what a mother does!! My daughter doesn’t always do what I like but I love her with all my heart and I am there for her no matter what-I give her all the emotional stuff my mother never gave me.

Miss-start again!! You can!! Forget the people that bring you down! Forget the people that don’t love you and appreciate you and meet the people who can love you and appreciate you and who WILL!!! BUT first off you have to start by loving and appreciating yourself enough to let these other people go-like this guy you love-he is bringing you down-you have to let him go. There is more to life than him! (I know that is not what you want to hear-but it is the truth!!).

Miss-you say he has a high temper?! So what?! You don’t need to worry about his temper anymore do you? He let you go. Do you worry about his temper? Do you worry about your actions and how they effect his temper?

I hope you are okay Miss, when I get lots of seizures I have to go to sleep, I am better now. Do my kids know about my illnesses? yes! or do you mean do they know about my suicidal history? yes they know about that also. Are they coping? The older ones are coming to terms with my terminal illness, my youngest son is not. I have good days and bad days. A couple of months ago I had very high risk surgery, the surgeon and all the doctors involved said there was a 90% chance I would die,the benefits were worth it though and ultimately it was my choice. I had to say goodbye to all of my family, very hard to do, especially my youngest son. I knew once I closed my eyes I may never open them again. I faced death yet again. I had complications but once again survived to tell the tale. The surgery did not add more time to my life but it improved the quality of my life-and for each day I am grateful.

Life is a gift Miss-make the most of it-don’t throw it away. “Now” is just a moment in time that passes quickly!!

Comment by lisa
2011-12-17 19:13:45

Miss-ignore “pansy puff” nobody is an idiot for feeling pain and attempting to kill themselves. However ignorant comments calling people names usually come from ignorant people with ignorant minds.

We are commenting in a public forum so therefore it would be unusual to not attract some ignorant, idiotic comments along the way Miss. Don’t take it on board you have enough to deal with right now.

As I have stated previously I cannot help anyone die but I can help you to live! Attempting to take your life is a coping mechanism-you can choose another way.

Comment by sukant garg
2011-12-17 20:52:20

i just had 4g of paracetamol, 800mg of ibuprofen, 80mg of cetirizine, 2.5g of mefenamic acid and 100mg of dicyclomine. attempt to commit suicide. god please forgive me, mum dad i am sorry, momina i love you i am so sorry but i couldn’t take this depression and pain anymore. i wish i die with all this, i wish i never wake up again. i wish to meet my lalu. i love you audy, didi, jijaji and kavya :’(
please forgive me all. i am sorry.
i am a coward, failed finally in my life. i wish i die tonight.

Comment by lisa
2011-12-17 21:33:40

To sukant garg,
If you are capable of still reading then I hope you will get some medical help. 4g of paracetamol is the least of your problems along with the 800mg of ibuprofen. 80mg Cetirizine (Zyrtec) which is an antihistamine-will make you drowsy. Your real problem is with the mefenamic acid this can give you convulsions, nausea, vomiting, vomiting blood, shallow breathing, coma. Symptoms can begin anything from 30 minutes after ingestion to 4 hours after ingestion. Signs of renal failure may appear days later however.

Get help NOW before it is too late!

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 03:12:42

Lisa I know he does care about me for sure that’s y he doesn’t want me to do die. I can’t forget about him I care about him a lot! He is very close to my heart

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 03:17:30

Lisa he is fam in a way n he has had a lot to deal with since a kid a lot of problems n struggle! His temper is wiv everyone if he doesn’t like sumone sayin sumin or done summin he will say straight not keep inside! He smokes a lot when he’s stressed which I hav told him to quit many times! He says he’s having a lot of problems right nw plus he supports his fam too! I dunno I can’t stop loving him ever!!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 03:36:34

Lisas when I was 15 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer that was really tough n difficult to get through • She has survived but always has something wrong with health since! My parents have been divorced when I was baby and myt dad has never looked back at me once or kept in contact! I don’t knw what a father is or what a fathers love is!! All throughout school was bullied a lot everyday name calling no one wanted to be with me, chewingum put in my hair!! N the person I love since a kid I been craving n dieing for his love all these years n finlly when we start talking dnt knw y but he’s quieter now n its killing me!! I know I shudnt say this but I get annoyed when I c ppl have great lifes girls who hav or hd fathers that love them then great husbands they have evrythig they want and I have nothing but pain! I wish this world n the ppl living understood my pain n learn that happiness is my sharing not keeping to yourself! Its about listening to others rather than talking all the time• Its about bringing a smile on others face n helping their pain go away! I’m a extremely caring loving person n I can’t c others pain its like my own! That’s y I’m worried about him n hope his problems get sorted as it hurts me a lot too as my love is TRUE! Even for u lisa if god wants u will survive n have longer life to enjoy with ur kids! I prayed so many times to god to end my life n pain for good I just hope he listens soon!! N listens to this last wish of mine!

