Yoga Is the Brightest Way to Light


Most people think that Yoga is a kind of sport like Football, swimming and … but Yogis disagree with this idea. Yoga is not just an sport. Yoga is a way to light and happiness.

I became familiar with Yoga about 22 years ago. I found it so hard to practice at the first Yogaday but after a while I realized that Yoga is like a new life and fresh blood in the body. I love Yoga and still practice it. It is correct that other kinds of sports strengthen your body and muscles and also are good for your mental health but they mostly focus on the body and forget about the spirit and psychology. Yoga is not only the best thing for the health of the body but it is also extremely good for our mental and mind health. It is hard to say which one Yoga focuses on it more. As a person who practices Yoga, I see the effect of any of the Yoga positions both on the body and mind.

Yogis say Yoga has more than 7000 positions. You don’t have to learn all of them. Just few of them are enough to make a new life for you. After just ten minutes of Yoga, you feel you are a different person. Both your mind and your body work more smoothly. I can even talk more fluently when I practice Yoga. It means Yoga facilities the brain chemical reactions because as you know all our physical actions are the result of chemical reactions of brain and then sending the commands to muscles and organs.

I read in the news that the health minister of India has decided to introduce Yoga in India schools to fight with obesity among middle-class youngsters. He intends to make Yoga mandatory in schools. I disagree with anything mandatory specially Yoga which is against obligation but I believe as origin country of Yoga, Indians should know and practice Yoga. Yoga is belonged to world and human and everybody from any race and country that tries Yoga, can not abandon it.

Yoga is the best thing to bring health and happiness to world. If you don’t know about Yoga and you have not tried it yet, try to do it as soon as possible. Do not register for the expensive Yoga classes. Just buy a small Yoga book that teaches the first and most important few positions and work on them at home. You don’t need anything more than this. Yoga is not like playing piano. You don’t have to have a teacher to feel the pleasure that Yoga will bring for you. Everything you need is just a small hand book and ten minutes time everyday.

Enjoy! 🙂

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