Adenomyosis Symptoms and Treatment

You have heard about some women who have long, unusual and painful periods which is one of the symptoms of adenomyosis.

Maybe you are one of these women. The problem can be related to adenomyosis. You have to check it with your doctor. Either you are involved with adenomyosis or not, now that you are on this page you want to know about it and you ask what adenomyosis is and what does it do. Why it causes so much problems sometimes?

What is Adenomyosis?

Uterus has several layers.

Adenomyosis occurs when one of these layers which is the inner layer or endometrium, attacks the other layer and breaks into it. The attacked later is called myometrium which is made up of muscles. This layer is in fact the muscle layer of uterus and is so thick and strong. Adenomyosis can be just limited to a special spot in uterus, or can be wider and more problematic and involved bigger areas of uterus.

more about adenomyosis and its symptoms

Now you may ask about the adenomyosis symptoms. What are the adenomyosis symptoms?

There is no question that such a condition can have some problem and issues that can get a little serious. Adenomyosis can cause some pressures on the lower part of abdomen and this pressures can be ended to painful periods and unusual bleeding. These the most important adenomyosis symptoms, however, adenomyosis can have different symptoms in different people, based on the situation and location.

Risks of Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is not a risky and dangerous condition and can not kill anybody, however, the problems that it makes can not be tolerated sometimes. In case of severe problems, hysterectomy is necessary as the last option. Those parts of the uterus involved with adenomyosis have to be removed and this is usually the only adenomyosis treatment. This adenomyosis treatment (hysterectomy) can be ended to infertility because sometimes a big part of the uterus has to be removed.

Adenomyosis and pregnancy at the same time is something that has to be under constant supervision sometimes, because adenomyosis is a problem by itself and it becomes even worse when pregnancy becomes added to it.

Adenomyosis can be diagnosed through ultrasound and MRI. CT scan is also able to locate this problem in uterine very easily.

If you are among those who have long and painful periods and also menstrual cramps, you have to be checked. So talk to your doctor.

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