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 03:44:50

Lisa I took 20 paracetamols last night as I was very upset after an argument with my mum n alone at home all day after n I didn’t hav anyone to talk to! So far I just feel very tired and sleepy! Y aren’t I experiencing any chest pains or other symptoms yet? I really want to feel the pain, I knw this may sound weird!! Will I get symptoms in few hours? Mum said she wish I dead! I don’t deserve to live as all the peeople I love and care for hurt me! U knw lisa one can forget the pain if sumone hits u but the words that come out from ones mouth u can never forget!

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 03:51:31

Its easy for people to call me selfish etc etc but can anyone take my pain away!no exactly!!!

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 09:34:15

Sukant u ok? Lisa hw r u feeling? Lisa I am still waiting for symptoms like a month ago when I took overdose of cocodamol I had symptoms within mins by body was numb I cudnt move much dizziness sick plus my chest was aching so bad n I had cold n hot flushes ! I’m still waiting for symptoms of yest overdose y am I not getting any pain??

Comment by lisa
2011-12-18 16:28:46

Miss you need to get some medical attention. ANY paracetamol overdose needs to be monitored by medical staff. The symptoms may not show immediately but may take hours or days later depending on the dose taken and a number of individual things. You may feel nausea, drowsy, stomach pain? Renal failure has very different symptoms-you need to re-read my post on when I had my massive OD of paracetamol-I was lucky to survive! On that OD the doctors told me I was dying.

Forget whatever you took a month ago. Obviously you are still alive. Miss I am not going to tell you how to kill yourself with pills/drugs-that is I am not going to tell you a lethal dose. You are going to end up damaging your kidneys and liver permanently if you continue in this behaviour and think there is no consequence other than death-you are wrong!

You are right, nobody can end your pain except you-by making some smart choices and I say CHOICES because you have more than one choice! You know Miss-my life gets very unbearable at times also, there are times I would much rather die than face another moment of pain so what makes you and I any different why should I live and you die? Why should God grant me any more life than you? If it is Gods will you will survive no matter what you do Miss because it is His will for you-when it is your time it is your time and then and ONLY then will He call you home.

I am sorry that you have had this hard life without a father, mother who has been sick for a long time, the bullying at school but don’t allow this to make you weak, grow from it and allow it to make you strong!

Take care Miss

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 16:49:13

Hi lisa what do u mean by renal failure? Well I’m very tired but I’m aneamic too and no symptoms of such yet

Comment by lisa
2011-12-18 17:03:14

Kidney failure Miss

Comment by miss
2011-12-18 17:14:02

U think I have kidney failure lisa?

Comment by lisa
2011-12-18 17:51:49

no Miss but you need to get some medical attention for ANY paracetamol OD okay.

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 02:34:34

I actually saw gp like two weeks ago coz I had pains in right arm leg and hand etc she sent for blood tests for vitamin d etc still haven’t got my blood tests dun!! Acrually the gp is good frnds with my mum so I’m scared if summin is wrong she will tel my mum

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 13:02:16

Hw u feeliing lisa today

Comment by lisa
2011-12-19 13:38:53

I am okay Miss. I either stay the same or my lungs get worse, a couple of weeks ago they got worse. Every month I go to hospital, when I go I meet lots of lovely people who are much worse than me. Every day I have people who come into my home to help me, without them it would be so much harder.

Are you close to a hospital? You should really visit the emergency room. How are you feeling Miss?

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 14:02:47

I’m annoyed I knw I may sound stupid but I’m not getting any symptoms just tired why? Isnit 20 paracetamols a lot??

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 14:38:25

Hospital is fairly close lisa!

