Care Control of Diabetes

Diabetes is a worldwide problem; millions of people suffer from this non infectious disease which can cause other health problems.

It is not a killer disease unless some unfortified problem arises possibly from lack of care.

It does hold some serious side effects which we will look at as we continue. My mother suffered with diabetes from the age of thirty until she died at the age of seventy eight.

She had quite severe diabetes which meant she had to have two injections every day but she injected herself.

She worked hard and did night nursing at a care home for many years; she would come home and get us children, five of us off to school or work before tackling the housework.

She was often so tired that I would come home at lunch time and find her fast asleep in the armchair; she would then insist it was too late to go to bed because the evening meal would have to be prepared.

Despite this she kept in reasonably good health until her later years.

Diabetes can be kept in control if the patient follows the guidelines which are, taking the insulin or tablets prescribed at their allotted time.

Chocolates and sugary foods must be avoided but you can purchase diabetic chocolate, jams and various other sugar free goodies that make life a bit more bearable if you used to have a sweet tooth.

Great care must be taken with the feet. Always wash and keep them clean making sure to clean between the toes and dry them thoroughly.

Huge problems can be created if they are not looked after.

Any cuts or bruising on the feet should be seen by the doctor and any nail or corn problems should be attended to by a chiropodist.

If any sign of dark or discolored skin appears see your doctor straight away, limb amputations may be necessary if it proves to be something serious. Eyes can also be affected, sometimes leading to blindness.

My mother managed quite well with spectacles although she did contract glaucoma but it did not prove serious.

Other problems are cardiovascular disease which with my mother was kept under control with tablets.

Towards the end of her life renal failure became her main problem until at the age of seventy eight she passed away.

Despite her problems she never let them interfere with her normal life. She enjoyed numerous holidays abroad visiting America, South Africa, Germany, Spain, and other European countries, which proves that you can live a normal life if you don’t treat yourself as an invalid.

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