Foot Care – Oh Those Poor Tired Dawgs

Oh those tired dawgs, they take such a beating! And yet, we forget about their care.

Think about what these little puppies have to endure. Figure how many square inches are on the bottom of your feet, and then divide your weight into that figure, wow! That is a lot of pressure our feet have to withstand, and yet we forget to care for them. Our feet are the last things we think about until they are exposed, and then the thought runs through our minds that they need some attention!

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What Is the Secret of the Health Village, Stoccareddo?

StocarreddoStoccareddo is a village about half a mile above the Venice. There is nothing special with this village but something which is amazing about it is the people who live in it. People of these village have extremely high level of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar in their blood without having any problem.

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Why This Weblog Was Created?

I have been working as an online marketer for several years. In all these years I have been receiving tens of spam emails trying to sell health products like weight loss and diet, men’s and women’s health and … . I really don’t know how many of them were through legitimate companies but I was sure that legitimate companies do not send spam emails. Of course most of these emails are sent by affiliates who try to earn some commissions.


Receiving few spam emails everyday can not be a big deal but something that makes me worried is that if people really order these products? By clicking on the links that can be found at the bottom of these emails you will be redirected to beautiful and well designed websites with tens of different pills, patches and … .

Are people aware of hazards of these products? Probably not.

I had all of these in my mind until Google, MSN and Yahoo agreed to stop accepting online pharmacy ads in their network. It was a good action but people still needed to be warned and informed.

On the other hand internet users need to have a website that covers everything about health and I thought such a website (weblog) can be a good idea. Please subscribe for to receive the updates. Thanks!