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 15:14:33

Feeling is same to be honest! That y I took the tablets the other day :(

Comment by lisa
2011-12-19 16:09:21

Miss I cannot comment on the amount of pills you took or why you are not having symptoms as I will not help you to harm or kill yourself. As I have stated previously ANY paracetamol OD is not good for your body, it may not kill you, just because you are not experiencing symptoms does not mean it is not harming your body.

A blood test taken at a hospital can tell if the level of toxins has peaked in your blood from the amount of paracetamol you took.

Miss you need to speak with a counselor to work through what you’re going through, it is possible to cope with this-I have. You don’t need to die! There is help if you reach out.
You can always talk to me but it is not the same as seeking help face to face with a counselor.

My daughter had an OD, I remember it was a small amount of pills she took but as soon as I found out (which was almost straight away because she threw the pack in my face-she obviously wanted me to know) I called the ambulance. We went to hospital and even though they treated her in hospital straight away (she had no symptoms) she had to wear a heart monitor for 3 days as the pills she took could effect her heart.

Go to the hospital Miss

Comment by miss
2011-12-19 16:36:07

What happen to her heart? Hw can it effect the heart?

Comment by lisa
2011-12-19 19:15:27

Nothing happened to her heart because she was treated at the hospital. She did not take paracetamol Miss.

Comment by miss
2011-12-20 00:32:38

Ohh what did she have? Paracetamol affect heart?

Comment by miss
2011-12-20 12:01:30

Lisa hope ur well took few more tablets cocodamol also sleepy n legs hurting!

Comment by miss
2011-12-20 14:35:52

Stabbing pains

Comment by miss
2011-12-21 18:37:39

Lisa r u ok??

Comment by miss
2011-12-22 16:44:39

Lisa hope ur health is ok when ur better get in touch

Comment by miss
2011-12-23 15:40:48

Lisa are you there?

Comment by miss
2011-12-25 06:08:30

Happy christmas lisa wish u all d best! Hope ur healthy! Took tablets yest so sleepy n didn’t sleep all nite :(

Comment by kaye
2011-12-26 03:59:30

I know and sympathise with all those who have either thought about or tried to overdose.I am planning to do this a I am in a very dark place,and cannot see a light at the endof the tunnel,the last year has been dreadful and I no longer wish to carry one.l want to be free of the mental pain and also the physical pain my depression is causing,I will be glad when it is all over.

Comment by miss
2011-12-27 15:41:29

Kayne r u ok? May I ask ur reason for suicide?

Comment by Eeva
2011-12-29 20:54:11

I feel so bad. Yesterday I bought 90 tablets of paracetamol but I’m too scared to take them. I don’t know who could help me. I saw a psychiatrist yesterday and it wasn’t any help. I just can’t deal with this anxiety anymore.

Comment by mark
2011-12-30 01:49:04

im 43 male am i too old to be on here?? is my age of no significance?? i should know better on my age,, but i feel time is close for me to go

Comment by miss
2011-12-30 16:26:00

Eva what’s is wrong? Y r u feeling the need to take an overdose?

Comment by Eeva
2011-12-31 00:21:09

Because I don’t have enough money. I’m going to lose my apartment. And my mother is getting demented, and I can’t trust her anymore. I don’t have any friends or siblings. I’ve been unemployed and depressed for several years now. No medication seems to help.

Actually I took 40 Panadol tablets yesterday morning. Now I’m wondering whether I sould call an ambulance.

Comment by Eeva
2012-06-14 07:52:52

Actually I’m still alive, after 5 months in hospitals (two months in normal hospitals and 3 months in a psychiatric hospital). I was three days in intensive care, and a couple of weeks in a room which was something between an intensive care unit and a normal hospital room; I had heart monitors & other stuff attached to me the whole time. They managed to make my liver more or less “stable” within a week or so, but I had to undergo kidney dialysis for 6 or 7 weeks (3 times a week, 4 hours at a time) because my kidneys stopped working. Now my kidneys have returned to normal and my liver is almost normal, only slight damage done. I don’t feel like I want to die anymore. My depression medication has been changed to more powerful stuff, as far as I understand. I also had ECT treatment 4 times; then I refused to go anymore because I found it too horrible. Anyways, I guess the whole ride was an interesting experience, but I don’t really recommend it to anybody else.

Comment by Mike
2012-01-01 04:46:35

A can’t honestly understand how a lot of you feel.

