Proven Remedies To Stop Hiccups!

How to Stop Hiccups?

Disturbance in the digestive track leads to hiccups, but what are the remedies to stop hiccups?

Under normal circumstances hiccups last anywhere between a few minutes maximum up to one hour.

Hiccups occur when Vagus nerve or any of its shoots is disrupted or irritated in someway.

Vagus is a nerve that runs from brain to abdomen.

What Causing the Hiccups?

Disturbances in digestive route can happen due to;

  • Over eating
  • Eating too fast or too slow
  • Eating spicy stuff
  • Drinking beyond limit can also damage the lining of the food pipe.
  • People, who try to gulp alcohol as quickly or at one go, go on a binge, are damaging their digestive system.

It not only irritates the system, but also causes expansion of the esophagus rapidly which result in hiccups.

Best Way To Stop Hiccups

1- The most practical way under (normal circumstances) to stop hiccups is to either through Vagus Nerve or breathing.

Vagus takes messages to the brain.

If a more important message comes up, Vagus just drops hiccups business and picks up the new one.

Like if a person is having hiccups and you surprise or shock with some news, the hiccups would vanish.

2- The second way is to disturb the breathing process.

This will lead to increase in Carbon Dioxide in blood; as a result the hiccups may stop as all the action is diverted towards recovering the oxygen level to normal.

3- Another way of stopping hiccups is to put your fingers in your ears.

Vagus runs through ear also and when it notices ear being blocked in some way, runs to the brain to give this newfound message and the old one gets dropped!

Make sure you are not stuffing your finger too deep in the ear.

It’s a delicate and sensitive organ.

Act gently.

4- Drinking water or gargling can also disturb breathing and hiccups may stop.

5- It may sound silly but yanking with your tongue sticking out can also stop the hiccups.

Ways To Avoid Hiccups

To avoid hiccups;

Eat and drink in moderation, slower, and go for non-spicy food.

If hiccups last beyond one hour o longer its time to see the doctor.

Quit home remedies, taking an antacid etc.

Possibilities of such long spells of hiccups may include infection or problem in kidney or liver, nervous system or stomach related problems, like ulcers; and even cancer and heart attacks.

We have to understand that anything affecting the head, chest, or stomach/abdomen can be implicated.

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