But in a lot of cases, maybe some of you are too inwardly focused. If you feel your life has no point anymore, maybe just try helping someone else out instead. Volunteer work is a great way. Mary Stevens Hospice, Oxfam, St John Ambulance etc etc.

I have friends who have been depressed and they just said to me ‘I just can’t do anything’ when I have suggested anything.

But worth a try. Worst that could happen is you don’t like doing it.


Happy New Year everyone.


Comment by reece
2012-01-01 22:36:32

paracetamol really isn’t the best to be overdosing on, i’m not suggesting suicide to anyone either! i spent 6 months in a psychiatric unit at the age of 18 because of my suicide attempts
and i made alot! i took around 100 paracetamol, like 60 diazepam (12mg) like 100 sertraline (150mg they’re antidepressents) and like 100 of my dads tablets for his high blood pressure
it put me in a lovely coma on life support for a month, iv also tried hanging myself and swallowing razor blades, i know things seem hard for you who are contemplating suicide but you can get through this im promise you, i got diagnosed with MDD and psychosis when i was 18 and im living a normal life, i struggle a lot but i dont let my illness rule my life and you shouldn’t either. hold in there you will find peace

Comment by preethy
2012-01-02 07:40:39

my 3 year old child had full 100ml of paracetamol syrup last night.and he was sick at 2.30 am.i found out the empty bottle only in the morning.what shall i do?he is health wise active

Comment by Mike
2012-01-02 14:36:18

You don’t know me and you will probably never ever know me or see me.

But just some words of support to all of you out there struggling.

You are in my thoughts.




Comment by Belinda
2012-02-29 14:02:59

I have took many overdoses as did not want to live but still a live most want take it i once refused go hospital still ending up there best place got help stop doing was in mental health ward but now back square one as took overdose ten days go i still here though

Comment by miss
2012-01-04 12:37:11

I wish this pain and emptiness go away I have started to bruise myself on my arm and tempted to cut myself with a knife too! I knw what I’m doing ppl

Comment by miss
2012-01-04 12:42:03

I feel so empty n in pain so much! I have started to bruise my arm my punching it hitting it with things! I want to cut myself to with a knife it makes me feel better for bit as my pain is too strong!

Comment by mel
2012-01-21 00:43:26

I have been strugling with severe anxiety my whole life, especially social anxiety. I also have auditory slow processing. So these two problems have really impacted my life and i have suffered from depression. I am almost 18, I cut myself and I am bulimic. I hate myself, I sabotage any relationships or opportunities and i have completely lost any self worth for myself. Nor do i desire or see any future for myself. All i want is to die. i’m planning on OD but im worried that ill survive and just cause more problems..

Comment by Lonely
2012-01-23 16:00:43

I plan to overdose at the end of this month to join my mother who sadly passed away after suffering a terminal illness before xmas. I was her full-time live in Carer all my life..my life is so lonely without her..I miss her terribly and frankly can’t see a future without her..who is going to employ me..I can’t do anything..failed my GCSEs at school..I’m 38yo..I too can relate to mels comment…what if I live? What will people think of me? I’m not coping and am crying constantly..can’t sleep..but the only satisfaction that I have is that hopefully I’ll see mum and be with her again…

Comment by miss
2012-01-25 15:24:55

Lonely I understand ur feeling totally! I’m going through rough time cnt stop cryin it hurts so bad inside I can’t explain!! I knw d feeling when u think that u will die it makes u feel better right? But overdosing not rite way

Comment by Lonely
2012-01-26 19:06:35

Miss, sorry to hear you too are going through a rough time. No, it doesn’t make me feel better..I just miss Mum so so much and to be honest don’t think I can face a future without her that’s all..I just miss her and think I’d be better off deceased. People have said that it’s selfish..however there are two sides to that argument..I cry everyday..sometimes 5/6 times a day..I’m not sleeping…have lost 2st in weight..it is selfish for people to expect me to carry on like this everyday and be miserable..who is right and who is wrong? I have a 41yo brother but he has his life and is due to be married in september. I appreciate he is hurting too but it’s different for me because I lived with her all my life (my brother moved out at 18yo and has lived on his own since), we shared jokes, bounced off each others oneliners, shared the same naughty/cheeky sense of humour..now my partner in crime has gone and yes I’m angry/hurt/upset. You say that overdose is not the right way..what is the right way? Maybe I should contemplate going to Beachy Head instead (I’m in UK)..

Comment by angela chadkirk
2012-01-29 16:15:34

i have taken an overdose before quite some years ago i had that horrible drink. but was fine afterwards cant remember how many i took. i am contemplating it again but i know i am suffering from depression and need help but it is so embarrassing asking for help from your g.p, i work with people who suffer from learning disabilities and mental health problems and understand what is happening to me but it is so hard asking for help. i dont want to hurt my family as i know it will kill my mother but i have had enough. I feel i have nothing which i know is my depression, even though i am pretty, successful and poplular, (i know how bad that sounds), but, my depression is taking over me, and i can understand that, i cry all the time, i cant sleep and am very paranoid and snap at everyone and see only badness when in my heart i know its not a true picture of people. its terrible. you will all be reading this going wtf, but, i have a lot of bad stuff in my life a lot self inflicted as i let people treat me this way but i like to see the good in everyone and 90% of the time am so wrong and get hurt, am not here to cry on your shoulder infact am not sure why i am commenting on this site as i was only looking to find a site that told me how many paracetamol i actually had to take to do it properly, as if i do it i hope thats it.
But what i will say to people reading this is that depression is a recognised illness and there is help even though i should take my own advice am past that now. i have honestly had enough am a bit scared of what will happen but know in my heart that this is what i want. i am my own worse enemy x

Comment by loz
2012-01-30 03:17:16

I have been just read your post angela. I took 32 paracetemol 2 weeks ago once id been drinking. I fell asleep and woke up with what i thought was a hangover. The following day i felt so sick and dizzy which got me panaking. I went to bed that night and was awake with nausea and vomiting the next day i felt dreadful and was still vomiting. A friend took me straight to the hospital. I told them what i had done and the did a blood test. The results came back showing my liver was severley damaged. I was so scared I was on 2 drips for 5 days constantly having blood tests to ensure my liver was recovering. I came out of hospital but had to go to my doctors for another blood test. If this came back and wasnt right i will have to go see the liver secialist. when i took the tablets that night i didnt relise the damage i was doing it was worse for me as i left it 2 days before treatment. my liver actually stopped working for a time so if i wouldnt of sought help i would have died.
if you are depressed please seek help and dont do anything like this i regret it now and am so ashamed of myself. take care xx

Comment by Belinda
2012-02-29 14:09:01

Asking for help is hard when have support does help bit better as did not take overdose for two months until ten days ago. I been at cricis this week as things just not going right for me. My family dont understand my illness at all. I am stronger for asking for help. When am a cricis lot yes police ambulance do turn up at my house neighbour look at me all say not well i not ashamed of it sorry hurt anyone

Comment by bad idea
2012-01-30 11:11:59

i took 40 paracetamol and cocodamol, plus 8 ibruprofen lyscine the other night…not fun. have just got home after 36 hours in hospital with a drip and throwing up blood and bile constantly. i was crying from the throwing up, ironically wishing i was dead, and crying for my mum like a baby.

Comment by -
2012-01-30 21:15:39

Overdosed myself with over 60 paracetamol tablets, phenergan and valerian with a bit of wine over a period of 2 days. Stilll feeling tired (haven’t had a good sleep in about 4-5 days), depressed, mixed emotions, confused and I went through all of those drips and blood tests – not a nice place to be in hospital. Never want to end up like this again and will recover. Please I need advice on how to get better.

Comment by ....
2012-02-24 21:31:17

i’m sure u’ll get well soonn (:

Comment by Survivor
2012-02-04 16:38:18

About a week ago, I overdoses on Panadol (about 40 grams of Paracetamol) and tried to commit suicide from a 3rd floor. The medics rushed me to the hospital and pumped out everything and treated me with activated charcoal and then with an antidote. After two days of taking blood samples and staying in the hospital, I eventually was released and the doctors said everything was fine. My question is: Am I allowed to drink alcohol? I am worried that if I do, I might risk harming my liver after this incident.

Thank you.

Comment by Shawn Mickelson
2012-02-12 12:03:58

If you have consumed a fatal dose of paracetamol or any other painkiller and are reading this page for suggestions, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR ASAP . Even if you’ve had like 5 to 10 pills and are feeling uneasy go see a doctor . If you intend to kill yourself don’t end your life cause you think you have problems, think about millions of children who have nothing to eat, have nothing to live for and have no hope . For them life is like death everyday . Their joy would know no bounds even if they manage to get one proper meal a day . To us privileged people, life is a gift where we can be successful and actually enjoy life . If you think life is of no use to you, why not try and make it of some use to those poor children starving and dying . At least try to make one of them happy . Believe me the joy in helping others is the greatest joy one can ever get . Don’t kill yourself, kill the desire to kill yourself, and kill all such thoughts that come to your fragile mind by reminding yourself how lucky you are to be alive and enjoy basic necessities like food and shelter which millions of unprivileged people can only dream, beg and pray for .

You can talk to me at : einstein_time_and_space@hotmail.com

Comment by luke
2012-02-19 05:43:37

i felt sick after taking panadol without food.

Comment by megan
2012-02-19 08:37:00

my friend who is 13 took 5 of 500mg paracetamol tablets in 5 minutes! what will happen to her?

Comment by john cuffin
2012-02-19 08:50:30

i have 16 500mg

Comment by john cuffin
2012-02-19 08:51:25

i just took them alll

Comment by dontdoit91
2012-02-27 04:18:20

Paracetamol does kill.

I lost my identical twin sister as medics confused her symptoms with alcohol posioning. ( Did no blood tests) vomiting, stomach cramps.
I got a call from the hospital to go in, expecting her to be sitting up saying I’m sorry for being so silly.
She was unconsious yet breathing. They took her to intensive care where she managed to speak yet very confused even though she looked fine her blood results were very different. They induced her into a coma. Over the next 9 hours her condition worsened and they had to reduce swelling on the brain by what looked like a frankenstein bolt! Not long after her liver failed and so did the rest of her organs. This was 3 days after the od, 60 paracetamol mixed with alcohol.

She was 19.

Please think of everyone before you do this, its the worst thing ever to see :( .

Comment by sophie
2012-03-19 09:13:59

my friend Emily has taken 18 paracetamols in 18 hours me and my friends are all very very worried and she wont go to see a doctor or let anyone take her to a doctor and her mum doesn’t know will she die?

Comment by Lee
2012-04-14 05:20:42

no she wont die but she does need help ring 999 if ur in uk or if in usa dial 911 and explain to them about the situation and say she is refusing to go to hospital then may be they send the cops out as well to restrain. i know from experience ive had it in the past and yesturday i took 16 tablets but im in the same boat!

Comment by Angela Logan
2012-03-22 12:01:29

I hope that someone may be able to help me. A couple of years ago I took two very substantial overdoses – one of Effexor, 70 tablets, following which I had multiple seizures; and six months or so later I took 100 Tramadol. I went to hospital after the Effexor overdose and it seemed that I recovered well enough, although I started to gain a small amount of weight – about a half stone (no change to diet, always healthy food). I have always been quite thin (8-8.5 stone – I am now 11 stone and gaining). I did not go to hospital after the Tramadol; I was at home alone for a few days when I took them so no one knew. I don’t believe I have ever recovered from this insane overdose and I have gained almost three stone in weight / fluid since I took them. I cannot understand this; liver function and kidney tests, etc. were ok and my Doctor is saying she doesn’t know the reason for my weight gain. I wonder if it is possible that the overdose(s) have damaged my lymphatic system, or have they done some other damage that may have effected my digestive system or lymphatic system. I have asked and asked my Doctor and other professionals about this and they all say they don’t know. I am really at my wit’s end and I would be truly grateful for any light anyone may be able to shed on this for me. Many thanks, Angela.

Comment by Jonathan Keith Stuart
2012-03-26 23:01:58

I have taken about 86 500mg paracetamol tablets just over a year ago. i am still having gurgling problems and seizure problems in my stomach area, if this is a problem who should i speak to? and what should i do in the mean time because it is getting to levels where it is stopping me sleeping and sometimes feeling very sick but not actually throwing up.

Comment by frankie
2012-04-06 12:07:50

I overdosed on panadol a couple of months ago about 7-15 pills i never went to a doctor, now im really tired and ive had a two and half week period, could this be due to the panadol over dose or was the overdose too small to have any lasting damage?

Comment by Hoda
2012-04-09 04:53:17

Does anyone know what happens i i take 70 paracetamol? Cause i did it for 3 days ago then i went to the hospital and came back but i didnt tell them that i took over dose i was like i took only 3 and now i have headice And its killing me

Comment by social media in marketing
2012-04-09 11:56:25

Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to provide something back and help others such as you helped me.

Comment by Lee
2012-04-13 08:45:01

Around 3 weeks ago this day i took a box of 16 tablets of paracetomol with alchole and i broke them up so they be easier to swollow and i havnnt told no one about it because i dont want to end up in hospital unless something happens to me, so what should i do and what affects will it have? If i did have tests ie paracetomol or what ever where they still can trace it? Even after 3 weeks later or so? I dont wana go in hospital been there before its shit so im asking what the affects would be please? thanks

Comment by jay
2012-04-13 17:19:53

I’ve spent the last few days collecting paracetamol tablets, in the form of capsules for a faster reaction, I currently have 46g of paracetamol and I plan on stocking up more for my overdose…

I’ve spent the last few years suffering from BPD with pyhcosis and its just too much for me…

I plan on taking it on the 24th at about 6pm so that it is 15 hours before I go in to college and see my ex… I have read from alt suicide holiday that after 12 hours is up your finished, but 15 hours is better to be sure… Then its just a waiting game unroll my time comes…

Comment by Lee
2012-04-14 04:15:03

yeah they are crap paracetomol they dont do nothing because last night i took 16 paracetomol in halfs and im still here and 3 weeks ago i took another 16 tablets in halfs and with alchole had no affects so far i was sick a little bit last night but i always carry on as normal because i dont wana go to hospital can they force me to go if i live in care home? What can they do if i refuse to go? Im carry on like everything is normal because life goes on unfortunatly its just a matter of time!

Comment by Lee
2012-04-14 04:24:07

yeah mate read my posts i know how u feel its crap aint it, but it dosent do nothing well it hasent to me apart from being sick last night but that could be the alchole that i had with it as well to wash it down with, 3 weeks ago i took 16 tablets in halfs and last night took another 16 paracetomol i dont wana go into hospital eaither its shit and boring in there, ive been sectioned before and im scared in telling people because i dont wana let people down like i did last time! so im stuck in what to do, any advice people…. I also dont wana tell people because they will think im attention seeking or some crap like that cant face telling anyone i just be laughted at and people be mad with me if itell me so im keeping it to my self! its easier and suffer in silence.

Comment by Lee
2012-04-14 05:18:10

please reply to my comments!

Comment by FeelingAlone
2012-04-20 14:42:54

I’m going 2 suicide, i have 24 hours no 1 will nock my door so it’s easy 4 me suicide..i wanna know if i drink 40 -50 tabs of paracetamol within how many hours wil die ?

Comment by valtrex
2012-04-21 16:13:43

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Comment by annoynoumus
2012-04-22 05:48:03

Hi all i suffer with depression this friday just gone i took 33 x500mg paracetomol and still have 5 left, i dd intend to end it that night but nothing happened I wasnt sick and i feel fine well thats what i tell everyone so its now sunday and still no effects so could i have damaged my liver? im 6ft 2 ish around 11st just under i think. so what effects would it have? if any?

Comment by Simon Wilby scam artist
2012-05-16 16:52:03

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Comment by living dead
2012-05-22 13:30:56

I’m 12 years old and can’t take life anymore. I don’t want to sound stupid or pathetic either, i just needed to put this down. I’ve been thinking about killing myself for a long time now, years. Because of my situation, overdose is my only option. To cut a long, long story short- I was abused by my dad since birth up until December last year when him and my mum divorced, he abused me mentally, emotionally, sometimes physically and has left me broken inside. My brother is being bullied and very much starting to follow the same path I did, I am helpless and frightened, he is my life. I have always had severe emotional problems, been mentally unstable. I was bullied at four different schools, severe bullying and have been verbally abused/attacked by three different adults to the extent of restraining orders. I have moved to lots of different houses all over the place, from rural areas to big cities. I hate change. I have frighteningly uncontrollable mood swings from delirious happiness to depressing lows. I have run away from home, smoked, truanted, took drugs. I am always anxious, defiant, angry, lost, broken, shattered, depressed, upset and so much more. I have been to various counselling sessions, therapy, been misdiagnosed many times, been under mental healthcare for children etc. Nothing’s worked. Each day I get worse, each day I step closer to my absolute limit, my death. I can’t take much more. I am on concerta XL- for adhd, odd and conduct- and sertraline-antidepressants and anxiety- and melatonin- sleeping enhancers. None have helped. The psychiatrists really don’t get the true extent or severity. I have only listed a couple of things here, i promise you there are many, many more. I want to know how many paracetamol I should take, (i have high tolerance for drugs and am not underweight at all or that physically unhealthy), if I want to make sure that they’ll take it seriously but it won’t cause my death. What is the maximum if I don’t want any real repercussions like sickness and nausea and what is the maximum to not die but get things like liver disease and everything, if that makes sense. Thank you very much for any help and please no nasty comments by anyone, i am too hurt and broken for them to effect me in anyway so i wouldnt waste time or effort, thanks again for any info…please

Comment by name
2013-03-18 16:58:57

Dont do it…I was abused too and had a shit life with no friend or family to turn too. But one day u will overcome this and look back on it annd be stronger.

U can be ur mums best friend and she can be urs,

May God help u

Comment by PSD to Wordpress Theme
2012-05-28 17:54:43

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Comment by Chris
2012-06-29 08:43:41

i took 24 yesterday :| was only done because euthanasia aint allowed in this country… spoke to the doctor after being reffered by my dad… i put up a fight but managed to escape that hell hole… lets wish for the worst

Comment by cash advance uk
2012-07-25 15:10:07

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Comment by playard
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Comment by Cleopatra
2012-10-28 07:49:46

I took 4 sachets of beechams last night, the one with paracetomol in, and about 14 – 18 sudafed max last night, i wanted to overdose, feeling shitty, but wondering whether i should tell my hubby.

Comment by Malcolm
2012-12-23 14:45:07

I just survived an overdose of 93 paracetomol combined with 7 cans of scrumpy jack cider spent 7 days in a mental hospital before they let me back on the streetand two days to days in a general hospital before you overdose think of that.

Comment by miss
2012-11-04 02:25:00

Hello everyone! A special hello to lisa-how r u? Don’t knw if u forgot me! I always pray for u lisa. I feel very sick,sad n lonely inside me deeply. Nothing in my life has gone great or smoothly. I just wish I die as I have stopped living in hope now cos evrytime I do those hopes are broken with seconds! It makes me think alot-why me?? I’ve never had a father around, my mum been through cancer etc I’ve never had that special someone! Why ppl so selfish in this world and materialistic?? Why don’t my feelings count? My mum never understands me maybe its lack in communication n her medication! So I’m totally alone. I feel like I am forced to live this life! I have iverdosed before but ended throwing up!! Its like nothing is in my hands! I look at some ppl who get what they want so easily! Just not fair I have the biggest n kindest heart

Comment by anonymous
2012-11-08 13:10:25

last saturday had a major fight with my ex who made me feel worthless so when i came home i took approx 30 paracetmol. within a couple of hours i felt sick and early hours of sunday morning i threw up. this lasted for 2 days. dont know whether theres been any permanent damage as not been to see anyone.

i do know of a friend of my mums that took an overdose years ago and died two weeks later. death usually occurs due to liver faliure so those who are thinking they will die within a few hours of OD it doesnt work that way with paracetmol

Comment by jenny
2012-12-02 19:19:15

i want to die.

Comment by miss
2012-12-03 16:47:02

Lisa I remember u everyday. How are u? We don’t even know eachother yet u helped me out a lot! Would love to meet u in person! I just praying u recover soon. Get in touch miss

Comment by miss
2012-12-17 17:13:03

Lisa r u ok?

Comment by John Malcolm
2013-01-07 09:44:54

Interesting article (and comments) – but if someone wants to take their own life, then they should be allowed to do so. It is a sad fact, but, when a human dies and goes out of this world, everybody else becomes more valuable as a consequence (law of supply and demand…). People who commit suicide decide on their own and have the right to do so, I just wish they would think about the others they hurt immediately (and through the process of suicide) as it is a sad thing and a taboo subject socially.

Yes, a walk in fresh air, speaking to friends may help, but its that person the problem exists.

Comment by dog trick
2013-02-02 07:47:30

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Comment by Angie
2013-06-30 12:06:52

please, don’t try to overdose and commit suicide as it’s not worth it. I know what you guys are going through and if you ever need someone to talk to, im here. taking your life is not an option but getting better is.

Comment by miss
2013-07-27 12:30:29

Hello lisa are u ok?? Where are you? Its me miss remember? I wanted to know hw u r doing?I always pray for u

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